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Socha, Khoja Ani Gara

Socha, Khoja Ani Gara



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Published by mysansar

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Published by: mysansar on Jul 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Visible Change
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“Change—Yes, Wecan”
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.olb of] k':tssf] dfWodaf6 s]xL o'jfx¿nfO{dfq ;kmn pBdLsf ¿kdf ¿kfGt/0f ug{ ;lsof] eg]cGo ;of} “a]/f]huf/ o'jfnfO{/f]huf/ k|bfg ug{  ;lsG5 / b]zsf]cfly{s l:yltnfO{s]xL xb;Dd 6]jf lbg ;lsG5 eGg]  dnfO{nfu]sf]
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. d}n]cGtjf{tf{sf]qmddf
d ;S5'

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