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Deposition of Treasurer Andy Dillon

Deposition of Treasurer Andy Dillon

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Published by LansingStateJournal
Rough draft of the deposition of Treasurer Dillon taken on Oct. 9 in the Detroit bankruptcy case.
Rough draft of the deposition of Treasurer Dillon taken on Oct. 9 in the Detroit bankruptcy case.

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Published by: LansingStateJournal on Oct 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11 UNCERTIFIED ROUGH DRAFT2 This is the deposition of Treasurer Dillon.3 MS. NELSON: This is the for purposes of4 the record of the Governors deposition that was5 taken on October 9th. There was a request at the6 conclusion of the Governors dep for the production7 of an email which is the transmission email from the8 Governors office to Kevyn Orr of what was marked as9 Governor's Exhibit 2 which was his July 18th, 201310 letter authorizing the filing of the bankruptcy. I11 have produced this email and provided it to all12 counsel that are present today and we have agreed to13 mark it as Governors Exhibit 11. The email is dated14 Thursday, July 18th, 2013. It was transmit at 3:4715 p.m. and the subject is high priority and the16 attachment which is identified as 2013071815504403417 dot pdf is identical to the attachment identified in18 Governors exhibit 10 that was marked at the19 deposition yesterday. And the subject matter I20 would point out between Governor's exhibit 11 and 1021 is also identical high priority. So the purposes of22 the record we're mark this as Governors Exhibit 1123 it is the email that was discussed and is now being24 produced that was the transmission of the July 18th25 letter from the Governors office to Kevyn Orr at 347
21 p.m. and I would also note on the record that the2 7-18 letter was attached to the filing that was made3 with the petition. I believe the time stamp for the4 court was 4:06 p.m. for that as well.56 VIDEO TECHNICIAN: Today's date is October7 the 10th 2013 and we're on the record at 9:20 a.m.8 This is the video deposition of treasurer Andrew9 Dillon with the treasury building 430 west Allegan10 in Lansing Michigan. Can the secretary be sworn11 please.12 Sworn sworn.13 BY MR. SHERWOOD:14 Q. Treasure Dillon good morning my name is jack15 Sherwood we represent AFSCME in the Detroit16 bankruptcy case. Thanks for being here today. Have17 you ever been deposed before?18 A. I believe so.19 Q. Okay. On how many occasions?20 A. A couple probably.21 Q. Okay. Let me just give you some of the ground rules22 as a reminder. My questions and your answers will23 be taken down by the court reporter and videotaped.24 Your under oath so it's like you're testifying in25 court. Do you understand that?
31 A. Yes.2 Q. And to the extent that you can wait for me to ask a3 full question before answers that would be good.4 Make it easier for the court reporter. Your5 attorney might object from time to time and to the6 extent that she does, obviously you'll take your7 advice from her.8 If you don't know the answer to a question9 or you don't understand a question please let me10 know. And I'll try to clear it up for you. Do you11 understand those.12 A. Yes.13 Q. Instructions?14 Is there any reason why you can't testify15 truthfully today?16 A. No.17 Q. And are you taking any medications or suffering from18 any illnesses or under the care of a doctor?19 A. No.20 Q. For any medical condition at this time?21 A. No.22 Q. Okay. Can you just briefly -- you are the treasurer23 of the state of Michigan; is that right?24 A. Yes.25 Q. And can you -- how long have you held this post?

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