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The New World Order and Our Current Administration (Public) Version 1.0

The New World Order and Our Current Administration (Public) Version 1.0



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Published by zeon deikun
It's been more then a year since i decided to compile a new body of work. Many of the links on my old document (youtube) are currently not working in some cases. Eventually I'll have to re-organize an updated version of my steps to tyranny document. At the time, that document was useful in exposing the NWO but this new document is certainly much better organized for that task under the new administration.
It's been more then a year since i decided to compile a new body of work. Many of the links on my old document (youtube) are currently not working in some cases. Eventually I'll have to re-organize an updated version of my steps to tyranny document. At the time, that document was useful in exposing the NWO but this new document is certainly much better organized for that task under the new administration.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: zeon deikun on Jul 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear anonymous patriots,As a patriot in time of our nations need, I’ve taken countless hours in organizingand compiling this document with the utmost hope that it finally shatters the left ~ right paradigm once and for all. Compiling this collection of information has taken me a longtime so I ask that anyone who looks at my compiled document send this out to every person they know. The word must get out about the reality behind this new administrationand it’s continuation of the new world order’s policy for global governance across theworld. This administration must be exposed for its tyranny and high level treason or thisadministration will expose all of us patriots to grave danger in the future. I stand as a patriot in defense of the republic in hopes others will also do the very same by sendingthis message out to everyone they know.Sincerely,Gabriel Morgan BrownP.S.If there are any mistakes or updates that I'm not currently aware of, please take it uponyourself to expand upon the great body of work presented here.
My Opening Statements
 Now that I have a Chance, I’m going to point out what the Main Stream Media isnot telling people most of the time or if they do, they tell people it’s “good”. The mediahowever would label someone like me a racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American, extremist,far left, far right, Nazi, Communist, and all the above because I question the very behavior my government acts upon. The idea of being outspoken today is considered“extremist” according to what the talking heads in the media claim even though it wasonce there job to ask the tough questions they refuse to ask today.Is asking that our government not spend our future into oblivion or to maintain the veryconstitutional liberties that give us these great freedoms really an out of line request inAmerica today? Our founders faced less forms of tyranny and protested against the behavior of the ruling aristocracy of European royalty before long, which gave birth tothe American Revolution several years later, after a plea for independence in 1776 wasnot taken serious by our former king. The time has come once again where the pleas of  peaceful resolve are left unanswered by the “Authority” who acts upon the people as our former monarch once did. These pleas for our peaceful resolve should not only be askedupon but rather they should be demanded upon our imperialist monarch rule of theEuropean aristocracy if this nation is to survive within our life time. As a descendent of the Sons of Liberty, it is not only my American duty to stand strong in our nation’s time
of need, but rather this is a required obligation by all descendents of those who fought thelast American Revolution. Today the idea of the Blue Blooded of this nation revolvesaround the concept of “Old Money” rather then being of a descendent towards the veryfirst settlers of this continent before it was known as the independent sovereign nation of the United States. As a descendent of subjects under the British Crown, it is not only myduty but a sworn obligation that I stand by this nation in its time of urgency.The age of decadence is coming to an end with the dawn of a new era in the coming fewyears. The new era will be the very choice a global community must prepare itself for inorder to understand why the world around us is filled with the very chaos we bare witnessevery single day in the media. The choice we as a people must determine upon ourselvesis the very choices of National Sovereignty vs. Globalism and the most important issue of all, Liberty vs. Tyranny. If a populous of the world does not have the consciousness of awareness in determining a choice overall, the choice will be decided upon by the veryvictor’s of this debate. The emergence of this outcome will ultimately decide wherehumanity stands in terms of liberty vs. tyranny within a 1 world governing society. Theidea of Democrat vs. Republican or Liberal vs. Conservative within the moderncontemporary view are rather meaningless and without content or substance. The policiesof the Democrats when it comes to the most important issues of all are of no differentthen Republicans and the term “Conservative” in the modern view of what we know theRepublican party of today is known as NeoConservative. The NeoConservative Wing of the Republican Party is neither new nor conservative at that. The