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Glade in Stubenville

Glade in Stubenville

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Published by prpust
Interview of Angelicum Professor
Interview of Angelicum Professor

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Published by: prpust on Oct 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Commercial Printing
157 N. 3rd St.Steubenville
McCFit, Ic.
173 N. 4th St.Steubenville
MiSSion, inC.
 Prompt pick-up
Chg • Hshd Msc.F • Gasswa • Sma Aacs644 Mak S.
283-1621 or 282-4851
Cga Dv, Maa
Centre Wheeling
Mak Hs
2226 Mak S.,
Vdg, fc, cff, a ad jaa ss
(740) 282-7891
Furniture • tV •AppliAnCeS143 n. FourtH St.SteubenVille oH 43952pHone: 283-1222
Cawley & PeoPlesFuneral HoMes
Maa (373-1111)
lw (896-3000)baw (678-2277)
(800) 262-7891
. C
 Eternal Rest Grant Them, O Lord 
toronto — A Dmca s, Fah A Gad,wh gay was a sd f txas  gw  vas as f h u.S. ad w vs  rm, ss hoh Vay, acay t, as ah ac  cahm.tchgy d Fah Gad  cm acqadwh h Dcs f Sv ad fm a fdshwh  f s gm mys, Ahy J. tagss,fma ad chgy maag. th w m  hmd-1980s wh h dcs (Ma b. thms sdc f fma ad chgy f h Dcsf Sv, w) was vvd wh Cahc Cm
  Sysms. tagss ad Fah Gad m, ay, acfcs ssd y h cm gaza. iadd, Fah Gad cam vvd wh sm aydcsa cm gammg, hmmd, dg a c afvs  h chacy  dww S
 v (tagss’ fc s  h fh f h dg).Cag hmsf a Amy a, Fa
h Gad sad h mvd f, whgwg , sc hs fah was  hu.S. may. n ma wh hy 
cad , hwv, h famy awaysw mms f a Cahc Chch. byh m h was  fh gad, Fah Gad sad h kw h wad  a Dmca s. Hs mh fhsd ss f akfas a h hs,ad a Dmca Ss, whm h cada mavs wma, cagd hsvca  h shd.Dg h  60s, h  hu.S., cas f ss  casdAmca vvm  h VamWa, ad h Chch, cas f hchags gh a y h ScdVaca Cc, Fah Gad dh va. by h m h was  
dad  h shd  1972, h sadha hs cass, whch ga wh mha w dz m, was a h. “twf s a f,” Fah Gad sad.“Wh may f my cassmas, f hyhad d 10 yas a  a, wd hav  dff,” Fah Gad dcd f h m h ga fmawh wh h was ay 20. “evy ya,hgs w chagg,” ad  js fmh s f egsh, sad f la d 
g Mass. “i d wh ,” h sad.Af da, Fah Gad s aya  Cafa. th,  nw oas,h was  chag f a ash’s acs.F 40 yas w, h has  
vvd  h sca a f ash  Dmca as, h as sv rm, wh  ss as  Chcagad S. ls. i iay, hs d dd a sa.Af a c j chag ad hysca mv, h svsas sss maag  a gs hs, ccd y mfm ad h wd whs ds d  hav h wsdcs  rm. H ccs a s, whch cashs fc ad dm.th acadmc ya sas  oc. by md-Jy, msf h hs w  my wh ccas a smm js sdyg swh, Fah Gad sad. Dg Ags,rm css.thgh iaa s h fca agag, f cs, Fah Gad, as, had a scd j ffd  hm, h sad. Hachs la  hs f whm egsh s h maagag.Fah Gad xcs  sd a as h m yas rm, whch h sad s k ay h ca. “th agd days ad ad days.”i ca  fascag  v  h cy, cas f hag m f chchs, h vas a ccs, h hs
y ha vas h ays f cvza, ad h fac ha s hm  h p.th, , h s h fsa f dg hgs, schas shg. of  s  asy, h sad,  ca smms, sch as ca hks. ps, h s h dfcy v gg h shk  dsad wha  s ywa  y.Ad,  hs ghhd, mad  msy f smashs, ms, sch as chs, f a vy csy.Wh h s, Fah Gad acas a   hu.S., ssy wh a sd vs  Gmay fhad.Fd fm hs av cy s wha h msss ms, hsad, hgh h admd ha h a s f gd acs rm  a. H v jys a adsd g ha s af a Amca cha. Af a, iay s d wh ss.Mas a ad ad svd  a cmm kch h hs wh Fah Gad sds. o h m, haways s asa f sm s, h sad. Ad, h, , h g ma  ay af s fwd y a m.Ah vs Fah Gad maks wh sasd achya s  h ds. “iaa dss a hy x
sv,” h sad.Wh Fah Gad svd  h u.S., tagss vsdhm, . Af h s’s mv  rm, tagss hasvsd hm c. H s, h sad, f a   fh s aks  ma sdc, c aga,  hsav cy.
