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V1 N2 Nye-Gateway to Nevada's Rurals Newsletter July 18, 2009

V1 N2 Nye-Gateway to Nevada's Rurals Newsletter July 18, 2009



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Published by Jack Wood
July 18, 2009 Nye-Gateway to Nevada's Rurals Newsletter
July 18, 2009 Nye-Gateway to Nevada's Rurals Newsletter

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Published by: Jack Wood on Jul 19, 2009
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 way or the other depend-ent upon their political viewpoint.But why not try using anobjective method for mak-ing the decision?Many people vote basedon short TV campaigncommercials or whatsomeone has told them oreven bumper sticker slo-gans. Not a very good way to cast an informed, intel-ligent vote.How about a suggestedmethodology to make anintelligent decision?Read more. Republican Senator JohnEnsign said he has no in-tention of resigning butplans to seek re-election when his term is up in2012.If he does run for re-election in 2012 the ques-tion is whether or not youshould vote for him.How does one decide which candidate he/sheshould vote for? Your vote is valuable. In arepublic, such as ours, your vote is the only lever-age you have to affect who will represent you in gov-ernment. You want to use your vote wisely.Decisions about whetherto vote for someone or notcan be subjectively madeor objectively made. It de-pends on how you ap-proach formulating thedecision. Almost every  voter is inclined to go oneMaybe it is time to re-lookat marijuana and ask whether it should be madelegal, regulated and taxed.President Barack Obamaand Congress is striving toreform the health care sys-tem in the United States. We are told that unlesssomething is done theUnited States economy  will go broke in just a few years.One of the primary prob-lems being considered ishow to pay for it?Ideas about how to financehealth care include raisingtaxes on the wealthy andtaxing health care benefits.
 Yet, I’ve heard nothing
Nevada Senator John Ensign
John Ensign to run for re-electionInside this issue:
Nevada 2nd most dys-functional state2Health Care Reform Bill 2
Nevada’s Secretary of 
State Business Report2Nevada Center for Pub-lic Policy Dialogue3 Why the American flagis folded 13 times3Empowered LeadershipCollege Course3Trigg and Reeves Cam-paign event August 34
 Adrienne Lever is currently in West Africa
Legalize marijuana, regulate and tax it
Political News and Commentary
Gateway to Nevada’s Rurals Newsletter
 July 18, 2009 Vol 1 No 2about taxing marijuana. Alcohol and tobacco arelegal and heavily taxed.It is a user tax whichusers of alcohol andtobacco pay. Why notadd marijuana too?Read more. 
The National JournalOnline ranks Nevada asthe second most dysfunc-tional state in the unionfor governing and poli-tics.The main category of dys-function is the leadershipof Nevada. Specifically,Governor Jim Gibbons.Senator John Ensign getsdishonorable mention as well.Criminality was the sec-ond category. Lt. Gover-nor Brian Krolicki ischarged with felony ap-propriation and falsifica-tion of accounts by apublic officer and twofelony counts of misap-propriation by a treas-urer.Then there is the collaps-ing housing market, therecession has hit Nevadahard. Unemployment issixth-highest in the na-tion.
Finally, Gibbons’ travails
have attracted wide me-dia attention statewide,
and Ensign’s affair is
drawing national atten-tion. Readmore.
all, of their transactions with Nevada state gov-ernment. Businesses willbe able to access licens-ing, permitting, regula-tory, and taxation re-quirements throughone portal, a new websitethat will be created justSecretary of State RossMiller has announced acomprehensive busi-ness portal on his web-site. He believes it willrevolutionize the ease of transacting business withgovernment. Businessescan conduct most, if notfor your use. The cost/benefit analysis says theBusiness Portal could netthe state as much as $49million in the first five
 years. That doesn’t count
 what the private sector would save. Readmore. 
Republicans aren’t so sure
they like the idea. They donot want the governmentto unfairly drive privateinsurers out of busi-ness and claim it is toomuch interference in thehealth care system.Of course the cost of im-plementing a new health-care system is a majorfactor impacting the re-form, as it should be. It isgoing to cost a ton of money. A Pahrump woman laidup at home on an oxygentank and lots of medica-tion, treatments weighsin. Readmore.
Senate Majority LeaderHarry Reid said Tuesday he expects to see a healthcare reform bill finalizedby early next month. Heexpects it to include agovernment-run healthplan to compete with pri- vate insurers.
Ross Miller
Nevada 2nd most dysfunctional state
Nevada’s Secretary of State Ross Miller’s
Business Report
Page 2
Healthcare Reform Bill Expected in August
Governor Jim Gibbons
Gateway to Nevada’s Rurals
 Julie Grogan-Brown is with Dept. of  Agriculture in Washington, D.C.
Pahrump. Training is underway.The training sessions providehands on learning and experi-ence in conducting meaningfulforums in the community to dis-cuss, analyze and seek consen-sus on community issues.The NCPPD is destined to be aterrific asset to the communityof Pahrump. Readmore. 
Empowered organization
Empowered leaders
thepath to personal power
Empowered relationships
 my freedom and power of others
Vision, Mission, Goals, andPrinciplesThis course is designed for any-one who is interested in accom-plishing personal and teamgoals by examining their ownthinking and behavioral pat-GREAT BASIN COLLEGE
1541E. BASIN (RM.7), PAHRUMP6 Hour Course
Saturdays, Oc-tober 24 and November 7, 20099:00 am
NoonLearn how to develop skills thatallow you to earn respect andloyalty.Produce outstanding results bybuilding vision, mission andgoals.
The reality of empower-mentterns and how empowermentcan affect performance andresults.Begin the evolution towards ateam culture with deeper, morepassionate commitment. Gen-erate brighter ideas, betterlogic, and improved perform-ance.Register on-line atwww.gbcnv.edu or call GBCoffices at 775-727-2000 forinformation.
family?Neither had I but I had theopportunity to learn why.It is folded 13 times. Eachfolds symbolizes a reason.Now you can learn, as Idid, what each of those 13folds means.(Readmore)
Remember watching amilitary funeral when the American flag is handed tothe family of the departedsoldier, sailor, marine orairman?The flag is neatly folded.Ever wonder why it isfolded in the manner it is when presented to the
Nevada Center for Public Policy Dialogue
Empowered Leadership College CourseWhy the American Flag is folded 13 times
Page 3 Vol 1 No 2
Empowered Leadership by Lau-rayne Murray 
I don’t know much about the
Nevada Center for Public Policy-Dialogue (NCPPD) in Pahrump. Iintend to learn more in theweeks ahead. Some weeks ago Iwrote about Great Basic Collegebeing a Pahrump Treasure.NCPPD is affiliated with GreatBasin College. I readily see thatNCPPD is a valuable segment for
Carolene Endersby of the NevadaCenter for Public Policy Dialogue
“I have never let my 
schooling interfere with
my education.”
 Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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