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GRNSW Responds To Welfare And Integrity Allegations.pdf

GRNSW Responds To Welfare And Integrity Allegations.pdf

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Published by ABC News Online
GRNSW Responds To Welfare And Integrity Allegations
GRNSW Responds To Welfare And Integrity Allegations

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Published by: ABC News Online on Oct 15, 2013
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Media Announcement
Tuesday 15 October 2013
Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) today received confirmation from RSPCA NSW that there is noevidence to suggest acts of animal cruelty are occurring in the greyhound racing industry in NSW.GRNSW made contact with RSPCA NSW after it was made aware that the ABC’s
program was toair a story this evening on the greyhound racing industry dealing with allegations of animal cruelty.All greyhound racing participants in NSW are bound by GRNSW’s Code of Practice and the GreyhoundRacing Rules which outline animal welfare standards, as well as strict management and care practicesthat are appropriate to the physical and behavioural needs of greyhounds.GRNSW has a zero tolerance policy for participants who do not meet our animal welfare standards. Anytrainer found ending the life of a greyhound in an inhumane manner or mistreating the greyhounds intheir care in some other way is not welcome in our sport. They would not only be violating the rules ofgreyhound racing and our code of practice, but could also be committing a criminal offence under theNSW
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 
.GRNSW is committed to improving the welfare of greyhounds in NSW. Since assuming responsibility foranimal welfare in 2009, GRNSW has set about launching numerous initiatives to ensure that the welfareof all animals is a primary consideration for all participants in the greyhound industry. This commitmentwill ramp up over the next 12 months, with $1.3 million to be invested on greyhound welfare in thatperiod.By encouraging smarter breeding practices, ensuring safer racing and providing greater re-homingopportunities, GRNSW is confident it will provide a better life for greyhounds after racing.The
program is also expected to air allegations by former Wentworth Park on-course veterinarianDr Ted Humphries about participants using banned substances on their greyhounds.This is not the first time Dr Humphries has made allegations of this nature to the media, however, hecontinues to ignore GRNSW’s requests asking him to provide evidence to support his allegations.GRNSW has also repeatedly invited Dr Humphries to discuss his concerns with our IntegrityDepartment, but he has never replied.Maintaining the integrity of greyhound racing is at the heart of what GRNSW does, it is a core function ofthe organisation and integral to maintaining punter confidence in the sport and a level playing field forparticipants.Over the last year GRNSW ramped up its drug detection activities taking 5,562 samples - a 47 per centincrease on the level of swabbing in the previous year. The increase in swabs carried out across allwinning greyhounds and at random was made possible after GRNSW nearly doubled its swabbingbudget for 2012/13 following an increase in positive swabs in the previous year.

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