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August 2013 Newsletter-Redlands_Neighborhood

August 2013 Newsletter-Redlands_Neighborhood

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Published by John_Q_American

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Published by: John_Q_American on Oct 15, 2013
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ugust 2013 Newsletter
c/o Ron Turner, President14,012 Apache Dr. ~ Oklahoma City, OK 73013Hello Neighbors,Welcome to the neighborhood i
f you’re n
ew residents and a simple
“How are you?” if you’ve lived here awhile.
In the past, the only communication between residents and theneighborhood association/organization has been through thesenewsletters which have been few and far between. This lack ofcommunication is due to three or four basic things which I hope wecan improve upon by my volunteering to take over duties forpublishing this newsletter.At our last meeting (July 9, 2013) held at Redlands Park, 14,023 NW141
we had a little over a dozen residents in attendance.We identified the priority need to increase communication andparticipation among residents and the immediate need to raise fundsfor our treasury, primarily to cover the cost of lawncare andmaintenance of the frontage along north Western Avenue betweenBradford Gardens Neighborhood and Coles Road (the north entrance toour neighborhood and north Western Estates neighborhood). Ivolunteered to take-over responsibility for publishing this newsletterso that we could publish it on a more frequent and consistent basis. Ihope to provide more information and news about our neighborhoodand the association in a manner that you will find interesting andcompelling.And, in an effort to increase membership, participation and payment of dues, we discussed othersuggestions from those in attendance such as yard signs for those residents who are members in order toencourage other residents who pass by to join. And, as discussed above, better communication about theassociation/organization, what it does and what the dues pay for and
what the dues could pay for 
Richard McKinney
, 1105 NW 140
Upcoming Events 
September 10
Neighborhood Meeting7 pm@ Redlands Park14,023 NW 141
New Officers will beelected
Crime Statistics will beshared
Dues and/or Donationswill be accepted
Continuing discussionsabout the future directionand activities of theorganization
Recap of the last meetingheld, 7/10/13
Questions & answers
How Your Dues Are Spent 
Right now, during the growing season, dues go primarily for lawncare andmaintenance of the frontage along north Western Avenue which consistsof regular (about every 10 days funds permitting) mowing, weed-eating,edging, blowing, trash pickup and upkeep of what little landscaping wehave around the entrances at Apache Drive and Western and Coles Roadand Western.Currently, one of our residents who is in the lawncare business does thisfor us at a reduced price of $ 80.00 each time which is a good deal forthe amount of work involved and the square footage. Last year theassociation spent $ 1,385.00 on this lawncare expense out of a totalbudget of $ 2,082.01 for all of 2012. So you can see why this concerns usso much because we, as the neighborhood association/organization, areresponsible to the City of Oklahoma City for the upkeep and appearanceof that area. Failure to maintain that area
result in individualproperty owners being responsible for their own individual parcelsbehind their fences and they
be fined for not maintaining it (theCity fine for mowing is approx. $ 250.00 each time). Plus, if you
ve everbeen driving along a street like Western where a neighborhood backs upto it that has no organization, you
ve seen how messy, irregular andsometimes junky it can be.
We don
t want the front of our neighborhood to look like that!
Other than the lawncare, we have no other ongoing expenses. But,because of low participation in the association, we do not have much ofa budget either, after lawncare- LOL!Some of the things discussed at the last meeting that would be nice to doif we had the money are; having neighborhood cookouts or parties paidfor by the association; better/more landscaping along Western andaround the neighborhood; new and replacement signage around theneighborhood and streets; a neighborhood watch program to combat therising crime in the neighborhood; repaving of all the neighborhoodstreets. And many others if there was money.
Dues and/or Donations can be sent to:
Redlands Neighborhood,c/o Ron or Lorraine Turner14,012 Apache DriveEdmond, OK 73013
The Importance of Participation 
I would like to use this smallspace to stress the importanceof participating in ourneighborhood association insome way, even if you cannotafford to pay the yearlymembership dues of $ 60.00.If you can make a donation, ofany amount, that would helpus in paying for the lawncare.Our neighborhood has a littleover 220 homes. But we onlyhave 15
20% that are payingdues. If we could reach a 50%participation rate that wouldbe an annual budget of$6,600.00 compared to 2012
stotal of $2,082.01.With that much money wecould not only beautify theneighborhood more, but wecould look at adding more ofthe private street lights;adding things to the park like aclubhouse or water-park; wecould hire security patrol forthe neighborhood; or we couldturn our neighborhood into a
community by puttingin gates at the three (3)entrances, etc
 Hopefully, besides the fairnessissue, you can see what greatthings we could do for ourneighborhood with betterparticipation!

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