 Anthony J. Targoss, left, brings Dominican Father Albert Glade tothe chancery in downtown Steubenville.
(Photo by DeFrancis)
Bishop Emeritus Gilbert I. Sheldon
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th Cd ds  sak xcy a s,  aks h xsc f s f gad wh  saks f hS f Gd cmg ma ad dyg “f  sava.”W ad f s a gh, hwv,  sacd Sc.As p Jh pa ii s , “Wh sacd Scs a k f Gd ad a Gd,  s as a ga k a ma. i aks hm as h s ad as h xcs hsxsa cd. F s gs  ma ad  hshsy.” i s , f cs, ha md ma, h h f h d kw as h eghm, wh s ffsh,scasm, s  d away wh h s h f sad f Gd. i mgh d away wh h  f s,  ca d away wh h ay f s. i mas whs  a s gss,  ma hw w y  dsmss .Sm wd y  d s y xcsg  as h s f gac,  vma facs,   ag, whav. thy w d ayhg  adm ha mas, hmsf, ss f mch f h v  h wd,ad ha has  h sy hgh hs hsy. SacdSc s h sy f ma  a  hs Ca dffy.i h ’s wds: “… sacd Sc dscs hs s  h cx f h mysy f ca. i h wds, h s cmmd a h gg f hma hs
y s sd agas h ackgd f ca, has, Gd’s magc gf f xsc.” Ma was  ydwd wh xsc sf,  as cad  Gd’sw mag ad kss, as w hav s. tha mag adkss vvs kwdg ad fdm. Jh pa gs: “Wh h cx f Gd’s cav gf w ca ss h ssc f h s s – ma’s f chc mad …a mss f hs facs.” e: S! K  md haSc s  a k f aa hsy,  f “savahsy.” i s wha was hag hd h scs,fm Gd’s  f vw, whch  as agy  hcs ad ccs f h ms a whch  was w.W d hs  h bk f Gss; “Gss” mas“gs,” ad  s w-amd f ha s, acaywh gad  ca ad s. th a w accs f h ca f makd  Gss. i s gay vdha Cha 2 was w a ha Cha 1. Cha 1 gvs a m ga c f ca, cmag h ca f makd. i mhaszs h fac havyhg ha cam fm h had f Gd was gd,ad sas ha h ca f makd, ma ad fma,was “vy gd.” Cha 2 s f ma’s ca m da, mhaszg h da, .., sxa, a f 
John Paul II
 About Sin
ma ad ss h ma ad wma  a sa f g
a cc. oh sca fcs, cmd yChch achg,  s ha makd was dwd wha v ga gf, ha f sacfyg gac. Gac s ac ha w  aad a  h p’s cachss.F w,  sfcs  say ha gac s h ky  ma’sa dsy, a aca  dv f sf. i m
 s ha makd’s ga sa was   cmhamy wh Gd ad h dv w. th hamy hama jyd hgh gac xdd hgh hs wa, sg  a dm v y hma adama scs, sch as h ds f as, sssssad sf-v (h s-cad “ccsccs” f h sh,h ys ad d). ths s cad h gf f “gy.”th b ffs a f sc ha smmazs ahs: “th ma ad hs wf w akd, y hy f sham” (G 2: 22). lkws,  sd hysca gys ha h was f fm dsas ad fm dah sf – aas as w kw . ths qas a fd  as h“aa” gfs ( cas  h “saa” gff gac, sf). Ma was gv dm v a f vs
