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Magazine Testimonials

Magazine Testimonials

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Published by nguyenc2006

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Published by: nguyenc2006 on Jul 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FIT FOR FUN Magazine, Germany.
December Edition 2003.
 Germany's biggest monthly fitness and lifestylemagazine, reaching 2.09 million readers and a prize winning publication for the "bestinternational consumer magazine" in Europe.The
 was featured inthe
where seven imitationchi machines were tested by health experts. Theoriginal Sun Ancon Chi Machine was rated asnumber one hands down.
World Class Athlete,
Solomon Haumono, Australia.
 This heavyweight boxing champion andAustralian rugby league star athlete,incorporates eight minute Chi Machinesessions, before and after every dailytraining workout. The Daily Telegraphon 27th Dec. 2001, published a two page article featuring the Sun Ancon ChiMachine and Solomon, who has becomea guest speaker and spokesman for 
World medical journal says yes to Sun Ancon
Chi Machine as "home-based therapy" 2004.
 The Sun Ancon Clinical trial results were published in the medical journal,
Lymphology(Issue 37, 2004, p. 53-61)
with startling newclaims, "The Sun Ancon Chi Machine: A new patient focused, home-based therapy for peoplewith chronic secondary leg lymphoedema." It isa significant article for all of us because itteaches us the importance of the Sun Ancon as adaily, home-based exercise or therapy. This can be directed at secondary leg lymphoedema butalso to people who seek passive exercise andwellbeing at home.
Kevin Alexander - Regional Editor,Greater
Bay Area of GOLF TODAYMagazine, USA.
 "I worked three days preparing for agolf show, followed by a golf tournament. The Effortless OxygenExerciser (Sun Ancon Chi Machine)refreshed my entire body, and gave meenergy and clarity. My golf game wasone of my best games played, thanks tothe Effortless Oxygen Exerciser. At theend of day, I still had tons of energy, andI felt like I could play another round of golf. Good golf.
Pro Golfer Steven Nole - Owner of Par 72 Golf.
GOLF TODAY Magazine, USA.. JulyEdition 2002.
  Nole relates his experience with the ChiMachine as allowing his body to swingthe club with increased flexibilitywhich, in turn, gives him an increase inyards as well as a higher ball speed andgreater accuracy on the course. "Eachswing felt more flexible and moreaccurate for placement."
Australian and New Zealand Medical
Journal of Phlebology. November 2003.
 Flinders University announced a newly printedarticle on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine clinicaltrials. "The impact of the Sun Ancon ChiMachine Aerobic Exercise on chronic oedema of the legs" (by Mosley, Piller, Carati, Esterman),showed positive results of the trial on venousoedema patients.
New York Jets, Supebowl 111 World
Champion, Defensive Back, USA.
 Outstanding athlete, football coach, broadcaster and teacher, Earl fullyendorses the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.In a very short period of time, the ChiMachine has taken away the aches and pains in his separated shoulder, stoppedhis snoring and given him great energy.Earl also plays with Harlem Wizardsexhibition show basketball team.
Terry Bradshaw - MSNBC 'Pick Of 
The Week', USA. December 2003.
 A weekly TV segment that highlights uniquecompanies that offers extraordinary breakthrough products as well as financialopportunities for everyone.
the onlycompany that produces the Sun Ancon Chi
Queensland's Cairns Taipans.
Basketball League Team, Australia.
 March 21st, 2003 - The Taipans strengthand conditioning coach Ben Hitchinsuses the Sun Ancon Chi Machine as anideal method for athletes needing extrastamina, endurance and energy. Perfectfor warming up and cooling down, theChi Machine also disperses lactic acid before soreness has a chance to takehold.
Machine, was selected to be featured fromseveral thousands of companies across the USA.Truly an amazing accomplishment.
Hunter Tylo, Soap Opera Actress, USA.
Infomercial Spokesperson. December 2004.
 HTE is presented within a segmentedinfomercial, highlighting technological productsand financial opportunities, with Hunter Tylo asthe spokesperson. The infomercial may be seenon CNBC, Tech TV, Style Network and the FineLiving Network. Read about it here and check for TV air dates -
Thomas Marquardt, Sports
Therapist and Trainer, Germany.
 Sports therapist and trainer of the wellknown Hamburg soccer team
,Thomas uses the Sun Ancon ChiMachine as a successful personal healthdevice and in his sports therapy.
Kiko Ellsworth, Actor/Model USA.
People Magazine "25 Hottest Bachelors"
June 2003.
 I had chronic low back pain for years from twocar accidents in which I was rear ended. The firsttime I used the Chi Machine, my paindisappeared! Now I use my Chi Machine daily,once in the morning and once at night. It keepsmy back strong and pain free. I've alsodiscovered that I'm more energized, I feel greatemotionally, and I'm more focused in my work and at home."
Christine Carlo, Actress
'General Hospital', USA.
 "It wasn't until I started using the chi machinethat I noticed how sluggish I was. The Chi
GRENZENLOS Magazine Germany.
January Edition 2004.
 This leading German health magazinefeatured, tested and compared theoriginal Sun Ancon Chi Machine againstthe cheaper multiple imitation machines,with clear cut results in favor of Dr.Inoue's original.

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