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The Truth About Jean Piaget

The Truth About Jean Piaget

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Published by walkley8
All the new curricula adopted in this country since the 1950s in math, science, reading and social sciences are based on aspects of Piaget's theories.
All the new curricula adopted in this country since the 1950s in math, science, reading and social sciences are based on aspects of Piaget's theories.

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Published by: walkley8 on Oct 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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February 12, 1980 NEW SOLIDARITY Page
Education: Cornelia Reynolds
The Truth About Jean Piaget
The 1960s generation of environmentalists. WithPiaget in our schools, we will have another.
Few people know it, but there is one man who is responsible more than anyother for the destruction of American schooling, and he is not even anAmerican. That man is Swiss child psychologist Jean Piaget.Little is generally known about Piaget's role as a leader of the internationalcircle of education and scientific policy makers whose aim is to makeeducation a form of brainwashing for implementing environmentalistdeindustrialization and liberal-fascist "One World" social engineering
 proposals. But the fact is that all the new curricula adopted in this countrysince the 1950s in math, science, reading and social sciences are based to alarge degree on aspects of Piaget's theories.Piaget's work was introduced into this country beginning in in 1952 and promoted by Jerome Bruner and the National Science Foundation, who werelater responsible for the popularization of the "new math" and other newcurricula. Piaget is best known for his claim that intelligence develops in asequence of physiologically fixed stages related to age which set the limitsand character of what can be learned during that stage.For Piaget, all learning is based on mere sense perception. He claims actionand thought are a strict continuum in which the earliest forms of thought arethe infant's own sensory-motor actions. These actions, as patterns devoid of imagery, gradually evolve through stages into thought. For this reason, allknowledge must be recreated by experience in every generation, says Piaget.
"Natural" Education
Piaget has claimed that the greatest practical accomplishment of thischarlatanry is that it provides a psychological justification of the "natural"education methods of liberal fascists Jean Jacques Rousseau and JohnDewey. Since the time of Rousseau, who originated the term, "natural,"education has sharply denigrated skills acquisition and science, promotinginstead the vicious anarchist brand of schooling associated today with the"open classroom" in the primary grades and the unlimited electives policy socommon in our secondary schools. That ideology always includes the keytenets: that the child should teach himself exclusively by experience basedon his own interests; that peer relationships based on propitiation, are to bevalued over the teacher-pupil relationship based on moral leadership; andthat the child should be protected from the moral or intellectual demands of socialization in order not to interfere with his "natural" development.As educational policy all of this is nothing more than the outright promotionof primitivism, and a stepping stone to turning droves of antinuclear, anti-science "greenies" out of our schools. Piaget's political career has beendevoted to having these concepts adopted as education policy internation-ally.The leading political vehicle for promoting these policies is the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), whichPiaget collaborated in founding in
the 1940s, having been since an Assistant

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