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Quranic Hadith

Quranic Hadith

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Published by hujjatuna

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Published by: hujjatuna on Oct 13, 2013
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I'jaz root word comes from the Arabic word mashdar a'jaza-yu'jizu-i'jazanwhich means "weakening."In terminological, miracles mean:? Events or extraordinary events (khoriqal-'Adah) that accompanied the challenge (to imitate), which exist in a personwho claims prophet of God who aspires to strengthen treatiseA miracle can be evaluated as if it has elements:Uncommon.Occur or displayed by the person claiming prophetPregnancy dubious prophetic challenge to surpass or at least equal to thatpossessed ability. The challenge is unable or fails to be entertained.Miracles divided into two categories:Signs sensory (Hissiyyah)Miracles of this type appear on a prophet in physical form that indicates thestrength out regularly.Local and temporal in nature.Example: both sides of the sea miracles of Moses, Moses rod into a serpent,the fire became cool in case of Abraham and others.Miracles rationale ('Aqliyah / Ma' nawiyah) This miracle came in the form of intellectual meaning and rational nature.Belangsung universal and all the time.Example: The Qur'an was given to Muhammad.Miracles of the Qur'an :Non-physical nature ( ma'nawiyah ) , awake, eternal and continuous , up untilnow is still a lot of these findings about the miracles of the Quran.Openness leads to the heart and mind , so that its influence will last long .Compatible with missionary context to support or prove once evangelism andthe prophethood of Muhammad SAW . ? ?Mukijizat other Scriptures :Physical nature ( hissiyah ) and will disappear with the passage of time .Centered on events that can be viewed by the five senses alone .Outside the context of preaching, and only to support or pembuktiaanmessenger of Allah SWT. For example, raise the dead , and the other rod intoa serpent , not in relation to the material of the Torah and the Gospel .
Aspects of beauty and beauty editorial language of the Qur'an ( i'jaz lughowi )Aspects of scientific indicators ( i'jaz Ilmi )Historical aspects and unseen news ( i'jaz tarikhiy )Aspects of Shari'a law setting ( i'jaz revolves around Tasyri )Arabs are a high- value grammar beauty ( Rhetoric ) , very good in presentingexplanations explanation ( al - bayan ) , highly compatible in compiling words,the smooth logic , and height in language and literature . The Qur'an challenged them in four stages , but they were unable to do ,namely:Make a full Qur'anQs . Al - Isra ' / 17 : 88Make the same ten letters of the Qur'anQs . Hud/11 : 13Make a similar letter to the Qur'anQs . Yunus/10 : 38Making a letter about the same with the Qur'an .Qs . Al - Baqara / 2 : 23Stimulation of the Qur'an to humanity to always think hard on himself andthink about events in the universe .Argue Quran verses and scientific explanation , among others :Signals of Solar System history ? And He says : And What of those whodisbelieve do not know that the heavens and the earth were joined acohesive , then We parted them . And We made from water every livingthing . Why did they not then believe? " ( Surat al -Anbiya : 30 ) .Signals of Wind function in pollination flowers ? Allah Almighty says : " AndWe have to cross winds ( of plants) , and We send down from the sky and letyou drink the water , and once you do not ever save . " ( Surat al -Hijr : 22 )Signal about human Fingerprint ? Allah Almighty says : "Not so , actually wecompile Power ( back ) with perfect fingers . " (Surah Al -Qiyamah 4 )History of past generations .Current mysteriousness .Among them hypocrites foul intentions openly in time of the Prophet ." And among men is he whose speech about this world's life May dazzle thee,and he calls Allah to ( the truth of ) his heart , whereas it is the toughestchallenger . " ( Surat al -Baqara : 204 )Forecasts of future eventsAmong forecast Roman victory over the Persians at the beginning of the
letter ar- Ruum . ? ?Among the things that make sense and do not astonish may find other causesthat the Qur'an is the revelation of God , is : Therein consists shariah ideal for humanity. The legal basis for life brought the Qur'an to organize human life covering allaspects of human life .Although many rule of law from the Quran that ' naked eye ' looks unfair ,cruel, and so on, but there is indeed behind the law of the infinite perfection .Law between the astonishing Qur'an among others :Hudud punishments for perpetrators Adultery , theft , etc. (Surah An- Nur : 2-3 )Qishas sentence for murder (Surah Al - Baqoroh 178-180 )Law Beneficiary details (Surah An- Nisa 11-12 )Finance & Commercial Transactions Law ( Surat al -Baqara : 282 The Law War & Peace . (Surah Al - Anfal 61 )Muhammad's personality .A ummiy ( not good at reading and writing )Never learned at certain education unit The condition of society at the time of revelation The development of science has not been developedAbility of Arab society is very weak scientific They are known as community ummiyyin ( not capable of reading and writing) Time and manner of revelation of the Qur'anQur'anic revelation presence beyond the requirements of the Prophet.Suddenly presencemiracles :Extraordinary events ( Khawariq ' Adah ) that occurred or there is a propheton a sign or kegimitasi prophethood, and other ordinary people can not.Karomah :An unusual event occurred in a person that is close to God , like the Friends ,the scholars as proof of God's help for a person who is preaching in his way.And this is not something Karomah deliberately sought by the concerned( Kasb bill )Ma'unah ;Ability above average given to someone pious devout worship , but not asaint or scholar. This ability is obtained by searching ( kasb bill ) , for exampleby fasting or other spiritual exercises , or come by itself ( bighori Kasb )

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