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General Studies 2004(Pre)

General Studies 2004(Pre)



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Published by prasathkrp

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Published by: prasathkrp on Jul 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Match List-I (
) with List -II (
located At 
) and select thecorrect answer using the codesgiven below the Lists:
List - I
A.Indian Institute of GeomagnetismB.International Advanced ResearchCentre for Powder Metallurgy andNew MaterialsC.Salim Ali Centre forOrnithologyand Natural HistoryD.Tropical Forestry ResearchInstitute
List - II
(Located At)
1.Coimbatore2.Mumbai3.Jabalpur4.HyderabadCodes:(a)ABCD2314(b)ABCD1423(c)ABCD2413(d)ABCD13242.Consider the following statements:1.Indira Gandhi Centre forAtomic Research uses fastreactor technology.2.Atomic Minerals Directoratefor Research and Explorationis engaged in heavy waterproduction.3.Indian Rare Earths Limited isengaged in the manufacture of Zircon for India’s NuclearProgramme beside other rareearth products.Which of the statements givenabove are correct?(a)1, 2 and 3(b)1 and 2(c)1 and 3(d)2 and 33.Which of the following pairs is notcorrectly matched?
(a)Reinhold Messner:ComputerTechnology(b)Harlow Shapley:Astronomy(c)Gregor Mendel:HereditaryTheory(d)Godfrey Hounsfield:CT Scan
4.Consider the followinginternational languages:1.Arabic2.French3.SpanishThe correct sequence of thelanguages given above in thedecreasing order of the number of their speakers is(a)3-1-2(b)1-3-2(c)3-2-1(d)1-2-35.Who among the following wasnever the Lok Sabha Speaker?(a)K.V.K. Sundaram(b)G.S. Dhillon(c)Baliram Bhagat(d)Hukum Singh6.Two cars X and Y start from twoplaces A and B respectively whichare 700 km apart at 9 a.m. Both thecars run at an average speed of 60km/hr. Car X stops at 10 a.m. andagain starts at 11 a.m. while theother car Y continues to runwithout stopping. When do thetwo cars cross each other?(a)2 : 40 p.m.(b)3 : 20 p.m.(c)4 : 10 p.m(d)4 : 20 p.m.7.In a question of a test paper, thereare five items each under List-Aand List-B. The examinees arerequired to match each item underList-A with its correspondingcorrect item under List-B. Further,it is given that(i)no examinee has given thecorrect answer(ii)answers of no two examineesare identicalWhat is the maximum number of examinees who took this test?(a)24(b)26(c)119(d)129
The details given below relate tothe four items that follow:
Amit wishes to buy a magazine.Four magazines–one each onpolitics, sports, science and filmsare available to choose from. Theyare edited by Feroz, Gurbaksh,Swami and Ila (not necessarily inthat order) and published byAryan, Bharat, Charan and DevPublishers (not necessarily in thatorder). Further, it is given that(i)Dev Publishers havepublished the magazine editedby Feroz(ii)the magazine on politics ispublished by AryanPublishers(iii)the magazine on films is editedby Swami and is
publishedby Charan Publishers(iv)the magazine on science isedited by IlaFor the following four items, selectthe correct answer:8.The magazine on science ispublished by(a)Aryan Publisher(b)Bharat Publishers(c)Charan Publishers(d)Dev Publishers9.The magazine on sports is(a)edited by Feroz(b)edited by Gurbaksh(c)published by BharatPublishers(d)published by CharanPublishers10.The magazine on films is(a)published by Dev Publishers(b)published by BharatPublishers(c)edited by Gurbaksh(d)published by CharanPublishers11.The magazine on politics is(a)edited by Ila(b)edited by Gurbaksh
General Studies CSE PreliminaryExamination (2004)
(c)published by Dev Publishers(d)published by CharanPublishers12.Match List-I (
 Distinguished  Ladies
) with List-II (
 Area of Work 
)and select the correct answer usingthe codes given below the Lists:
(Distinguished Ladies)
A.Jhumpa LahiriB.Sunita NarainC.Naina Lal KidwaiD.Ravina Raj Kohli
(Area of Work)
1.Science and environment2.Novel-writing3.Film industry4.Banking5.Television media
(a)ABCD4531(b)ABCD2145(c)ABCD4135(d)ABCD254113.Which one of the following doesnot border Panama?(a)Costa Rica(b)Pacific Ocean(c)Colombia(d)Venezuela14.A and B start from the same pointand in the same direction at 7 a.m.to walk around a rectangular field400 m × 300 m. And B walk at therate of 3 km/hr and 2.5 km/hrrespectively. How many times shallthey cross each other if theycontinue to walk till 12:30 p.m.?(a)Not even once(b)Once(c)Twice(d)Thrice15.Match List-I (
 Beaches in India
)which List-II (
) and select thecorrect answer using the codesgiven below the Lists:
(Beaches in India)
A.Gopnath BeachB.Lawsons Bay BeachC.Devbagh BeachD.Sinquerim Beach
1.Andhra Pradesh2.Kerala3.Gujarat4.Goa5.Karnataka
(a)ABCD5421(b)ABCD3154(c)ABCD5124(d)ABCD345116.A car is running on a road atuniform speed of 60 km/hr. The netresultant force on the car is(a)driving force in the directionof car’s motion(b)resistance force in thedirection of car’s motion(c)an inclined force(d)equal to zero17.Match List-I (
 Biosphere Reserves
)with List-II (
) and select thecorrect answer using the codesgiven below the Lists:
 Biosphere Reserves
) (
)A.Similipal1.SikkimB.Dehong Deband2.UttaranchalC.Nokrek3.ArunachalPradeshD.Kanchenjunga4.Orissa5.Meghalya