 ca f  hmsf (G 1: 28). ths hamy w ma ad Gd sd v, s  sak,  hs f ca, s ha a sf was  s wh maad hs ds. Ma’s sg sa s wha s ma y“paads,” ad dscd cay as “h Gad f ed.” ta hamy vad w ma ad wmaas w:  “a f h sxs” h. th s hghyhma c, whv ad whv hy w, camh cs f h hma ac ha was  fw.Dv va (as w as  w xc) ss ha hs hay sa f affas dd  as. Ma wasgv a s as  whh h wd c fy v  hamy wh h w f Gd. Aga,  symcms, ha s s dscd as  f asag fm hf f a ca , “h  f kwdg f gd adv.” t d s wd s  dah: “o h day y af , y w sy d” (G 2: 15-17). W hav h adsc ad a c: h dsc s ha wgd ad v; h c s wha dms ach: gds cfmy  Gd’s w; v s cfmy. thadsc ad ha c a h ass f h “ma”aw. May das wh gd ad v ad hw w s fdm  chs   h h. Gd s gdad xms gdss  hmsf. Cay  smmd hcss,  s Gd,  ma hmsf, ha dsgd ad v. Ma has dm v ca,  
dm. H s  s ca as Gd dd   sd. Gd’s s a w  “h k f a,” as w as  dv va: aa aw addv aw – h  hamy. thy s h ms  whama s a  d may. Wha ma
d ad wha ma
d ms as   hamy. ohws h d s  v, ma ad hysca. i s  f vyhgfm ca w ad  s- as.p Jh pa ccds: “ufay, w kwh ss f h s – ma fad (ad cmmd
).rva s s hs,  ss hs sad ws wh hcx f h h f dm, s ha w ca k whcdc   mcf Ca ad ld.”
(rqd y 39 u.S.C. 3685)Da f Fg: oc. 3, 2013t f pca: th Sv rgs pca n. 521680Fqcy f iss: bwky n. f isss pshd Aay: 26Aa Ssc pc: $15 (oh), $17 ( f sa), $24 (fg)lca f kw fc f ca: bx 160, Jffs Cy, Sv oH 43952lca f hadqas  ga sss fc f h shd: bx 969, SvoH 43952 nams ad addsss f sh ad d:psh: Dcs f Sv, bx 969, Sv oH 43952ed: pa DFacs, bx 160, Sv oH 43952Maagg ed: now: Dcs f Sv, bx 969, Sv oH 43952Kw dhds: nAhzd  ma a Sca ras: Has  chagd dg cdg 12 mhsCca: Avag Aca n.n. Cs Cs Sgeach iss issDg pshdpcdg nas 12 mhs Fg DaA. ta n. Cs pd( ss ): 15,710 15,404b. pad Cca:1. Sas hgh dasad cas, svds ad c sas: -0- -0-2. Ma Sscs: 15,590 15,284C. ta pad Cca: 15,590 15,284D. F Ds by Ma,Ca  oh Mas,Sams, Cmmayad oh F Cs: 120 120e. ta Ds:(Sm f C ad D): 15,710 15,404F. Cs n Dsd1. ofc us, lf ov,uaccd, SdAf pg: -0- -0-2. rs fmnws Ags: -0- -0-G. ta (Sm f e, F1 & 2 – shd qa  ss shw  A): 15,710 15,404pc pad ad/ rqsd Cca 99% 99%i cfy ha h sams mad y m av a cc ad cm.pa DFacs
By Father Paul J. Walker 
th Gs f h 29h Sdayshws s Jss g hs dscsa aa  h cssy f aygaways, ad v sg ha. pay s a vas c. th ms  s f hsads f ks, acs, m
gahs, dssas, c., ha addssh xc f ayg. i w mmy maks  h aa Jss ffs.i mm h cachsm df
 i ad as a chd: “pay s hfg  f mds ad has  Gd”(Qs nm 475  h bamCachsm, nm 2, pags 226-229,lss 37). th c f ay s gv  Acs 475 489, whch i mmzd ad assmd ha i had a ygd gas f h sjc. nw h c Cachsm
