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The Reward of the Work.

The Reward of the Work.

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Gal. ti. 7, 8.

Gal. ti. 7, 8.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE REWARD OF THE WORK.BY A. P. FORBES, D.C.L.,Gal. ti. 7, 8.In spite of all the glories of man^ there is inhuman nature a deep element of frailty. Madeoriginally very good by the Omniscient Creator^the tell has crippled him both in soul andspirit. His keen^ bright intellect is liable toerror^ his will to vacillation and inconstancy^his affection to wanderings and hankeringsafter unworthy objects. Moreover, by the con-stitution of his trial, he is most assaulted wherehe ought to be most upright, and it is with72 The Reward of the Work.regard to the highest things that^ this failure of his powers chiefly manifests itself.When^ then^ Almighty God is about to an-nounce a fundamental law of His government^He^ knowing well the peculiar tendency to errorin this respect, that man shall fail in his intel-lect, premises it by the injunction, " Be notdeceived/' As if He said, '^ I warn thee, Owayward and rebellious work of Mine hands,not to let thy self-love deceive and preach tothee an easier command than that which Ilay upon thee. Have I said, and shall I notdo it ? Have I commanded and shall it not bedone? God is not mocked.^'God has enunciated an absolute law of mercyand justice, in tiie fulfilment of which thecreature finds its happiness, in the neglect andinfraction of which, its ruin; that creaturemust not deceive itself by thinking that Heonly threatens without tlie intention of fulfill-ling what He has said, or by imagining that his
own is an exceptional case. The word of theLo&D endureth for ever. ''Be not deceived.God is not mocked.*'ow what is this great law of God? It isthe mighty and deep law of retribution — of retribution in body and soul. ''Whatsoever aman soweth that shall he also reap.'' Whatso-ever — ^both in kind and in degree. The lawTke Reward of the Work. 78nms through all creation^ from the natural upto the supematoral life — from the world of sensation to the world of spirits — ^from thisearthly existence to life eternal. The what andthe how mueh are proportionate. The wheat-seed comes not up as barley^ and the scantysowing sends not forth an abundant harvest.The acorn comes not up as the sycamore^nordoesthe orange seed produce the fig4ree. Each hasits own crop. What we put into the earthy thatwe know will come back to us after many days.Or rise into the world of man. Here thesame law obtains. What man labours for^ thathe for the most part achieves. What manlabours for, thai he achieves, and in proportionto his labour. The years given to intellectualstudy do not produce the athletic champion of his country. These form the student. Thekeen politician does not find his meed in thepeace and retirement of a learned leisure. Eachman works to an end; and the appropriate endfor whidi he works, that he obtains. He getshis own reward, and not another's.ow let us go a step further. We havefound this great law of God pervading physicaland intellectual life-— does it extend into thespiritual life ? The text gives us the answer — '^Goo is not mocked. Whatsoever a mansoweth that shall he also reap; for he that
74 The Reward cf the Work.soweth to his fleshy shall of the flesh reap cor-ruption ; but he that soweth to the Spirit shallof the Spirit reap life everlasting. The law of the natural harvest^ of the intellectual harvest^of the spiritual harvest^ is one ; and that lawis the law^ so nniversal^ so all-encircling thatthe heathen in their blindness supposed it adeity — Retribution.There are two lives here below. There aretwo lives beyond the grave. Or rather; thereare two lives which begun here below, extendby the law of their operation beyond the grave.And these are the life of the flesh and the lifeof the Spirit. Let us consider these, and mayour Blessed Lord Jesus, the true Light, theInspirer of Prophets, the Master of the Apos-tles, the teacher of Evangelists, the Crown of allSaints, direct our thoughts rightly concerningthese things.Sy the law of the flesh we mean that orderof things which is out of God. All that is notof the Spirit is the flesh. Whatever is linkedto sensation, except so far as sensation is madeto minister to the supernatural life — ^that is thelaw of the flesh. It matters not whether an actcome under the subdivisions of the lust of theflesh, the lust of the eye, or the pride of lifeiThe Reward of the Work. 75it recks not what portion of our fallen naturesupplies the inward reciprocation to its outwardtemptation^ whatsoever belongs to this life^ andthis life only^ that is the law of the flesh.With regard to this wide-spread field of operation^ the great law holds — the law of retribution — ^the law of appropriate harvestj^' Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he alsoreap/'

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