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Newsletter 011

Newsletter 011



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Published by Arvind Passey

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Published by: Arvind Passey on Jul 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A small newsletter that reads big!The Learner
May 2008/ 011
 We are rather fortunate to have Mr Siddharth Bagrias our Director... and more so as he has a nurturingstyle of dealing with situations. This is one reason why BIFM is galloping along the profit graph.Let me quote from a book that I have recently beenreading 'The Economic Naturalist. Why economicsexplains almost everything' by Robert H Frank whichhas an interesting section on the economics of praise within an organization. Praising nurturing managers who are quick to praise and slow to criticize, the writer gives the following explanation: "Theexplanation involves a statistical phenomenon --regression to the mean. Employees do not perform to the same standard all the time. some weeks they perform above their average, other weeks below.Irrespective of the managerial feedback she receives,an employee who performs below her standard inone week is likely to improve -- have a more nearly normal performance -- the next. Conversely, anemployee who performs above her standard one week is likely to fall back a bit the next, whether her manager praises her or not.The upshot is that managers who are highly criticalof employees following a sub-par performance may misattribute the improved subsequentperformance (which would have occurred anyway) to their tough feedback. Conversely, managers whopraise their employees following superior performances may misinterpret the subsequentdeclines (which also would have occurred anyway) to their lenient management style.Experiments suggest that a nurturing managerialstyle is more likely to elicit a good performancefrom employees than a highly critical style.” Wishing you all a happy reading.
“Never believe what the lines of your hand predict about your future because people who do nothave hands also have a future... believe in yourself!”
(Contributed by Kanika Relhan)
 An interview with MrSiddharth BagriDirectorBIFM
...everyone from BIFMmust contribute articles,thoughts, and conceptsthat will help us all getbetter… and closer!Remember, teamwork andprogress go hand-in-hand.
Turn to Page 2 for the full text of the interview.
A small newsletter that reads big!The Learner
Q. BIFM is the leader in financial education today.BIFM defines organizational success. What do we, as individuals, learn from this?Q. So synergy is what teamwork is all about?Q. Does this also point to an able handling of situations?Q. Unfolding potential may be easy for you. We want you to share this secret with all of us.Q. We have discussed the merits of team-work as well as the vital role of individuals in making anorganization intelligent. Our readers will surely appreciate a 'work-mantra' from you.Q. What do you have to say about 'The Learner'?Q. What should be the philosophy of the new-age work culture?
 the organization. This can only happen if we are clear about what the goals are. Clear goals are vital for ahealthy work culture.
Goal clarity makes theorganization smart. It becomes an intelligentorganization. Obviously, everyone is contributingto its success.
There is a well-defined objective, and there is a healthy flow of communication from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top.Questions, queries, and doubts are shared and the best
Siddharth Bagri:
Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lamasolutions sought together. This is what makes anhas said: "Dangerous consequences will follow whenorganization intelligent. The opposite of this will simply politicians and rulers forget moral principles. Whether be too manipulative and inappreciable. we believe in God or karma, ethics is the foundation of every religion." For BIFM as an organization, students'
Yes. Synergy… and we must also understand whatsuccess is similar to religion.
From delivery 
negergy is. Synergy can be created only by a group of 
mechanism of content to involved placements,
 truly self-organised individuals each of whom can
our evolution has been because of ethics and
contribute uniquely to the whole enterprise. Not
feeling a part of the team creates negergy! Remember This is what we as individuals must try to understand what Michael Jordan said:
'Talent wins games, but
and follow. Simple.
teamwork and intelligence wins championships.'
Success is always a coordinated effort of various talents, people, disciplines, and thought processes. We
That's true. Organizations grow as they realizemust make efforts to promote harmony around us… their potential and focus on it. The same is true for  this is one element that creates the right platform for individuals. My mantra is 'Unfold your potential'.profitable progression. And anyway,
teamwork is noaccident. It is the by-product of good leadership.
 This is why BIFM is the acknowledged leader in
Actualizing potential needs you to engage yourself financial education today.in challenging activities. Let me explain this with anexample. If you wish to develop your biceps you need to lift increasingly heavier weights to make your hiddenmuscle potential express itself. But if you say: 'How canI lift weights unless I have strength in my muscle?'… youSB: Succes Mantra is to perform with a vision that theare denying this opportunity to have an enviable body.company has and work hard with honesty and What is implied is that
 you must invite challenges to
develop your potential. More is better! No riskmeans no hope for growth.
So you simply have to
Hmmm… everyone from BIFM must contribute think new all the time, accept new challenges, and bearticles, thoughts, and concepts that will help us all geton your way to a powerful growth graph.better… and closer! Remember, teamwork andprogress go hand-in-hand.
We must all be highly inspired towards the goals of 
(Interviewed by Arvind Passey)
 An interview with MrSiddharth BagriDirectorBIFM
The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.
(Kenneth Blanchard)
Inventories can be managed, but people must be led.
(H. Ross Perot)

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