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The Dot Connector magazine 02-2009-lr

The Dot Connector magazine 02-2009-lr



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Published by bonda6974

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Published by: bonda6974 on Jul 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ur misleaders promise us a hot summer.some already call it
“the Summer ofRage”
.The very fact that they knew in advance what was going tohappen,when,where,and at which scale,indicates that the “rage”has beenplanned long before and is now being carefully stimulated and directed.Already Obama calls the troops back home from Iraq to ensure “law enforcement”in theUS (a question of 
“saving America from Americans”
),while the European Politburopushes countries to vote for the Lisbon Treaty,which in a footnote would intro-duce throughout Europe the
death penalty 
“in the case ofwar,riots,upheaval”.The
stream media tirelessly stress upon the economic and financial nature of the current crisis and ofthe revolts it causes.Ofcourse,when a car runs out of gas and stops,it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it stops because there is no moregas in the tank.But the real question is:
there is no more gas? 
Is it becausewe’ve been driving too fast and too long,or because there is a leak in the tank or,even worse,in the motor itself? It’s important to know because,ifthere is a leak,simply refilling the tank is not going to help for a long time and may even causean explosion.Just as in this example,where the problem ofgas is not a “gas problem”,the truenature ofthe current crisis is not economic and/or financial.
It is the crisis oftheentire System ofPower 
,or the
 Matrix ofPower,
as Jordan Maxwell calls it.The three cornerstones ofthis System,in its modern version,are
.The honest-outside-but-theft-inside practice ofusury is,simply put,lending money on interest,then lending interest disguised as money on moreinterest,thus getting interest on interest,and so on and on.This way money isbeing created out ofnothing,without producing anything.Computers and inter-net gave birth to the so-called “electronic money”,which has accelerated theprocess of“money cloningso dramatically that in just a couple ofdecades thesum total ofnon-existing interest money has not only exceeded the sum total of existing money – it has also exceeded the total value ofall the goods and servicesproduced not just at any national but at the global scale.The result ofit is whatwe are living through today.As for two other cornerstones –
– the System has now arrived tothe point where,to keep up appearences,its
(aka presidents,queens,ministers,etc.) have to lie not just occasionally,not just about “certain things”,butall the time and about everything.Corruption,which had spread from top down-wards for centuries,has finally touched the bottom ofthe pyramid.To go furtherwould mean bribing workers,which is not at all what the System was designed for.Those in the know were always aware that the System would finally die ofexhaus-tion.Having created it themselves and for themselves only,they have also longknown that no more improvement would keep it alive.But although for them thisSystem was nothing but a tool (however powerful and sophisticated it was),forthe rest ofus it was,and still is,the world we are living in.This summer the managers ofthe dying System are going to put into practicedrastic measures ofsaving the world from its habitants.But
no panic and no riots, please! 
What they are trying to save is
world – the false image ofthe real worldthey have put in our minds.They want us to believe that fighting back we woulddefend our freedom and life,but it’s the System that we would fight for ifwe did!So,what to do? What to do not? What to expect? What to get ready for? The cur-rent issue of 
The Dot Connector 
is all about that.Its articles have nothing to dowith “fear mongering”– they 
expose the danger to make it avoidable
Paul Bondarovski
the dot connectormarch-april 2009 | 3
Don’t riot! 
It’s the System thatyou would fight forifyou did.They act,we re-act.This way we always lose.Don’t destroy
Don’t react

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