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Frankfurt Show Daily 10/11/13 Day 3

Frankfurt Show Daily 10/11/13 Day 3

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Published by Publishers Weekly
For the latest fair coverage, go to www.publishersweekly.com/frankfurt and
For the latest fair coverage, go to www.publishersweekly.com/frankfurt and

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Published by: Publishers Weekly on Oct 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For the latest fair coverage, go to www.publishersweekly.com/frankfurt and www.bookbrunch.co.uk
11 October 2013
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Hall 8.0 R35
Munro is a three-time winneroftheGovernorGeneral’sprize,and in 2004 received the GillerPrize(nowtheScotiabankGillerPrize) for
. She wasshortlisted for the Booker Prizein 1980, and won the ManBooker International Prize in2009. The Nobel may very wellbethelastawardofhercareer,asshetoldCanada’s
earlier in the summer that shewas “probably not going towriteanymore”.A Knopf spokesperson saidthepublisherwasplanningtogoback to press on some titles buthad not finalized details. Vin-tage UK is reprinting the paper-back of Munro’s
 Dear Life
, andChatto is reprinting her
 NewSelected Stories
. And Profile isprinting 10,000 copies of her1998novella
enguin Random Househasreactedwith“jubilata-tion and great pride” tothe news that the Nobel Prize inLiterature for 2013 has gone toCanadian author Alice Munro.It is illustrative of the reach of themergedcompanythatitpub-lishes Munro through McClel-land & Stewart and PenguinpaperbackinhernativeCanada;through Knopf and Vintage inthe US; through Chatto in theUK, Australia, New Zealand,India, and South Africa; andthrough Lumen in Spain andLatinAmerica.The Nobel Prize revealed viaits Twitter account that it wasnot able to get hold of Munro,but left a phone message. CBCWorldReportsaidthatMunro’sdaughter woke her up to sharethenews.
Pricing–the new piracy
thedigitalworldandthepointof sale is no longer exclusivelybookstores,publishersneedtobeawarethatbookscanbeinstantlycompared on price against allmedia and all formats,” saysGeorgeLossius,CEOofPublish-ing Technology. “Publishersneed to be aware of the pricingexpectations of consumers andbeabletoreactaccordingly.”
ust a few short years ago,digital piracy was the bigconcern simmering at theFrankfurt Book Fair,
writes Andrew Albanese
.Butatthisyear’sFair,piracyhasbeen a noticeably absent topic,replaced by a new, more press-ingconcernforpublishersinthedigitalage:pricing.Fresh off the recently con-cluded Apple ebook price-fixingtrial, where the perceived“valueofbookswasatissueforpublishers, pricing issues havefigured prominently in talks andpanel discussions throughoutthe Fair. HarperCollins’ UKCEO Charlie Redmayne said“perfect” pricing was the key tosuccess for the publisher, andstressed the need to understandpricingbetterthroughanalytics.PenguinRandomHouseCEOMarkus Dohle managed tomerge the pricing and piracyissues, praising Amazon forcreating an ebook market thathasdeterredpiracy,whilespeak-ing of the need to experiment tomaximizerevenues.Inasessiononself-publishing,meanwhile, author HughHowey spoke of the virtuesof flexible pricing that self-publishers enjoyed. MeanwhileAmazon officials at the Fair,including Russ Grandinettiand Jon Fine, spoke of the needfor publishers to price theirproductsmoreinlinewithotherdigitalentertainmentofferings.Certainly the pricing talk is asignofthetimes,andagoodsignat that. The industry has over-comeitsworstfearsofhavingitsbooksstolen,andisnowfocusedonhavingthemsold.Butlikethepiracy issue, digital pricing islikely to persist as a thorny issueforsometime.Justthisweek,ina
New Republic
 interview, agentAndrew Wylie urged publishersto be content to sell books tofewer consumers at higherprices. And many publishersremain caught up in what theyperceivetobethe“devaluing”of their books in the digital age,observes Small Demons VPRichardNash.ThroughouttheFair,however,it was acknowledged that thevalue of the book was underincreasing pressure, from forcesincludinglargeretailerslikeAma-zon, new upstarts from the self-publishing sphere, and perhapsmost importantly, from consum-ers who can now access all kindsof content, much of it free, fromthe same tablet device on whichtheycouldchoosetoread.“Now that we’ve moved into
Alice Munro
What’s Your Social Media IQ? 
    C    O    N    T    I    N    E    N    T    S
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to pick up a copy of our Social Media Guide
11 OCTOBER 2013
www.publishersweekly.com www.bookbrunch.co.uk
t a Wednesdayafternoon panel attheFair,Directorof Author Marketingat Goodreads PatBrowninsistedthatthecompanyremained,afterbeingacquiredbyAmazon, primarily a place forauthors and their fans,
 writesRachel Deahl 
