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Opal Gateway BOS Staff Report 101013-1

Opal Gateway BOS Staff Report 101013-1

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Published by Fauquier Now
Fauquier County planning staff report for board of supervisors on proposed Opal Gateway, 100-acre, mixed-use development.
Fauquier County planning staff report for board of supervisors on proposed Opal Gateway, 100-acre, mixed-use development.

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Categories:Food & Wine
Published by: Fauquier Now on Oct 09, 2013
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Department of Community DevelopmentStaff Report
Opal Gateway – Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM12-CR-003) and Rezoning(REZN13-CR-001)
: October 10, 2013
Opal Gateway is a 100-acre mixed-use project which includes medical offices, an RV park, ahealth/wellness center, retail uses, a motel/hotel, restaurants, and flex-industrial. Severalapplications have been received which relate to the Opal Gateway project and the ultimate proposed uses within. The Board of Supervisors is being asked to consider a ComprehensivePlan Amendment (CPAM12-CR-003) and Rezoning (REZN13-CR-001) at this time. A detailedanalysis of the project site, surrounding uses, and the two applications follows in this report.
Summary of Applications Being Considered
CPAM12-CR-003 - Comprehensive Plan Amendmenta.
Approximately 16.6 acres of the project area lies within the Opal Service District andcurrently has a land use designation of Industrial. b.
The remainder (+/-83.3 acres) of the project area is outside of the current limits of theOpal Service District, and thus designated Rural/Agricultural.c.
The applicants are seeking to expand the Service District, to include the entire projectarea, and intend to designate the properties (totaling 99.862 acres) with a new land usecategory of Business Mixed Use/Travel.2.
REZN13-CR-001 – Rezoninga.
Existing Zoning is ±98.11 acres of Rural Agricultural (RA), ±0.08 acres of CommercialHighway (C-2) and ±1.67 acres of Industrial Park (I-1). b.
The application is to rezone ±94.622 acres to Commercial Highway (C-2) and ±5.240acres to Industrial Park (I-1).c.
Concept Development Plan Includes:i.
Medical Office – five (5) individual buildings, ranging from 11,600 square feetto 15,000 square feet, totaling 69,100 square feet.ii.
Travel Trailer (RV) Park and Campground – 175 sites on 65 Acresiii.
Health/Wellness Center – 20,000 square feetiv.
Hotel – 100 Roomsv.
Restaurant (high turn-over sit-down) – 15,000 square feetvi.
RV Repair/Related Retail – 15,000 square feetvii.
Fast Food Restaurant with Drive-Through – 3,000 square feetviii.
Financial Institution with Drive-Through – 6,000 square feetix.
Pharmacy with Drive-Through – 13,000 square feet
Light Industrial – two (2) one-story buildings, 15,000 square feet each, totaling30,000 square feet
 It should be noted that several of the uses shown on the Concept Development Plan requireSpecial Exception approval by the Board of Supervisors. After making recommendations on theComprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezoning applications, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to postpone action on the Special Exceptions indefinitely. Should the Board of Supervisors approve the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezoning applications, the Planning Commission will resume their evaluation of the Special Exception Applications and make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors at a later date.
Topic Description:
Opal Gateway is envisioned by the Applicants as a regional mixed-use center. The project is proposed to contain uses that will promote a high diversity of job opportunities and local servicesfor Opal. The project has two principal uses, a medical center and an RV Park. Ancillary uses proposed within the project include, a health/wellness center, retail uses (pharmacy, bank, RVsupplies and repair), a motel/hotel, restaurants (fast food and
high turn-over sit-down), and flex-industrial. The ancillary uses are also envisioned to provide services to local residents as well asto accommodate regional travelers.The medical center is proposed to offer a broad spectrum of medical services which are notcurrently available in or immediately around Opal. These services may include an Urgent CareCenter, a Health/Wellness Center, and a children’s rehabilitation center. The “Children’s HeartInstitute” (CHI), for which the applicant serves as medical director, will establish therehabilitation facilities. CHI provides cardiac treatment for infants through young adults. TheOpal facility is envisioned to provide support to the 14 other facilities in Northern Virginia andMaryland, and particularly provide medical services to