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God's Presence Promised.

God's Presence Promised.

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ExooTJs XXXIII. 14.

And he said. My presence shall go with thee,
and I mill give tKee rest.

ExooTJs XXXIII. 14.

And he said. My presence shall go with thee,
and I mill give tKee rest.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GOD'S PRESECE PROMISED.BY REV. W. THISTLETHWAITE, M.A.ExooTJs XXXIII. 14.And he said. My presence shall go with thee,and I mill give tKee rest.These are veij encouraging words and theymay be safely applied by every Cliristiaiipilgrim, who is journeying throngh this worldof misery and sin to a heaven of happinessand holiness, as a promise to himself of theLord's presence with him by the way, and of a final entrance into the everlasting kingdomof God his Saviour. Before we can enteron the direct consideration of them, thereare however several circumstances in the his-tory, which it is proper to notice.1. The punishment inflicted on the peo-ple for their sin in maMng the gojden calf,and worshipping it with the revelling of agod's presence promised. 391heathen feast. It coiild not be but that Godshould express to them his indignation at thegreatness of the dishonour done to him, andhe made a striking example of many of theoffenders. By his direction Moses calledupon those who had a zeal for God, and wereready to assert his honour, to come to him.The tribe of Levi stood forth. They werecommanded to take every man his sword,and without regard to friendship or relation-ship to execute the Lord's vengeance upontheir brethren. They did as they were com-manded, so that about three thousand menwere slain on that day. They went to thiswork of punishment as the executioners of theLord's vengeance specially appointed thereto;
nor had they sin in the act; but they wouldhave sinned had they failed in what theywere thus commanded to do. Commissionsto destroy one another are not now given toindividuals or to bodies of men ; but themagistrate, who is appointed to execute pu-nishment upon those who do evil, must notbear the sword in vain ; and there are stillcases in which the Christian must not allow392 god's presence promised.either father or mother, brother or sister^ wifeor child, to stand between him and his zealfor God : there are still ways in which theservant of God must be valiant for the truth,nor do the work of the Lord deceitfully. — Such was a part of the punishment ccmi-manded by God, and executed by his servantsupon the Israelites for their sins.2. In the next place we notice the con-cern of Moses for liis people, and the mannerin which he prayed for them. " It came topass on the morrow that Moses said unto thepeople, Ye have sinned a great sin : and nowI will go up unto the Lord ; peradventure Ishall make an atonement for your sin. AndMoses returned unto the Lord and said. Oh,this people have sinned a great sin, and havemade them gods of gold. Yet now, if thouwilt forgive their sin ; and if not, blot me, Ipray thee, out of the book which thou hastwritten." The character and temper of Mosesis here beautifully shewn forth. It appearsthat while his anger waxed hot against theirsin, his pity was greatly excited for the sin-ners, and his love to them in its highest andgod's presence promised. 393best feeling. He had prayed for them ear-nestly before, when God had told him, while
he was on the mount, how they had thuscorrupted themselves, and had almost forbid-den him to intercede for them, by saying, " Ihave seen this people, and behold, it is astiff-necked people : now therefore let mealone, that my wrath may wax hot againstthem, and that I may consume them: andI will make of thee a great nation." Moseswould not then be prevented from supplicat-ing for the people. He besought the Lordfor them, pleaded that they were his people,told him of the display of his power andmight which he had already made in theirbehalf in bringing them out of Egypt, urgedthe light in which their destruction wouldappear to the Egyptians, reminded him of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, and of the oathwhich he had sworn to them of the multitudeand perpetuity of their seed ; and thus filledhis mouth with most persuasive arguments ;and herein he has taught us to yield to nodiscouragement, and take no denial of ourrequests, but to urge every possible motives 5394 GOD*S PRESECE PROMISED.by which the Lord may be moved to hear and^. oor prayer. And now ag^, whenso manj had fallen by this just punishmentof God for an example to the others, hehopes that the rest might be forgiven andspared, he says that perhaps he might be ableto make an atonement for them, and induceGod to be reconciled to them again. There-fore he goes and confesses their sin : he says," If thou wilt forgive them" — ^and there hestops short, leaving the sentence unfinished,as though he was unable to express what amercy it would be, and how thankful hewould be, and what obligations they would beunder. But if this might not be, he offersto stand in their place, and to endure thewrath and punishment which they deserv-

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