Father Walker 
Persistently Praying
f h Cahc Chch as  
 sc ( f f)  h cf “Chsa pay” – ha aks Acs 2558  2865, pags 613-688 – a mch m hgh am haaks  h wh Jwsh ad Chsaxcs, as w as h 2,000 ya hsy f h Chch. th Cachsm f h Cahc Chch wad  xamh xc f Gd’s , ad hwh Chch has cd  ad agha ha
– fm Gsshgh rva: fm S. p p Facs. As i md, f, sma ask!th  f lk’s Gs hgy ss f s (Cha 18, Vss 1-8) was k a h cssy f ssc  h a f a wh
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Bishop Monforton
By Msgr. Thomas C. Petronek
i pa 10 f hs ss, w saw ha S. pa ks avh mag f “dm” as “gahg  y.”H cmmds h ehsas f cdcg hmsvsas Gd’s dmd – “d” fam
y (ad “
no fac-tions
”) ad cas
gas h Chsasf Ch f h dsy, scaya echas.Why a facsad echas 
cma? b
cas echasxsss  
dm (y yad  Chs) adds ha y.W cm Gd’sadd famy y f  wha Jss accmshd f s  hs dah ad sc, ..,  dm ad y g   hs dah ad sc a  a
 Year of Faith
(Part 11)
Msgr. Petronek
sms. H ds h g f hs hs ad sss y shag wh hm hs dy ad d. t  facdad facs Chsas s  a f h dy ad dk f h d f Chs why – dd,  mck hm.i ssc ha Cahcs g  Mass f a vay f ass. b why dd Jss s h echas? Adshd’ w mak hs as f gvg s h echas as? W d Jss’ as f gvg s hs dyad d – Hy Cmm – xssd  myad ways h ays f h Mass. l’s sam h echasc ays ad h Cmm r f h Mass  dsad  Jss’   havg s sha  hs dy ad
echasc pay ii: “Hmy w ay ha, aakgf h dy ad d f Chs, w may  gahd  y h Hy S.”echasc pay iii: “ ... ga ha w, wh a  
shd y h dy ad d f y S ad d wh hsHy S, may cm  dy,  s  Chs.”echasc pay iV: “ ... ad ga  y vg kd
ss  a wh aak f hs  ad ad  chacha, gahd   dy y h Hy S, hy mayy cm a vg sacc  Chs  h as f y gy.”echasc pay f rcca i: “ ... ad gaha, y h w f h Hy S, as hy aak f hs  ad ad  chac, hy may  gahd  dy  Chs, wh has vy dvs.”echasc pay f rcca ii: “ ... ad hs savg aq gacsy  dw s wh hs vyS, wh aks away vyhg ha sags s fm ah. May h mak y Chch a sg f y ada sm f y ac amg a  ad may hk s  cmm wh (Facs)   ad (Jf 
fy)  sh ad a shs ad y  .”echasc pay f s  Masss f Vas ndsi: “ ... ad ga ha, y h w f h S f y v, w may  cd w ad  h day f  
y amg h mms f y S,  whs dy ad d w hav cmm.” Sgh h d f y w h fahf ad h ass f y  ... ha a wd  y sf y  may sh fh as a hc sg f y ad ccd.”echasc pay f s  Masss f Vas ndsii: “Ad s, havg cad s  y a, ld, cms  y, s ha gh wh (Facs)   ad(Jffy)  sh wh a shs, ss ad dacs,ad y   ... w may sv  g jy ads  h wd.”
