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list of some filipino/foreign physicist

list of some filipino/foreign physicist



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Published by sabermidnight
lists of physicists such as newton, einstein, fermi, bernoulli, watt, kepler, galileo, and some filipino physicists..
lists of physicists such as newton, einstein, fermi, bernoulli, watt, kepler, galileo, and some filipino physicists..

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Published by: sabermidnight on Jul 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Filipino Physicists:Gregorio Zara
- he discovered thephysical “Law of Electrical KineticResistance”. It states that "allcontacts, turning or sliding,between metals, or betweencarbon and metals, or betweenmetals and mercury, or betweenconductors, produce a resistance tothe passage of electric currentwhich may be kinetic and/orpermanent electrical resistance. This is observed at currents of verylow amperage. Kinetic electricalresistance is the resistance to thepassage of electric current whencontacts are in motion. Permanentelectrical resistance manifestsitself when contacts are at rest”.
 Julian Banzon
researchedmethods of producing alternativefuels.
Alcaraz, Arturo:
was a leadingmember of a team that used steamproduced from the heat of avolcano to produce electric powerin 1967.
Banatao, Diosdado:
introducedor developed accelerator chips thatimproved computer performance.He also helped make the internetpossible by contributing to thedevelopment of the Ethernetcontroller chip, created the localbus concept for personalcomputers.
Campos, Paulo:
wrote manypapers in the field of nuclearmedicine and was instrumental inbuilding the first radioisotope lab inthe Philippines.
Comiso, Josefino:
the firstperson to discover a recurring areaof open water in sea ice in theCosmonaut Sea. Comiso wasstudying global warming at theNASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
Maramba, Felix:
developed aprofitable biogas system, building apower generator fuelled by coconutoil.
Foreign Physicists:AlessandroVolta
was an Italianphysicist invented the first chemicalbattery in 1800.
Alexander Graham Bell
-Contributing to the invention andspread of the telephone-Founding the Bell Telephone Company
Robert Boyle
- Formulating Boyle'slaw, which states that the volume of agas is directly related to the pressureto which it is subjected-Helping to found modern chemistryby introducing experimental methodsand the idea that elements are thebasic building blocks of matter
Marie Curie
- Pioneering the study of radioactivity and discovering theradioactive elements radium andpolonium-Winning the 1903 Nobel Prize inphysics with her husband, Pierre Curie,and Antoine Henri Becquerel-Winning the 1911 Nobel Prize inchemistry, and becoming the firstscientist to receive the award in twodifferent scientific categories
Thomas Edison
-Inventing numeroususeful devices, including a practicalelectric light bulb and the phonograph-Discovered that incandescentmaterials emit electrons. Thisphenomenon is known as the Edisoneffect or thermionic emission
Albert Einstein
-Proposing the theoryof relativity, a physical theory of gravity, space, and time-Explaining the photoelectric effectand Brownian motion
Enrico Fermi
-Initiating the firstcontrolled nuclear chain reaction-The element fermium, discovered in1952, was named in honor of EnricoFermi.
Benjamin Franklin
-Experimentingwith electricity and developinginventions-Franklin invented bifocals and thelightning rod, and charted the courseof the Gulf Stream.
-Proposing that falling bodieswould all fall at the same rate,regardless of mass, if there were no airresistance-Galileo helped develop the scientificmethod by using experimentation totest physical theories. Galileoconstructed the first thermometer.
Stephen William Hawking
-Makingadvances in the field of cosmology–Discovering several new properties of black holes Explaining theoreticalphysics to the public through books,films, and lectures-Hawking's present objective is aunified field theory that, if successful,will combine quantum mechanics withrelativity.
Isaac Newton
-Inventing, in part, thebranch of mathematics now known ascalculus-Formulating the three laws of motionwhich describe classical mechanics-Proposing the theory of universalgravitation, which explains that allbodies are affected by the force calledgravity
Blaise Pascal
-Deriving Pascal's law,which states that pressure exertedupon a liquid is transmitted equally inall directions-Proving experimentally that theheight of the mercury column in abarometer depends on thesurrounding air pressure-Formulating the mathematical theoryof probability with Frenchmathematician Pierre de Fermat-Inventing the first mechanical addingmachine
 Johannes Diderik Van der Waals
-Van der Waals was interested primarilyin thermodynamics; he developed atheory of corresponding states on thecontinuity of the liquid and gaseousstates of matter expressed in the vander Waals equation. For thesediscoveries he was awarded the 1910Nobel Prize in physics. He also studiedthe attractive forces holding the atomsof molecules together. These arecalled van der Waals forces, in hishonor.
Amadeo Avogadro
- fundamentallaw of chemistry stating that underidentical conditions of temperatureand pressure, equal volumes of gasescontain an equal number of molecules.
 Jacques Charles
- he discovered therelationship between the volume of gas and temperature, known variouslyas Gay-Lussac's law or Charles's law.
William Thomson, 1st BaronKelvin
-, the absolute or Kelvin scaleis most widely used wherein in thisscale, absolute zero is at -273.15°C,which is zero K, and the degreeintervals are identical to thosemeasured on the Celsius scale.
 Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac
-Frenchchemist and physicist, known for his

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