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013 Paradigm

013 Paradigm

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Published by bigjlk

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Published by: bigjlk on Oct 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I’m going to share a word with you. You may have heard the word before.Odds are pretty good that you may not really understand it and then againyou may have never heard it. And if you don’t understand it, don’t feel badbecause the person next door probably doesn’t understand it either.The word is paradigm
. N
ow you can go into psychological books
and bookson psychology
and books on behavioral science. That’s what I did when Ifirst heard it
and you know I quickly came to the realization I was nevergoing to understand what a paradigm was because they had definitions fora paradigm that only other psychologists or behavioral scientists wouldunderstand. Here I am the lay person.I’m just an ordinary guy out there wants to make it happen and make ithappen a lot and fast and in a big way. And I seemed to have an innateawareness that paradigm was a very important part of that.
A paradigm is amultitude of habits that are fixed in your subjective mind that are controllingyour behavior.
Why do obviously brilliant people do such dumb things? Whydo people spend years in school, get possibly doctorates degrees in subjectsand end up doing dumb jobs, earning no money
Well I’m going to tell youthat puzzles a lot of people. It puzzled me for years.I was in England and I took my income to over a million dollars
and I onlyhad
months high school and I had no business experience. I had acompany that operated in 7 cities and 3 countries. I am shocked with theresults I’m getting and I’m trying to understand how this happened.It took me 9 years to figure this out and I was looking for the answer. I wasstudying with some the most brilliant people in the world because if therewas anyone anywhere teaching anything on the mind, I didn’t care what itcost or how far I had to travel, I would learn it.I found that you and I are programmed. We’re programmed genetically atthe moment of conception. All of mom’s DNA is in that little particle of energythat she contributes. All of dad’s DNA is in that little part he contributes and
they swim along and they get married. And that formed the nucleus of you.And then 280 days later after 280 days of attracting energy, you made yourappearance on this planet. Your great debut on planet earth and you aresitting there with your subconscious mind wide open
onscious ha
and you are taking in everything that goes
all around you.How do you account for a little child before they even go to schoolbecoming fluent in 4 and 5 languages? Where I grew up, if a child learn
 one they were doing pretty good. How do you account for that? It’s calleda paradigm, its called programming. You are the product of yourenvironment.Now think ... the paradigm is formed by being programmed into oursubconscious mind in our little life and then off we go to school. Nowschool has a curriculum. They have a program and they give youintellectual knowledge. They give you books and you study them and if yougot the answers to the questions they ask, you’ll get a degree.They said nothing about the paradigm. They didn’t talk about theprogramming and so you go out into the world well-equipped intellectuallyto do wonderful things. But you never do them. You see,
a part of your mindthat gathers all the information in school is not the part of the mind thatcontrols the behavior.
This could be the most valuable Six Minute
lessonyou’ve ever watched.Now we don’t have the time at our command here, to get into this, but werun seminars. If you ever get the opportunity, come to one of ourseminars for three days or a week. If you have to borrow the money andwalk out on a job to get there—do it. Because when you really start tounderstand what paradigms are, your life will change.You see, what I did over that
year period when I went from struggling towinning, to winning with ease—I changed my paradigm. I changed allthose habits
and I didn’t know what I had done. It took me
years tofigure it out. Paradigm, write it down P A R A D I G M.Paradigm, study it. It’s a multitude of habits that are programed into yoursubconscious mind that control your behavior. And if you try and overridethat paradigm you hit a terror barrier and you back away because it scares

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