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Published by Wahyudin

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Published by: Wahyudin on Jul 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi, UMPTN, SPMB, SNMPTN
http://soal-unas.blogspot.com | http://kumpulansoal.org
 Dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban dan Pembahasan setiap nomor soalBahasa IngrisUntuk latihan SNMPTN
Copyright © kumpulansoal.com Artikel ini boleh di cetak dalam media kertas atau yang lain, dipublikasikan kembali dengan tetapmencantumkan copyright dan link yang tertera pada setiap document tanpa ada tujuan komersial.
Di persembahkan oleh:
Kumpulan soal Ujian Nasional, Ujian Akhir Nasionalhttp://soal-unas.blogspot.com/ Kumpulan soal masuk perguruan tinggi, SNMPTN, SPMB, Ujian Masuk ITB, Undip, dsbhttp://kumpulansoal.org/ update terbaru informasi seputar ujian nasionalhttp://soalsoal.wordpress.com Soal latihan dan prediksi berikut diambil dari berbagai sumber, meliputi soal-soal UMPTN, SPMB danSNMPTN tahun lalu, disertai dengan kunci jawab dan pembahasan
Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi, UMPTN, SPMB, SNMPTN
http://soal-unas.blogspot.com | http://kumpulansoal.org
Berikut adalah latihan soal sekaligus prediksiSNMPTN 2009, disertai dengan jawaban danpembahasan, soal dan pembahasan diambil dariberbagai sumber sesuai dengan standardPendidikan di Indonesia.
Text 1 2005
Motion sickness comes in many forms, not justseasickness. Ninety percent of the humanrace is susceptible to motion sickness of onekind or another. Some people become sickwhen they sit in the backseat of a car; otherscannot read or look at a map in any kind of moving vehicle. People get motion sickness onairplanes, motorcycles, amusement park rides,and even on camels! Scientists have learnedthat motionsickness occurs when the brain is trying tomake sense of a situation and there are toomany conflicting messages. While the eyesare sending one message, the ears are tryingto send a message about balance. The skinand bone joints, sensitive to air pressure sendanother message.Many people who have experienced violentmotion sickness try to avoid travel. But that isnot always possible. So travelers shouldemploy some well-known strategies to avoidgetting sick. The most useful strategyconcerns food: eat a light meal beforetraveling and bring along a packet of plainsoda crackers to snack on regularly. Avoidalcoholic and carbonated beverages, high-fatfoods, and spices. Care in choosing thelocation of your seat is another importantstrategy. In a car, sit at the front and keepyour eyes fixed on the horizon.People who still got sick after trying thesestrategies can try medical help. Some rely onover-the counter medications, although someof them can make you sleepy. Others usesimple ginger capsules to settle their stomach.A large number of travelers use pressurebands on their wrists. It is not clear how thesebands work, but they do prevent motionsickness.
suitable title for the text is __.A. Motion SicknessB. Inability to Avoid Motion SicknessC. Effect of Motion SicknessD. The Worst Kind of Motion SicknessE. Susceptibility to Motion Sickness
person gets motion sickness because of  ___.A. sitting in vehiclesB. reading a book while travelingC. waiting for the airplane to comeD.the conflicting messages received by thebrainE. watching rides in the amusement park
Victims of motion sickness can reduce thechance of becoming sick by doing thefollowing,
 A. avoiding spicy foodsB. eating a light meal before travelingC. consuming high-fat foodD. taking the back-seat in a carE. not consuming alcohol
From the text we may conclude that ___.A.basically everyone tends to get sick whenthey are travelingB. there is no definite solution to the problemof motion sicknessC. medical help is the best way to cure motionsicknessD. there are so many ways for people to stopgetting motion sicknessE. motion sickness can be overcome by anydrugprescribed by a doctor
The meaning of 'over-the-countermedication' is medicine bought ___.A. outside drugstoresB. in small grocery storesC. only in drugstores
Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi, UMPTN, SPMB, SNMPTN
http://soal-unas.blogspot.com | http://kumpulansoal.org
D. by paying cashE. without prescription
Text II 1998
People manage to count even when they donot have names for numbers. Early mendemonstrated numbers to each other bycounting on their fingers, and some primitivetribes still do this. In fact, some tribes havenames for only the numbers "one" and "two"and can only indicate higher numbers bypointing to a particular finger. In other tribes,the numbers do have names, but these namesare directly connected with finger counting.
The text tells us about....A. early demonstrations of numbersB. the use of fingers in countingC. the importance of numbersD. primitive triesE. various names for numbers
Which of the following statements is TRUEaccording to the text?A. It was not necessary to have names fornumbers in counting.B. Only in earlier days did people use theirfingers in counting.C. There are tribes who only consider "one"and"two" important.D. For some tribes., it is unusual to use fingerswhen counting.E. The words "one" and "two" were unpopularamong many tribes.
Text III 2003
In the last few thousand years manycivilizationshave risen to a high level of development andthen collapsed. As far as we know none of them had such a sophisticated technology aswe developed, but nevertheless theyproduced remarkable and long lastingartifacts, such as the great pyramids and thesphinx of Egypt, the arch at Ctesiphon and theextraordinary stone constructions of MiddleAmerica. The civilization of Knossos in Creteeven had plumbing on the third floor. Some of these civilizations were destroyed bybarbarian invasions, others by earthquakes,fires or other disasters and some in Mexicoapparently collapsed purely as a result of theirreversible growth of top heavy bureaucracy.In all of them, however, their collapse has hada central case, which was the run down ordegeneration of the overall motivation, spirit,or ethos of the social system.
The general reason for the collapse of allthese ancient civilizations is ___.A. their inferior technologyB. barbarian invasionsC. the growth of bureaucracyD. natural disastersE. the degeneration of the social system
The topic of the paragraph is ___.A. the development of world civilizationB.sophisticated technology in ancientcivilizationC. the fate of civilization in ancient timesD.examples of some ancient advancedcivilizationsE. the differences in world civilizations
Text IV 2000
In canning, heat can be used to destroybacteria and halt enzymic activity in food.Bacterial 75 from external sources isprevented by sealing the food in a can. Thecan is the heated to a temperate 76 tosterilize the contents. The length of time andthe temperature 77 to ensure sterilizationdepend on the product and on the type of bacteria to b,e destroyed. It is important .thatthe contents of the can are heated 78 Anexperimental check can be made on the exacttemperature in any part of a sample can 79 itis being heated by inserting a there coupleinto the can.
A. influenceB. effect.

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