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Peter Kenneth Interview with the Asian Weekly

Peter Kenneth Interview with the Asian Weekly

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Published by Peter Kenneth

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Peter Kenneth on Oct 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11 - 17 
 / 2013
Before we begin, share with us your thoughts about theWestgate tragedy? 
My running mate and I posted a message on Facebookand we sent our deepest condolences to all those wholost their loved ones in the cowardly and senseless West-
gate aack by terrorists that lasted over four days. We
pray that the Almighty God will rest the departed souls
in eternal peace. We also wish a quick recovery to allthose who were injured in the unfortunate aack as wecommiserate with all the Kenyan people and friends of Kenya who are traumased by this unfortunate event.We shall remain forever grateful to our men and womenin uniform who put their lives in harm’s way to rescueour people and bring this drama to an end. Under theleadership of the Commander-in Chief, our securityagencies demonstrated professionalism and steadfast
ness in dealing with the crisis. They have stood as a sym
bol of our strength and made us all proud.We also recognise the many Kenyans from all walks of life who donated blood and money to assist the vicms
as well as those who came out to support the respond-
ers. We especially note with pride the M-Pesa Iniave
that raised over Kshs 60 million in three days to assist
the rescue and recovery eorts. We salute all the hu
-manitarian and emergency response teams especially
the Kenya Red Cross Society and the St John’s Ambu
lances who assisted in evacuang the injured. By pull
ing together as Kenyans in this tragedy, we have shownour unity, courage and love for one another to the wholeworld. These are values that we must carry forth withus and demonstrate even in mes of peace and calm.We urge all Kenyans to connue to hold together andto support the bereaved and the injured. Let’s also worktogether to heal the wounds that remain aer the rehas died down.
Let’s also congratulate you for pung up a great ght in the 2013 elecons. At what point did you think that it 
was important for you to concede defeat? 
I think it became absolutely clear in the last two weeksthat it was an orchestrated campaign to make it a “two
horse” race. Because of that we lost some ground and in
my view when we realised the trend was what was com-
ing out in the electronic vote before it was stopped, andthe same trend took place in the manual, we said thatthe country was bigger than all of us. What we needed
was to rally around and say that Kenyans have made
their decision.
How dicult was it a decision
to go ahead and concede? 
It wasn’t dicult because
you go into a contest
knowing one of you will win and the rest of you will belosers and you kind of retreat for another day.
In your opinion, what do you feel went wrong with your strategy? 
First of all looking at the results, we did not do as well aswe should have, but I also think, the reecon is not asgood we think we did. We know a lile bit of things thatperhaps were done behind the scenes. We have detailsproving that we did beer than what was reported. Butall along, we were of the view that Kenyans will decideon issues and that is where we built our greatest hope.Unfortunately, in the last two weeks we saw anothertrend. Where it became tribal, where issues were put oncold storage and therefore we went back to the same oldissues; of deciding whether we need this family or thatfamily or if we need this person or that person.
Is Kenya not ready for an elist president according
to you? 
I had a lot of faith in young people, that this was theme to make a break but I think at the end of theday, they were dictated to mostly, by their parentsand we sll went the tribal way. As I said we rel
egated issues. I sll hope that at some point, whetherthe next elecons or the other one, we can discussissues. Because I think relegang issues at the me of elecons only comes back to hurt you as a Kenyan.
Do you feel the decisions made during this elecon
will now serve as a lesson to the youth? Do
you thing that they will reect on themand make a dierent decision next me? 
I don’t think so. We tend to reasonand raonalise unl two weeks toelecons. That is what I have seen.
We are going to reason together
for the next four years but whenthe elecons come, we then re
treat to our cocoons.
Why do you think that 
I really cannot tell, because if you look at somebody whohas reasoned for four years but can’t reason in the lasttwo months, then you have to start quesoning whether
really reasons and issues have anything to do with an
elecon or we just leave it to be tribal.
What is your take on our current government? 
When I made that famous speech aer elecons, I saidthat we must brace ourselves for hard economic mesand it wasn’t going to be easy for any government. Dis
-cipline was going to be the core thing to drive us out
of our perennial problems. Unfortunately we haven’tseen reinforcement of discipline in the current govern
ment. Despite the fact that there area lot of problems that they (the
current government) have
tried to tackle, as a coun
-try we need to deal with
security, the economy,the infrastructure andunemployment, which
is very high and that
brings a lot to deal with.
Also peculiar is that this
government was the rst
to deal with
By Ravneet Sehmi and Simon Muli 
Known as the elist presidenal candidate duringthe March 2013 elecons, banker-turned-poli
cian, Peter Kenneth, took a graceful exit from thepresidenal race. But, there’s more to the ‘hand
some’ presidenal contestant than meets the eye.Peter Kenneth, was born and brought up in thecountry’s capital, Nairobi. Kenneth’s love for thecountryside is what later give rise to a man, de
scribed by many as the most performing policianin Kenya. His service to the people of Gatanga for10 years, as their representave in parliament lean indelible mark on the lives of many in his con
stuents. In his rst interview since March 4, thefather of two, shares his thoughts about the latestissues in Kenya’s polical arena and what he hasbeen up to.
The leader whoarrived aheadof his time

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Doug Batchelor added this note
Kenneth speaks sense bt can he do it after winning the Presidency or he will revert to tribal cocoons. Many have lied before 'we will do it' but after winning they become tribal..Look at Jubilee .,very tribal and regional appointments!Bt I could trust him...
Mital Shah added this note
Peter Kenneth talks pure sense in simple English. However, majority of Kenyans are tribal and can't think past that. If we had such a leader, we would see reforms everywhere, the poor will enjoy education, health, better living conditions etc. Wish Kenyans would vote for such leaders who want to serve the people, not themselves.
Getanda Ondieki Getanda added this note
Thanks for your share, it is my believe that Kenyans will one day come out of the tribal identity politics. always do your best to deliver what you believe in for history will always judge you even if it means a millions years down the line. thanks PK for your believe and defined dignity, we are proud of your contributions to this country.
Samuel K Mutiga added this note
I admire this. But Kenyans were really misled. I keep asking whether tribalism is really something that can make someone forget their future.
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