(a)ABCD1354(b)ABCD4521(c)ABCD1524(d)ABCD435118.Amongst the following IndianStates which one has the minimumtotal forest cover?(a)Sikkim(b)Goa(c)Haryana(d)Kerala19.How many three-digit evennumbers are there such that 9comes as a succeeding digit in anynumber only when 7 is thepreceding digit and 7 is thepreceding digit only when 9 is thesucceeding digit?(a)120(b)210(c)365(d)40520.Match List-I (
) withList-II (
) and select thecorrect answer using the codesgiven below the Lists:
(Sports-person) (Sports/Game)A.Shikha Tandon1.BadmintonB.Ignace Tirkey2.SwimmingC.Pankaj Advani3.LawnTennisD.Rohan Bopanna4.Snooker5.Hockey
(a)ABCD3542(b)ABCD2413(c)ABCD3412(d)ABCD254321.The record for the highest score inan innings in Test Cricket is nowbeing held by M. Hayden.Immediately prior to him, the threerecord holders were(a)Don Bradman, Sunil Gavaskarand Colin Cowdrey(b)Len Huton, Peter May andVivian Richards(c)Hanif Mohammed, GarfieldSobers and Brian Lara(d)Bob Cowper, Bill Lawry andBrian Lara22.In how many different ways cansix players be arranged in a linesuch that two of them, Ajit andMukherjee, are
together?(a)120(b)240(c)360(d)48023.Match List-I
(State/Province/ Overseas Territory)
with List-II
and select the correctanswer using the codes givenbelow the lists:
List-I List-II
(State/Province/Overseas (Country)
A.British Colombia1. USAB.Bavaria2. UKC.Gibraltar3. CanadaD.Rhode Island4.Germany5. Denmark 
(b)ABCD3421(c)ABCD1423(d)ABCD325124.Consider the following statements:1.Femur is the longest bone inthe human body.2.Cholera is a disease caused bybacteria.3.‘Athlete’s footis a diseasecaused by virus.Which of the statements givenabove are correct?(a)1 and 2(b)2 and 3(c)1 and 3(d)1, 2 and 325.50 men or 80 women can finish a job in 50 days. A contractordeploys 40 men and 48 women forthis work, but after every durationof 10 days, 5 men and 8 women areremoved till the work is completed.The work is completed in(a)45 days(b)50 days(c)54 days(d)62 days26.Which one of the following pairsis
correctly matched? 
Unit of Indian RailwayLocation
(a)Railway Staff:VadodraCollege(b)Central:VaranasiOrganizationfor RailwayElectrification:(c)Wheel and:BangaloreAxle Plant(d)Rail-coach:KapurthalaFactory27.Consider the following statements:1.Smart Card is a plastic cardwith an embedded microchip.2.Digital technology is primarilyused with new physicalcommunication medium suchas satellite and fibre opticstransmission.3.A digitial library is a collectionof documents in an organizedelectronic form available onthe Internet only.Which of the statements givenabove is /are correct?(a)3 only(b)1 and 2(c)2 and 3(d)1, 2 and 328.Match List-I (
 New Names of theCountries
) with List-II (
Old Namesof the Countries
) and select thecorrect answer using the codesgiven below the Lists:
List-I List-II
(New Names of (Old Names of thethe Countries) Countries)
A.Benin1.NyasalandB.Belize2. BasutolandC.Botswana3. BechuanalandD.Malawi4.British Honduras5.Dahomey
(a)ABCD3124(b)ABCD5431(c)ABCD3421(d)ABCD513429.Which one of the following is thecorrect in the descending order of precedence in the warrant of pre-cedence?(a)Attorney General of India-Judges of the Suprem Court-Members of Parliament -Deputy Chairman of RajyaSabha(b)Judges of the Supreme Court-Deputy Chairman of RajyaSabha-Attorney General of India-Members of Parliament(c)Attorney General of India-Deputy Chairman of RajyaSabha-Judges of the SupremeCourt-Members of Parliament(d)Judges of the Supreme Court-Attorney General of India-Deputy Chairman of RajyaSabha-Members of Parliament30.Three students are picked at ran-dom from a school having a totalof 1000 students. The probabilitythat these three students will haveidentical date and month of theirbirth is(a)3/1000(b)3/365(c)1/(365)
31.Consider the following statements:1.Montenegro and Serbiaagreed to a new structure forthe Yugoslav Federation.2.Croatia remained under theHungarian Administrationuntil the end of First WorldWar.3.Claims to Macedonia Territoryhave long been a source of contention between Belgiumand Greece.4.In 1991, Slovenia declaredindependence fromCzechoslovakia.Which of the statements givenabove are correct?(a)1 and 2(b)1, 2 and 3(c)2, 3 and 4(d)1, 3 and 432.Shirin Ebadi, who won the NobelPeace Price in 2003, is from(a)Iraq(b)Nigeria(c)Iran(d)Libya33.A person stands at the middlepoint of a wooden ladder whichstarts slipping between a verticalwall and the floor of a room, whilecontinuing to remain in a verticalplane. The path traced by a personstanding at the middle point of theslipping ladder is(a)a straight line(b)an elliptical path(c)a circular path(d)a parabolic path34.The research work of PaulLauterbur and Peter Mansfield, theNobel Prize winners for Medicinein 2003, relates to(a)the control of AIDS(b)magnetic resonance imaging(c)respiratory diseases(d)genetic engineering35.In 2003, Alison Richard took overas the first ever woman Vice-Chancellor of (a)Oxford University(b)Cambridge University(c)Harvard University(d)Purdue University36.Nine different letters are to bedropped in three different letterboxes. In how many different wayscan this be done?(a)27(b)3
- 337.Goerge W. Bush, the President of America, comes from which of thefollowing American States?(a)California(b)Texas

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