To Page 8By Bishop Jeffrey M. Monforton
W a q awa ha w a  h mds f fasas h  h oh Vay! Sm f  fw dc
sa mms hav chd acag  gazdfa   m  w may, j ads hgh sch fa ams. May f s, cdgmysf, fw  hav agac  a scc hgh sch,cg  fssa fa am. (rgadg fa ams, i am gaf ha  dcs fws hbws, Ss ad bgas, whch s a dca f hw mch ggahy h Dcs f Sv cvs).W dfy  ams y h sgas f h s hgh h syms w  hms ad fms.ths syms vd dca f whch am h ay ss  h s a whch hs ay sa sd.Hwv, syms a  svd sy f ssams,  gazas as dfy hmsvs hghms  sgas. Whh    s a s sd,hsa wk, csc wk  s, w ca ad
y dfy a s’s fss y ha s’s a.F s Cahcs,  vsa sym, amy, hsym f  sava, s h css  h ccx. thssyms, whch a a cadc  h ys f  sc
a wd, a sgs f fah, h ad v  h v.i h ys f sm, a dy  a css may  csdda sg f dfa. b  h ys f fah, w s Jss admm  wha x h vs s, ad ha h s fm
Triumph of the Cross and RCIA
h dad fwg hs ccx.las mh,  h Fas f h exaa f h Css,w cad h sg f  sava  h ccxf o ld Jss, as h ad  ss  h css. thGs Accdg  Jh dcas ha ay wh 
vs   rs ld w hav a f. of cs,w cd ha f s  acad smy hghwds  ha f as fd ac. i h GsAccdg  lk,  f qs cvs as was h dsadg ha w a
  fah h rs ld. ths cvs aks ac dffywh ach dvda. Sm f s a csdd “cadCahcs,” amy, ha w a azd as fas, whhs hav  azd  cmd  k h pfs
s f Fah a  h vs. ths aks m   f  fma dca gams  h dcs – 
each ash rCiA gam fcss  h ac f a s  f cmm wh h Cahc Chch,as w ca h ld’s Dah ad rsc. thssj may cd ’s ca  Chs abasm, wh h gf f h Hy S a Cma,ad ssq aca a h a f h ld h ca f h echas. ths wshg    cmm wh h Cahc Chch a xcd  ssss h caacy, as w as h ,  dgh cvs f whch o ld saks  h
sAccdg  lk.
tgh,  s ay f  hs ad sss whhav makd  hs q ad sacd gmag, whchshs  a m sa ash wh o ldJss Chs ad f cmm wh h Cahc Chch.May w  fg ha y ad i ha   vaasgss   hs ad sss  h sj.th sym f  sava s Jss Chs ccd.th ccx,  h css, cvys a ms fm o ld Jss Chs hmsf ha  h xds yd hh ad w;  h s  h ea. May Gd ssy ad y vd s.
By Father Robert Barron
As y w vy  h wd kws, p Facsffd a ghy ad wd-agg vw  h d f Cva Caca, whch was ssqy shd 16 Js-ssd jas fm a vay f cs.As w’v cm  xc accay aym ha hsp saks, h vw has vkd a mda fzy.t jdg y h hads  th nw Yk tms ad Cnn, h Cahc Chch s  h mds f a maad dca v, d y a mavck p  daggg h d s  h md wd. i mghcmmd ha vy ak a d ah ad ay 
fy ( a as hghfy) ad wha p Facsacay sad. F wha h acay sad s af, yca,s-d, ad  s w dscv way, vay.th s qs  whch h p sdd  hsvw was sm: “Wh s Jg Ma bgg (hsgv am)?” Af a ssaa as, h sad, “a s whm h ld has kd .” A h ha f h ma
, a h c f h “Cahc hg,” s hs c  w s ss ad h Gd f amazg gac. lg 
f w g  sca achg,  das a h cad a,  adjdcag qss a hmsxaacvy,  dss a gy, c., w hav h gacdmm wh ss a accd, v hgh hy aacca. p Facs ay sad hs sva y dawg a  Caavagg’s masc, “thCvs f S. Mahw,” whch dcs h sawh Mahw, a hghy sf-asd ad maa
sc ma, fd hmsf kd  y Chs’s mc
f gaz. bcas f ha k, Mahw y chagd, cmg s a dsc, h a mssay, ad aya may.i v ha hs s asw gv y p Facs 
vds h v s f adg h s f h  
vw. H s cfssg   a s wh has fd gacad cvs ad wh has hy  asfmd a mssay. o h ass f ha mas sgh, h s a svy h Chch ad scy wh asshg cayad sy. o f h ms cmmd  maks 
The Field Hospital Is Open: Refections on Pope Francis’ Interview
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