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GRE list

GRE list



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Published by pisica19

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Published by: pisica19 on Jul 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This “made easy” has been prepared to meet the requirements of thoseGRE aspirants, who find it very difficult to learn isolated(unrelated) words. It is true thatits very tough to learn isolated words. This guide might help you to prepare in easier way by using groups of “related” words. I prepared this to meet my own requirements duringmy preparation for the GRE on sep 6, 2002. My friend Balaji.R has played an EQUALrole in preparing this file. It is with his full consent that I am uploading this file on thenet. This file is a result of our hard work for 47 days(Jun 01 2002 to July 17 2002)..Thisguide has helped me a lot. So I thought it “might” help others as well. Thats why I amuploading this. BTW, for those of you who are curious to know, My GRE score is 2200(V-690, A-710, Q-800).Thanks goes to Prof.James of datamatics coaching centre, Chennai. Because, this file isactually a soft copy of what he teaches in class(Of course, its NOT my work. I onlytyped out whatever prof.James spoke.. Thats all). I know that there are some inadvertentmistakes in this file. Kindly excuse me for that.HOW TO USE THIS FILE:1)
First of all, if you are a datamatics student this file might be extremely useful. For others, it might be helpful, only if you are prepared to work very hard.2)
Please get a hard copy of this file. Print it out. Get it hard bound.(Thats what Idid). This helps because you can write some sentences formed by you in the blank space. Do some scratch work. Underline. That means you are actively workingwith the words. It really helps. With soft copy you cannot do these things. Hopeyou understand what I mean. You can skip this preface(while you print) if youwant.
Page 33)
This might be very difficult. Speak out each word group loudly and record it inyour PC as MP3. Well I did do it. This helps you to hear these words(by playingthese in winamp) even when you are not actually studying.(Like when you are bathing, relaxing, reading newspaper, chatting with friends). This is helpful.Because, your subconscious is listening to these words. You may not be“consciously” listening. (Psychology guys, kindly excuse me if I am wrong here.But I think I am right here.) Besides, using the same method for learning barron’salso helps. But please kindly understand this is only my opinion and notnecessarily the best way to learn words. In fact, this is not “The” best way. The best way is as stated in Barron, “read extensively in a variety of fields”. For thoseof us “mortals” (Read “Non IIT-ians”) , who cannot do that, I think this waymight be helpful.DISCLAIMER:I sincerely hope I have helped people at least in a small way by preparing this file. Evenas I say so, I remain as circumspect as ever. Though this file is the result of my work, Istrongly maintain that I am not responsible for any mistake (whatsoever) found in thisfile. But I earnestly request the person who finds the mistake to kindly point it out to me.Any person with any doubt may feel free to mail me atskmv_gre@yahoo.com .Or mail to this group. Mailing to the group is preferable because it might be read byothers and help them as well.-
But please note here that I might take some time toreply. Please excuse me. I sincerely hope this helps. Bye.
 P.S. For those of you who are cursing me for not uploading the MS word (“.doc”) file,one little info. The MS word (“.doc”) file “size” is more than what one floppy can hold.Since I access internet from net café, I am unable to transport it. I have to split, un-splitand go through a lot of hell to do it. Hence, I am sorry. I cannot help it.

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