patients currently outside their generalservice area. The Applicants envision expanding the treatment services at Opal Gateway toeventually become a multi-disciplinary destination for rehabilitation and treatment for childrenwith a full spectrum of ailments. The rehabilitation services, which are anticipated to be offeredat the facility, can take several days to complete. Therefore, the project’s other uses are proposed to supplement and serve the patient’s and their families’ daily needs. These ancillaryuses provide lodging options, dining opportunities, prescription filling, and other supportservices.The Opal Gateway Project is also proposing an RV Park as its other principal use. TheApplicants have identified that there are large numbers of regional travelers going through Opal,which has approximately 42,000 total vehicles a day on sections of Route 29. The proposed RVPark seeks to provide regional and national RV travelers a safe and convenient location, whichhas a variety of commercial services and amenities nearby. The 65-acre park will haveapproximately 175 sites that range from tent sites to large RV sites with full utility services. The project’s ancillary uses will also provide services to the RV Park’s visitors. It is also believedthat the project will “capture” some of the daily pass-through traffic and provide for the needs of these users.
3It is the opinion of the Applicants that this project embraces and satisfies many of the goals of the Opal Service District and the Comprehensive Plan. They believe that the project is ideallysituated to provide opportunities which are needed to serve both the local community and theregional traveler; while at the same time being a tax positive development which providesmultiple and diverse employment opportunities. (See Applicants’ Statement of Justification for Additional Information.)
Location, Zoning and Current Land Use:
The property consists of eight individual parcels, which compromise approximately 100 acres.Generally, the property is located on Marsh Road (U.S. Route 17), approximately 800 feet westof the intersection of Route 29 and Route 17, southwest of Clarkes Road (Route 608), and acrossfrom Fayettesville Road (Route 870). The project area includes over 2,000 feet of frontage alongMarsh Road, which is interrupted approximately half way by two residential lots (which combineto have 200 feet of frontage). The property also has approximately 415 feet of frontage alongClarkes Road, generally across from Kirkwood Lane (Private).A majority of the project area (98.1 acres) is zoned Rural Agriculture (RA). This portion is primarily vacant and has been used for agricultural purposes. The central +/- 26.5 acres and 2.0acres along Clarkes Road are wooded; whereas the remainder is grassed/meadow. There is aresidence and several associated outbuildings in the southern portion of the property, near MarshRoad. Near this home site is a +/- 0.5 acre farm pond, which outflows into an unnamed tributaryto Licking Run and ultimately flows into Germantown lake. There is also a 100 foot power lineright-of-way that bisects the property’s southeastern corner. Two other residences are locatedwithin individual parcels near the center portion of the project area along Marsh Road.Approximately 1.8 acres of the project area along Marsh Road, across from the Didlake BusinessService Center, is zoned Industrial Park (I-1). The Board of Supervisors approved a series of rezoning requests (June 21, 1983; September 20, 1983; and February 21, 1984), generally relatedto an office and truck repair shop associated with a milk hauling business. This portion of the project area is currently vacant and primarily covered with a grass meadow.Based on the Fauquier County Soil Survey, 57% of the site has the potential for wetlands, 30%of the site has shrink-swell potential, and 57% of the site has shallow bedrock (less than 40inches). The potential for jurisdictional wetlands is the most environmentally limiting, as thelayout of the project may have to be changed to accommodate any wetlands identified on-site, or additional permits may be required. Shrink-swell potential and depth to bedrock mainly impactthe cost of development and design of roads and building foundations. The exact locations andareas of these potential soil limitations will be determined through a Type 1 Soils Report andJurisdictional Wetlands Determination, which are part of the Site Plan submission requirements.The County Soil Survey also shows approximately 56% of the area being proposed to be addedto the Service District as being Prime Agricultural/Forestal soils. No steep soils, rock outcrops,or floodplain have been identified within the project area (See comments from Soils for additional information).

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