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New Delhi Poses New Challenge to Tamils

New Delhi Poses New Challenge to Tamils

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Oct 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[TamilNet, Friday, 11 October 2013, 18:57 GMT]
NPC Chief Minister Mr C.V. Wigneswaran has to be profusely thanked and appreciatedby Tamils for his honesty in conceding that he is not a natural leader of Eezham Tamilsrepresenting their aspirations, but a planted one by New Delhi to implement the 13thAmendment. Wigneswaran’s revelation and his efforts to muffle voices in Tamil Nadu andin the diaspora have to be understood in the background of what M.K. Narayanan hadtold the TNA in May 2009 that, “we know better what is good for Tamils.” New Delhisimulating a leadership for the political surrender of the Tamil cause poses new challengeto Tamils all over the world, writes an activist for alternative politics in Jaffna.
Talking to Indian media in Jaffna on Tuesday, Wigneswaran said: "Not that India brought me in but India, in an indirect way, was instrumental in allowing the provincial council elections totake place after 25 years."He also added: “I am here because India almost had a hand in the elections being held when the(Sri Lankan) government as saying we are not going to have it or we are going to crap the 13thamendment and so on."Tamils can do well with the implementation of the 13th Amendment and the LLRCrecommendations, is the position of New Delhi and Washington that were in complicity withColombo in the genocidal war.Both the models are just confirmation of structural genocide and annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils and their territoriality in the island, when vested in the hands of the historically proven genocidial State in Colombo, is the assessment of Eezham Tamils, whose experience onthis matter predates the formation of the New Delhi Establishment and the emergence of Washington as a super power.Preparing for his entry into politics designed by the powers, Wigneswaran made his maidenspeech of the current series at Vaddukkoaddai YMHA on the Pongkal Day, on 14 January thisyear.In his speech, comparing the law and order situation between the LTTE times and the SLoccupation times, he hinted at the difference between people under their own rule and anoccupation rule.Interestingly, Wigneswaran has also said in that meeting that, “a careful scrutiny would show
how some one among us was there operating and still operating, behind every wrongcommitted by outsiders.”We should build unity and an internal mechanism so that our people don’t turn into pimps andservants of outsiders, Wigneswaran further said in that meeting in January this year. He wasmeaning the occupying forces as ‘outsiders’.He also was talking in that meeting about ‘ego’ [he used the Saiva Siddhantha terminologyAa’navam in Tamil] and indirectly targeted his attack on the LTTE, saying that we should think of what had happened to our youth who had been so powerful just a while before, and addedthat “who ever dance to their ego [Aa’navam] had to reap the consequences.How the intellectual prowess or ego of the former Justice is now used to pimp ‘outsiders’, howit is used to cowardly interpret and hijack a popular vote to surrender the cause and self-respectof a nation that had not been surrendered by the LTTE even at the point of life and death, andhow the intellectual ego that looks upon the masters now overstep in an unwarranted way to theextent of ridiculing and silencing voices of the kith and kin in the diaspora and in Tamil Nadu,are well known through Mr Wigneswaran’s own words.The attack on Tamil Nadu for supporting the cause of Eezham Tamils has first come in recenttimes from genocidal Sri Lanka’s former military commander Sarath Fonseksa, then fromGotabhaya and KP, and now it comes from the intellectual ego of Wigneswaran, while Indianintelligence operatives are known for their view of considering Tamil Nadu polity as animpediment to their designs.Meanwhile, Mr. Wigneswaran’s Sampanthi (son’s father-in-law] Mr Vasudeva Nanayakara,denouncing ‘extremists’ among both the Sinhalese and Tamils, and accusing them for unknowingly contributing to each other, has been quoted by media this week with an extremiststatement that if Tamils take up arms again the answer [of the Sinhala State] will be the same aswhat the LTTE had been served with.Tamils in their civilization cannot stop without getting an international answer of justice for thecrime committed on their nation.The world has not so far given an answer to those who have committed the genocide, commitgenocide, those who participate in such Establishments, those who don’t shun genocide for their geopolitical greed, those who have global responsibilities but back the culprits in the StateEstablishments, those who have the responsibility for the region of South Asia but have broughtin the first ever large-scale genocide into the region and those who now try to deny everything,shield everything and try to impose a hoodwink as solution which is nothing but continuity andconfirmation of the crime. New Delhi is in the forefront in this exercise and thus poses a new challenge to Tamils all over 

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