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That God may be all in all. I COR. xv. 28.

That God may be all in all. I COR. xv. 28.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GOD ALL I ALL.BY REV. DAIEL MARCH, D.D.,That God may be all in all. I COR. xv. 28.SO when the traveler climbs the ridge of somelofty hill he turns to trace the winding paththat led him up the steep before he passes on toother scenes, so would we now cast a backwardlook upon the varied course along which we have beenreading God's Unwritten Word. Coming back fromthe most discursive range through many fields, wewould see what treasures we have brought home,and whether among them all there be one of infiniteprice.In passing from one theme to another, I have en-deavored to obey the command of Christ, to considerthe wonders of divine wisdom and power with whichthe world is filled. I have endeavored to walk amongthe beauties and glories of the wide creation with a freeand fearless step, and yet with as reverent and teach-able a mind as that with which Adam walked in thegarden of God. Craving your company, kind reader,and trying to blend your thoughts with mine, I haveasked you to go out with me under the starry domeof the open heavens and learn the speech which day543544 GOD ALL I ALL.utters to day and the knowledge which night showethunto night. We have traced the measuring line of thedivine power, which goes out through all the earth,
and we have caught the sound of the divine wordswhich are heard to the ends of the world. We havefollowed the march of the host of heaven on the fieldsof light, and we have listened to the song of the -sonsof the morning as they still sing over God's un-ceasing work in the divine harmony of the boundlesscreation.We have been down to the shore of the soundingsea and gazed with awe upon God's wonders in themighty deep. We have heard the awful hymn of praise lifted up by that mysterious main whose goingsforth are unto the ends of the earth and whose secretchambers no eye hath seen. We have walked beneaththe shade of ancient mountains, and shuddered to think of the mighty power that piled the rocky mass abovethe clouds and sunk "their sunless pillars deep inearth." We have bowed down and worshiped on thesacred heights which Moses climbed. We have gazedwith rapture on the transfigured face of Jesus in theholy mount. We have looked with ceaseless delightupon the green landscape where God sends out thegrazing flocks to find fresh pasturage upon a thousandhills. We have lifted up our feeble voice while thehigh places of the earth broke forth into singing andfilled the hills with praise. We have looked on, withwonder and delight, while the fleecy vapors of theGOD ALL I ALL. 545morning wandered in white flocks along the moun-tain's side^ and God spread forth the balancings of theclouds in the upper heavens, heralding the dawn withbright couriers in crimson and gold, veiling the noonwith the legions of darkness, curtaining the couch of the setting sun with drapery dyed in heaven.We have traced the long line of the centuries
through which day and night have come marchingdown to us with measured step and unvaried succes-sion, keeping the covenant which God has made withtime without a moment's deviation from age to age."We have found no words to express our wonder whilethinking of the unwearied hand of the Almighty turn-ing the great earth-wheel beneath our feet withouthaste, without rest, from century to century, thusteaching the nations that dwell on the face of all theearth to trust in his word for evermore. We havegone out in the glory and the gladness of the beautifulspring, and learned the great lesson of our own resur-rection from the new life which the returning sun callsforth from the icy grave of winter. We have learnedto think that it cannot be a hard thing for the dead tobe raised up by the power of Him who brings forthliving harvests and food for millions from kernels of wheat that had been buried three thousand years withthe dead.We have seen the glory with which God clothes theflowers of spring and the grass of the field, and wehave learned to believe that he who bestows such ex-21646 GOD ALL I ALLcellent beauty upon the frailest things of earth will notforget the being whom he made in his own image andinto whose soul he breathed the breath of an immortallife. We have bowed down to worship in the solemnshade of the ancient forest, and we have listened rever-ently to the Voice which Adam heard in the cool of the day walking among the trees of his garden-home.We have made a sanctuary of the open heavens, andsought in the heights and depths of the viewless air forthe presence of Him whose way is in the whirlwind

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