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Smite: Theorycraft and Mathematical Calculations

Smite: Theorycraft and Mathematical Calculations

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Published by Xeran_
Smite, Theorycraft, Calculations, items, gods, comparisons, Maple, 17, Hirez, prices
Smite, Theorycraft, Calculations, items, gods, comparisons, Maple, 17, Hirez, prices

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Published by: Xeran_ on Oct 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Smite: Theorycraft and mathematical calculations
General Info
Xeran20-10-2013Version 3
I make these calculations in Maple 17 (a mathematical program for doing 'exact' calculations). If someone also has this program and wants this file not as pdf, but as Maple file, then I can provideit if requested. An index with all chapters with in this document is provided to allow quick searches. Also every chapter and subsections can be noted by the little arrow before their titles.Finally numbers between square brackets denote a refrence, which can be found in the refrencechapter (completly at the end of this document). Be aware that to follow all calculations and stepstaken some mathematical pre-knowledge is required, even though most definitions will beexplained in the terminology & definitions chapter.Any questions, comments, suggestion or faults found in this document, please let it known me onreddit (/u/Xeran_) or leave a message on my Scribd page were this document is published [1]:www.scribd.com/Xeran_ Also my other Smite articles can be found there including some theorycrafting on for example theHel change (patch 9-10-13) and god concepts.
I'm and European, so in certain things I will take European conventions. One is alreadtnoticable above with my date notation, which is day-month-year, so please keep this in mind. Toavoid these kind of things I will try to be very precise and complete with estabishing definitions asrefrence to avoid these kind of problems.
 Please note, that this is still in prject in proccess and anything is still subject to change.
Terminology & DefinitionsIndex
General infoTerminology & Definitions:
1. Damage2. Heal3. Defense4. Penetration5. Health6. Lifesteal7. Divisor of Damage8. Critical hits/damage9. CD reduction10. CC reduction11. Movement speed
12. Gold13. Etc.
1. Hydra's Lament VS Jotunn's Wrath2. Hydra's Lament VS Polynomicon3. Qin's VS Soul reaver 
Gods: Misc.:
1. Item/Stats prices2. Ward coverage problem3. Optimal junking manouver 
1. Hydra's Lament VS Jottun's Wrath2. Hydra's Lament VS Polynomicon3. Qin's VS Soul reaver 
Before the comparison is made the following information was retrieved from the Hirezwebsite about these two items on 20-10-2013. [4]
Physical power: 30Health: 150Attack speed: +25%This item causes the owner's basic attacks to deal a percentage of the target's health asadditional damage.Passive - On basic attack hits, deal physical damage equal to 2.5% of the target's maximumhealth. This only affects gods.Gold: 2650
Soul Reaver
Magical power: 100Mana: 300This item causes the owner's ability to deal a percentage of the target's health as additionadamage.Passive - When a god takes damage from your abilities , they take 15% of their maximumhealth in additional damage. If multiple gods are hit, the damage is applied to the one withthe greatest maximum health. This can only occur once every 60 seconds.Gold: 3100
( note:
To compare these two items mathematically in the analysis only the two passive of bothitems will be compared. Also we are only comparing total potential extra damage (seeTerminology) and therefore defenses, penetrations, etc. isn't taking into account. And therefore both passives can be compared with each other in this way. So in short only the additional damage potential of this passive is considerded for both.
For a 60 second time interval both passives will additonally do for Qin's the right hand side(RHS) and for Soul reaver the left hand side (LHS) of the equation:In this equation H is the maximum health of the enemy target and x is the amount of attacks you hit on on enemy gods within 60 seconds.Solving equation
for the variable x the amount of attacks you need to hit in 60seconds to make Qin's passive potentially better than Soul reaver is:
solve for x
So whenever you can hit 6 or more attacks on the same enemy god Qin's will doadditonally more damage than Soul Reaver on enemy gods.Of course this is dependent of a lot of factor if this is possible, such as oppurtunity to do so.Opportunity to do so can be splitted in if you are able to 'stick' to a certain enemy god for acertain amount of time and the maximum amount of chances you totally get to shoot inthose 60 seconds. So how many % of the attacks need to be hit of your chances on oneenemy god.To calculate this the following equation can be used:Your chance of hitting AA's is then defined as, whereby X is the maximum chances youcan hit in a certain time interval (60 seconds), Y the amount of times you actually hit and Cthe probability of hitting:
solve for Y

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