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Project 360 Degree Solutions

Project 360 Degree Solutions

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Published by Irfee
Software Solutions
Software Solutions

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Published by: Irfee on Oct 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project: 360 Degree Software Solutions:
Tactical goals
360 degree solutions, are in contract with Dell to setup the discussion forums for basic debuggingand trouble shooting of windows and Linux based drivers. The goal of the company was to providea platform for Dell users to provide feedback to their products and services. 360 degree solutionscannot commence without a vision, planning and control, when it comes to achievement of itsobjectives or goals. Having a deep understanding about how to make an efficient use of softwareand web application resources and how to “link” 360 degree solutions objectives or goals with the process of operational planning, that is, strategies and tactics, in order to pursue the goals.Recent studies define tactical goals as “to the residual choices open to a firm by virtue of the business model that it employs (Casadesus and Ricart, 2009)”. To understand the concept of tacticalgoals, one must know that these goals help the major divisions and departments to achieve theoverall goals of an organization, whereas in case of objective and strategies; the former defines“what goals to achieve” and the latter as “how to achieve those goals”. We take an example of anorganization, which wants to launch a new product in order to become a market leader.Apart from its financial analysis, marketing strategies, market position, stakeholder’s views, anddecisions pertaining to whether the organization must go for a merger or should it have anevaluation of overall resources besides risking the brand or image; it must simply have an overviewof its tactical planning or goals related to its new objective. It will produce a procedure or a plan toencourage the desired result. While the strategy will design the activities to improve the new product, the tactical goal will be to use various techniques such as, advertisements on both print(newspaper, magazines, hoardings, etc) and media (television, internet, text messaging, etc). Now to become the market leader, the pricing strategies will also need tactics, such as, using low prices toinitially gain leadership and market share eventually.In a study by (Kokemuller, 2007), he emphasized that “tactical plans should typically focus on ahandful of core company goals; otherwise, employee activities become too fragmented and it is hardfor employees to understand how their activities ultimately tie into goals”.
Project: 360 Degree Software Solutions:
He explains the confusion between strategy and tactic is that when we plan or model or aframework, it does not necessary provide a tangible result and tactics are the practical steps whichare meant to be taken in order to implement the strategies to gain a purposeful and a result which ismeasurable. Another example to understand the tactical goals is an airline which is trying tointroduce a new route. The strategy will be to target the travel agents but the tactical goal will be:
To develop a (business) package for Dell which is viable and pragmatic for bothcompanies.
To build a list of short and long term objectives
An incentive scheme for the business
Outline the website and how it can be used to make the users feedback in appropriate wayand thus implement it.
Visiting the Dell Managers regularly and provide the data analysis.So in short, a 360 degree solutions, strategy is an involvement in the future vision of the business but tactics involves the actual steps that will be in persuasion of that vision.
Project: 360 Degree Software Solutions:
Quality Assurance
There are two principals in Quality Assurances. “Fit for Purpose” and “Right First Time”.Moreover, Quality Assurance includes action taken to prevent quality problems from occurring in its broadest terms. “A simple example of quality assurance is a cooking recipe. A recipe is a system for  preparing a particular dish. It describes the ingredients and utensils necessary to prepare the food,the method of cooking it, how to test when it is ready, how to store it, and how to serve it. Cookingto a recipe produces better and more consistent results. And the same applies to using systems inother situations.” (Hci, 2013).The 360 degree solutions is focused on the clients. 360 degree solutions is leading software and webapplication developer company. Currently, 360 degree solutions is contracted with Dell to provideDell users a platform to provide both positive and negative feedback. And also provide basicOperating system troubleshooting and debugging. Moreover, in order to maintain the position as“Australia’s best web developers”. 360 degree solutions is launching Version of the 360 QA (360Quality Assurance) standards.Moreover, client expectations of 360 degree solutions are and should be high. Customers withcompany product and services range, where coding of the software and in timely manner are given priority. The Scope of the 360 QA Plan shall be defined describing the boundaries of 360 QAStandard “ 360 QAs Scope and Certification” specifies the minimum scope. To implement 360 QAsystems for 360 degree solutions. Therefore, organization must carry out three basic steps: firstdevelop the system “360 QA”, second, document it (this takes the form of policies, procedures, andreference information); and third, inform, instruct, and train 360 degree solutions staff to use it.ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 is the series of Quality Assurance standards recognized by 200 countriesaround the world. In Australia this series has been named as AS3900 series which has identical

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