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Emu Wren

Emu Wren

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Published by draculavanhelsing
fact sheet
fact sheet

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Published by: draculavanhelsing on Oct 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This fact sheet summarises backgroundinformation about the MalleeEmu-wren
(Stipiturus mallee) 
The species is one o Australia’s smallestbirds weighing only 4-6.5 grams. It has along lamentous tail that looks like emueathers, giving the species its name.The male has a distinctive blue bib onits breast and a ruous crown, whilstthe emale is much plainer. They havesmall, rounded wings that enable themto scurry between the dense ronds oTriodia, which they depend on or oragingand building their nest in. However they
Above: Female Mallee Emu-wren. Photo: Rohan Clarke.
At a glance
The Mallee Emu-wren is listedas nationally endangered underthe Environment Protection andBiodiversity Conservation Act1999.
They are very a tiny wren-likebird weighing only 4 to 6.5 gramsand preer vegetation types thatcontain Triodia.
Estimated total population sizeo Mallee Emu-wrens is around15,000 birds.are poor fiers and rarely fy higher thanone meter and are thought to be poordispersers. They have a high pitched weakcall that sounds like an insect, makingthem dicult to hear.
The Mallee Emu-wren is thought toeed on insects, oraging mainly romthe stems o Triodia tussocks (PorcupineGrass) and rom the twigs o small (50cmtall) shrubs. Mallee Emu-wrens movearound in small groups o about ourto eight individuals during the wintermonths. At the onset o the breedingseason in July they orm breeding pairs
Mallee Emu-wren
(Stipiturus mallee) 
Above: Habitat of Mallee Emu-wren.Photo: Sarah Brown.
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