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America Cut Off From God

America Cut Off From God

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America Cut Off From God
America Cut Off From God

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Published by: Max Shimba Ministries on Oct 09, 2013
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When Satan Strikes!
    V   o    l   u   m   e    1    5 ,    I   s   s   u   e    2  •    M   a   r   c    h  –    A   p   r    i    l    2    0    1    3
 Jesus Christ described Satan as a
very real
spiritbeing. He stated, “Now is the judgment o this world;now the ruler o this world will be cast out” (John12:31). The New Testament clearly indicates that Satanis now
in charge
o this present human society. O course, Almighty God can
Satan at any time,but He is generally allowing the world to go its ownway so as
to learn its lessons
or 6,000 years o humanhistory. The Apostle Paul described Satan as “the
o the power o the air, the spirit who now works inthe sons o disobedience” (Ephesians 2:2). Satan is now
in control
o this world’s atmosphere. Satan
 wrong attitudes and perverted ideas throughout theearth—sometimes through television, sometimesthrough the Internet, sometimes through other means.As a result, we have had constant wars, murders,ghts, rape, torture, robberies, starvation—and thebreakdown o amilies everywhere. Satan was a
and a
rom the beginning. Jesus Christ told thereligious people o His day, “You are o your ather thedevil, and the desires o your ather you want to do. Hewas a murderer rom the beginning, and does not standin the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenhe speaks a lie, he speaks rom his own resources, orhe is a liar and the ather o it” (John 8:44). Satan, themaster deceiver, cleverly mixes various ideas o good
evil to
this entire world. That is why TheApostle John described Satan as “the Devil and Satan,who deceives the
whole world
” (Revelation 12:9).As one o the many examples o Satan’s massivedeception and his intent to
destroy the amily
, welearn that in December, the new
Queen James Version
) o the Holy Bible was published in the U.S. andmade available or sale (
 Australian Womens Weekly
,December 18, 2012). Its cover shows a rainbow cross(depicting “gay pride”) and its purpose is to
Bibleverses that condemn homosexuality, so “homophobic”interpretations become impossible (
). In total,eight sections o the
King James Version
were edited toremove God’s clear instructions.Most o you
Tomorrow’s World
subscribers alreadyknow that—rom one end o the Bible to the other—Almighty God clearly
homosexuality inall o its orms! Describing the “human reasoning”behind this perverted practice, even by the ancientphilosophers, God’s word states, “For this reason Godgave them up to vile passions. For even their womenexchanged the natural use or what is against nature.Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use o thewoman, burned in their lust or one another, menwith men committing what is shameul, and receivingin themselves the penalty o their error which wasdue” (Romans 1:26–27). Yes, Almighty God callshomosexual practices “vile passions.” His inspiredword describes God’s attitude toward what happenedeven to bring about the word
: “Sodom andGomorrah, and the cities around them in a similarmanner to these, having given themselves over tosexual immorality and gone ater strange fesh, are setorth as an example, suering the vengeance o eternalre. Likewise also these dreamers dele the fesh, rejectauthority, and speak evil o dignitaries” (Jude 7–8).Notice that homosexual leaders who “dele thefesh” are also quick to
reject authority
, and theycontinually
speak evil o dignitaries
. For Satan—through perverted practices like this—wants todestroy the entire decent way o lie which produceshappy amilies, balanced children and brings abouthuman beings as potential members o God’s ownFamily. Since the true saints o God are to
and his demons in ruling this world (Revelation5:9–10),
Satan hates this
, so he is lling the world
 A personal message from the Editor in Chief, Roderick C. Meredith
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