NeoConservative wingof the Republican Party should properly be labeled the Trotskyite wing of the RepublicanParty. The Combining of the Religious Right through the NeoConservative founders likeIrving Kristol (who’s son William Kristol is a very important Fox News Contributor andfounder of the Weekly Standard periodical Magazine and Co-Founder of the Project for the New American Century Think Tank) is very key in understand the evolution of wherethe Republican Party of today stands opposed to what the Republican Party of Robert A.Taft (Mr. Republican Himself) once stood for long ago. If the current crop of “Conservatives” understood the very principles from which they were founded under,they would be very surprised to learn that they now stand at a major philosophicaldifference today compared to what there movement once stood for long ago. TheRepublicans have become the party of Big Government with an ungodly spending abilityno different then that of there Democratic counterpart. The very platform of limitedfederalized government, pro-constitutional stances, sound economic policies, and civilrights has ceased to exist under the modern form of “republicanism” through the NeoConservative wing of right wing ideology. Being of a right wing perspective, I mustsay that I’m very disappointed in what the Republicans as well as the Right of this nationhave become in these past few decades. I should say the Democrats are also no better andthe idea of the “Modern Liberal” also does not identify with the Classical Liberal viewsof the past. A classical liberal of today would also agree that the left political ideology of today has drifted so far apart from its original premise that classical liberals are not ableto identify with the modern day progressive liberal view of the NeoLiberals. ClassicalLiberals also once believed in the very concept of the constitution as well as understoodthe premise of how important the 2
amendment was. The NeoConservative and NeoLiberal extremists of the Right and Left have essentially hijacked both the
Republican and Democratic Party for a policy of more federalization with absolutism asthere platform. This Absolutism is a premise of group psychology which leads in thedirection of total fascism eventually whether it is of left wing fascism or right wingfascism. There are many different types of fascism that exist but most people onlyunderstand the militaristic fascism which Adolf Hitler displayed in Germany opposed tocorporate fascist economic policies. Most people identify Fascism with right wingideology because Adolf Hitler was a man who championed himself upon the right inGerman Politics against Socialism and Communism. Hitler practiced a brand of socialismknown as National Socialism which in essence is socialistic under a nationalist premiseof compartmentalization. This nationalized version of socialism was said to be a peoplesrevolution to bring them out of the economic hardship of the Democratic Weimar Republic of the 1918 ~ 1933 years but in essence became no different then a totalitariandictatorship under a single Fuhrer (Leader) in the end. Hitler did not overthrow the nationwith fascist military might but rather he was elected by the population within ademocratic system.The Founding Fathers hated the idea of a democracy and thought it was one of the worseforms of government that was ever formed. The question you may be asking yourself iswhy would the founders be against “Freedom”? The reason that the founders were againstthis idea of democracy which has been widely taught as “liberty” to the population of thiscountry, is because this nation was never founded under the premise of a total democracy,nor should it ever be exercised as such. I’m going to recite something out of the pledge of allegiance for you in order to make my point very clear and precise.I Pledge to the allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the“REPUBLIC” for which we stand, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.If you look at the word Republic, this nation was actually founded as a constitutionalrepublic with a three vote system opposed to a single one vote democracy that we nowsubscribe to collectively. Democracy is no different then 2 wolves fighting over a sheepfor dinner or the idea of a ruling 51% majority over an oppressed 49% minority. The ideaof democracy focuses upon the leadership of a nation opposed to the most basic andimportant premises of this great republic. The most important functions of our nation on a political level are our congress and senators as well as the judicial nominations. Without a basic understanding as to who has been elected to our congressional district, we are a people without representation what so ever to that of the executive branch. The ExecutiveBranch is considered the weakest branch for a reason. The Executive Branch was anecessary evil but one that was limited in power overall. Congress ultimately is the very branch of government that represents the people most of all and the founding fathersunderstood this idea very well. You must have local government to have more power inrepresentation of the people if you are to reserve the rights of all liberties and proper administration of our tax dollars when accountability of oversight is to be maintained.Without that localized governmental process where people are involved, you are leftwithout representation which eventually becomes a vacuum effect. The vacuum effectalways ends up with a representative evolving into a politician who receives lobbied

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