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18 feng shui secrets

18 feng shui secrets

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Published by qamin80

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Published by: qamin80 on Jul 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Guarded Secrets
of Feng Shui . . .

Revealed At Last

Ancient Feng Shui Secrets
That Enable You To Live In
Harmony With Your

By Ken Lauher
\u00a9 Copyright Ken Lauher 2007, All rights reserved.
With My Compliments Ken Lauher
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Phone: 917-374-7035
Web:ht t p: / / www. Ke nLau her . co m

Closely Guarded Secrets of Feng Shui by Ken Lauher
\u00a9 Copyright Ken Lauher:h tt p :/ / www. Ken La uh er . com \u2013 All Rights Reserved

18 Feng Shui Secrets
That Can Help You
Increase Your Health,
Wealth And Relationships

Simple Adjustments and Powerful Solutions That
Can Literally Transform Your Life & Empower
Your Environment

reating love, harmony, and prosperity doesn\u2019t have to be difficult or
expensive. These simple yet powerful methods are provided to help you
increase your prosperity, improve your relationships and develop

harmony within your environment.

The definition of Feng Shui literally means \u201cwind\u201d (feng) and \u201cwater\u201d (shui). It is the Chinese name for an intuitive, practical art that seeks to bring people and their environment into the most positive relationship.

According to the contemporary definition of Professor Lin, the foremost
authority in the world, Feng Shui is the skillful use of the best available
knowledge, incorporating both ancient and modern ideas, to create the most
suitable conditions for living and working.

Feng Shui involves awareness of the many ways housing, location,
buildings, and environment can affect a person\u2019s daily activities and moods,
and influence health, economic life, and relationships.

Feng Shui promotes happiness and success by adjusting the interior and
surrounding environment of a home or workplace to overcome factors that
oppose us and to strengthen what already benefits us.

Closely Guarded Secrets of Feng Shui by Ken Lauher
\u00a9 Copyright Ken Lauher:h tt p :/ / www. Ken La uh er . com \u2013 All Rights Reserved
Feng Shui SECRET #1
Understanding What Your Space Means

he Ba Gua, an arrangement of eight trigrams and a center, serves as a
map to match various components of your life with the corresponding
areas in your physical world. This can be placed over the shape of a lot,

the floor plan of a house or an individual room.

The main entry point is always located at the bottom of the ba gau. So
you would overlay the ba gau over a room or floor plan and see that the door
would either be in the knowledge and wisdom section, career section, or travel
and helpful people section.

And the back left hand side of a room is always the wealth and prosperity
area when standing in the doorway looking into a room. This also means that
the back right area of a room is the area associated with love and relationships.

Use the diagram below to evaluate the rooms in your home. What do you have in your wealth areas? What objects do you have placed in your love and relationship areas of your bedroom?

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