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Published by: Dr Hufrish Taraporewala on Jul 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. the absence of adequate drainage in a periodontal pocket may result inA- Cyst formationB-Abscess formationC- Epithelial hyperplasiaD- Increased calculus formation2. For an otherwise healthy patient, with an acute localized periodontal abscess,initial treatment must include.A-Scaling and root planningB- Occlusal adjustmentC- Prescription of an antibioticD- Prescription of an analgesic3. the oral mucosa covering the base of the alveolar boneA- is normally non-keratinized but can become keratinized in response to physiological stimulationB- is closely bound to underlying muscle and boneC- does not contain elastic fibersD-merges with the keratinized gingiva at the mucogingival junctionE- has a tightly woven dense collagenous corium4. which of the following muscles has two separate functions in mandibular movementA- Masseter B- GeniohyoidC-External(lateral)pterygoidD- Buccinator 5. The periodontium is the best able to tolerate forces directed to a toothA- horizontallyB- laterallyC- obliquelyD-vertically6. a lowering of serum calcium is the stimulus for the endogenous release of A- thyroid hormoneB- adrenocortical hormoneC- insulinD- parathyroid hormoneE- adrenalin7. which of the following drugs is used in the treatment of MILD allergic reactionA- IsoproterenolB- Meperidine hydrochlorideC-Diphenhydramine hydrochlorideD- Propoxyphene8. Which of the following is a possible cause for a low density radiograph (light film?)A-Cold developer B- over exposureC- Improper safety lightD- Excessive developing time9. Unconsciousness in syncope results fromA- Electrolyte imbalanceB- Neurogenic shock C - Cerebral hyperemiaD-Cerebral hypoxia10. Which articular disease most often accompanies Sjogren’s syndrome?A- supperative arthritisB- rheumatoid arthritisC- degenerative arthrosis

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