. Brown said therewas a misconception thatGoodreadshadbecomea“Kindle-only site”. Goodreads remained,he said, a service for all readers,andaccessibleonanydevice.Brownpointedtoabigpushtoexpandinternationally.Henotedthat Goodreads already had alarge base of international users,at 45%. The site had earned thatstatistic organically, Brown said,and now the goal was to drawmore readers by featuring morebooks. Relying on “strong meta-data”, Brown said Goodreadsaimed to see every book on theplanetcategorisedandlisted.When asked about howGoodreads was working withauthors,Brownsaidhisteamwaspartly responsible for helpingauthors with “best practices” onthe site. The goal was to assistthem in using Goodreads as asocialtoolnotdissimilartoFace-bookinengagingwiththereadingcommunity, as opposed to usingthesitetooffersalespropositions.OneshiftBrownhadseenwasintheeffectivenessofGoodreadsasatoolforpre-publicationpub-licity. More and more, heexplained, publishers were see-ingthevalueofseedingtitleswellin advance of publication,through mechanics such as livecover reveals and sample chap-ters. Some publishers, Brownsaid, were working up to a yearahead of publication on suchpromotions.Brown said he and theGoodreads team believed that inthe next few years social mediawould be driving reading.Goodreads would also be, asBrown put it, “native” on thenewest Kindle iteration, which isexpected to draw a much largergroup of users to the site. Alsoahead are some changes to thecompany’s mobile site–Brownsaid he thought mobile wouldcontinue to be a major platformfor social reading. Beyond that,BrownnotedthatGoodreadswaseagertoaddtothe90,000authorswhowereengagedwiththesite.
Goodreads ‘still aplace for book lovers’
To contact Frankfurt Show Daily atthe Fair with your news, visit us on thePublishers Weekly stand Hall 8.0 R35
Reporting for
Nicholas Clee in London and LizThomson in Frankfurt
Reporting for
Andrew Albanese, Rachel Deahl, Calvin Reid and Jim MilliotProject Management: Joseph MurrayLayout and Production: Heather McIntyreEditorial Co-ordinator (UK): Marian Sheil
To subscribe to
, call 800-278-2991or go to www.publishersweekly.comSubscribe to
 via www.bookbrunch.co.ukor email editor@bookbrunch.co.uk
Frankfurt Show Daily 
 issue printed by Henrich Druck + Medien GmbH,Schwanheimer Straße 110, 60528 Frankfurt am Main
MLibrarySystemsistoaddanewfeaturetoits3MCloudLibraryebook lending system.The“Buy and Donate” feature, supportedby Kobo, will give libraries the option to add a Buy and Donatebuttontotheir3MCloudLibrarywebsite.When patrons click the button, they will be taken to the Kobobookstore to complete their ebook purchases, and 3M will donate aportion of sales to the library for use in buying additional ebooks fromthe Library. MattTempelis, Global Business Manager for 3M LibrarySystems,saidtheprogrammewasawinforallparties:“Thiseffortwillhelp us engage with more publishers, and through added exposure intheKoboebookstore,publisherswillgainanotheravenueforreaderstodiscovertheirebookcontent.
3M,Kobo unveil ‘buy and donate’CCC expands republication service
heCopyrightClearanceCen-ter(CCC),thenon-profitglobalrightsbroker,hasannouncedenhancements to its Republica-tion Service, its online service forclearing permission to republishcontentfromjournals,books,news-papersandothersources.Among the changes, CCCadded an educational/instruc-tional programmeType of Use(TOU), where rightsholders cangetmultimediarightstousecon-tent in a broad spectrum of edu-cational products, such as inter-active learning environments,digital resource libraries andCommonCore-drivencurriculumsolutions.Thejournal
wasthe first to grant this new type of use, and more than 450 publish-ers now offer their content forrepublication through the ser-vice–includingBMJandSage.MilesMcNamee,V-P,LicensingandBusinessDevelopment,CCC,said the service would continueto evolve with the changingneeds of the market, offeringpublishersa“streamlinedwaytoacquire complex bundles of republication rights in a singletransaction”, in an age of everchanging digital media, rightsstandards, and strained produc-tionschedules.
he Sharjah InternationalBook Fair (SIBF) hasannouncedanewcollab-orationwiththeAmericanLibraryAssociationthatwillhelpraisethevisibility and use of libraries inSharjahandtheregion.Ahmed Al Ameri, director of SharjahInternationalBookFair,said the agreement would helpbring “new and improveddeliveryofappropriateproducts,services, and opportunities toaudiences throughout theregion, especially training andprofessional development”.A Sharjah delegation willcontinue to attend the AmericanLibraryAssociationconferences,which ALA officials say willin turn extend opportunities forUSlibrarians.“Insteadoflearningfromafaror having to travel halfwayaround the world, cutting edgeprogramming will now takeplace in Sharjah, during SIBF,”said ALA International Rela-tionsDirectorMichaelDowling.The collaboration would helpbring “insight and understand-ing” to librarians in America onthe growing library communityinSharjahandUAE.The Sharjah InternationalBookFairhasbecomeoneofthelargest book fairs in the worldsince its founding in 1982 underthe patronage of Dr Sheikh Sul-tanbinMohammedAlQasimi.
Sharjah, US librarians to collaborate

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