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Aix Commands

Aix Commands



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Published by Praveen K
AIX simple commands
AIX simple commands

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Published by: Praveen K on Jul 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AIX Command Crib Sheet
OS LEVEL : AIX DATE : 29/01/2001VERSION : 1.8
 Latest version can be found at http://mort.level5.net/johnr/index.htmlhttp://www.rs6000.ibm.com/cgi-bin/ds_form Web based man pages
 oslevelReturns operating system levewhence (program)Returns full path of programwhereis (program)Returms full path of programwhat (program) Displays identifying info from the executable like version number, when compiled.lslpp -L alllist all installed softwarelslpp -L (program set name)Check if software installelslpp -fLists filesets vs packageslslpp -haLists installation history of filesetsinstfix -ik (fix number eg IX66617)Checks id fix is installed 
 Examples :instfix -ik 4330-02_AIX_ML compress -c file.txt > file.ZCreate a compressed file.
uuencode (infile) (extract-file-name) > (output file)Converts a binary file to an ASCII file for transfer by modem or email 
 Examples :uuencode maymap maymap > maymap.encuudecode (encoded file) Extracts a binary file from encoded file and calls it the extract-file-name
examples :uuencode maymap.enc od -c /tmpDisplays contents of the /tmp directory filels -iLists files with their inode numbersecho *Lists files, can be used if ls is corrupt/missing alog -o -t bootView the boot log chtz (timezone eg GMT0BST)Changes the timezone in /etc/environment file chlang (language eg En_GB)Changes the language in /etc/environment file ar -v -t (archive file)List contents of an archive ar -v -x (archive file)Extracts the archive ar -v -t /usr/lib/libC-r.aLists contents of the libC_r.a library find /source -print | cpio -pdm /targetCopying directories using cpio, creates /target/source directory. dump -nTv (binary executable)Displays the contents of an executable file dump cDisplays string information
 dump oDisplays object file headers dump lDisplays line numbers dump sDisplays the text section snap -ao /dev/rmt0Create a snapshot onto tape snap -ad (directory)Create a snapshot into a named directory other than the default (/tmp/ibmsupt) /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig dDisables desktop logins /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig eEnables desktop logins /var/dt/XpidPID of the dtlogin process
 ttyDisplays what the tty/pty number of the terminal is. termdefreports the termtype setup in smit for the tty port that termdef is run on. chdev -l (device eg tty1) -a term=vt100Sets tty to a vt100 terminal type penable tty0adds getty line into /etc/inittab for tty0 and starts getty pdisable tty0disables the getty line and disables getty penable / pdisable -a option is for all  stty erase ^?Set backspace key for vt100 terminals stty erase ^HSet backspace key for wyse50 terminals

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