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Insanity of Our Reality

Insanity of Our Reality

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Published by Jon Vincent Deacon
First Chapter of a new book which finds the United States in the aftermath of a coup. Josh receives a message from his lifelong friend, the former President Kevin Braun, who is a month from his date from the firing squad. Josh accepts the invite and goes to hear Kevin's side of the story and his reasons for what led him to become an infamous war criminal and tyrant.
First Chapter of a new book which finds the United States in the aftermath of a coup. Josh receives a message from his lifelong friend, the former President Kevin Braun, who is a month from his date from the firing squad. Josh accepts the invite and goes to hear Kevin's side of the story and his reasons for what led him to become an infamous war criminal and tyrant.

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Categories:Book Excerpts
Published by: Jon Vincent Deacon on Oct 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Insanity of Our Reality
By Ian Mirsky & Vincent EberleJoshua Bleaken had had quite a life. His youthful looks belied his fifty-one years of age.He had experienced highs and lows that most could not even begin to imagine. Having comefrom a lower working class family, he had an almost meteoric rise in wealth and status after graduating college. He had seen the world, he had rubbed elbows with the rich and powerful;even those who were well hidden behind the scenes but pulled the strings of those in thespotlight. He had access to information that very few could possibly know. He had lived a lifeand had enjoyed a style that many would have been envious of if they could only see a glimpse.He had feared for his life and had help those on top to shape and form policy. He had owed it allto Kevin Braun, a close friend Josh had made in his freshman year. Kevin had recognized Josh’sability and invited Josh to become an aide and without a second thought, Josh had accepted. Now, far removed from that life, Josh found himself stranded for a ten hour wait in a Memphis bus terminal and the trip was because of Kevin, at the request of Kevin and Kevin was on deathrow.Josh had cringed about the prospects of taking the bus but his days of taking an airliner were over for the time. He had had experiences with the industry before and knew that it wasn’ta matter of getting stuck somewhere because of missing a connection due to any delay, it was amatter of when and where it would happen. For most of the trip things had run rather smoothly, but then there was a delay when a Department of Transportation Officer decided to pull the busover for a random spot check and inspection just outside of Oklahoma City. They had beenrunning a little late but the half hour inspection put them well past the window of reaching theterminal in time to make the connection. His next bus wouldn’t be leaving for another ten hours.All he could do was sit and wait. His funds were running low and had to make every cent countin order to finish this trip. He just sat and surveyed the terminal, the people in the terminal.Though he wasn’t really watching them, they and the terminal was just there, he was lost inthought of everything that had brought him here and mainly of Erika.Erika and Josh had met at college and it was almost love at first glance. They married theweek after they both had graduated. Throughout college after meeting and dating for a semester,they had decided to rent an apartment together. Both had thought that it would be mutuallyadvantageous. The cost would be far cheaper than the dorms, they could save on cafeteriaexpenses by making their own lunches and meals, they would be able to get away from thedistractions of the university, and mostly to see about themselves as a team. They already hadknown that they had a great time together and greatly enjoyed each other’s company they justwanted to see how they worked together and work out the rough spots. It had turned out to be a breeze for them both to have worked through the rough spots; it turned out that they each thoughtthat being with one another for the long term was worth the effort. As he sat there in theterminal, alone, he thought to himself that even Kevin had been the one to introduce them. Healso thought that this whole trip was putting his relationship at risk. He sighed at that thought anddecided to get up and take a walk.
He was tired and needed some fresh air. He needed a clear mind, wanted a clear mind for the rest of this journey and so far everything and the bus trip from San Jose, California had takenits toll on him. Josh shouldered his back pack, picked up his carry on, and grabbed the handle of his duffle bag. Tilting the duffle bag on to its wheels, he started to walk towards the exit of theterminal. People were milling all over the terminal. They were going to the ticket counter, thecoffee shop, the terminal restaurant, and their gates. Some were just standing, some were justsitting, and others were talking with one another. None of them seemed to have noticed him at allas he made his way to the main exit. He found that with all of this motion going on, he had afairly clear path to the door. At the door was the only obstruction he would encounter as a familywas hugging someone. Josh saw them and moved to go around them. He was unable to tell if they were saying goodbye or hello. He had hoped that it was hello for them as he exited the building. Josh made a right turn and walked along the side of the building. He found a benchoutside of the terminal that was unoccupied. He walked to it and took a seat. He took a deep breath after he sat and placed his carry-on on the bench next to him and settled the duffle next tohis left leg. He sat back and just slowly took a panoramic scan of the area around him with his blue eyes. It was a beautiful day with a cool breeze and blue skies. He wondered how far theMississippi was away from the terminal. He wondered how far away Graceland was. As hisstomach growled, he wondered why there was never a fast food place near a bus terminal. Hewas hungry but didn’t want to pay the terminal prices.He reached over to his carry-on and unzipped the main compartment. He fished aroundand found a pack of peanut butter crackers. Josh had just enough money to go to South Carolinaand buy groceries for about a week—as long as the groceries are basically soup, salad, andsandwiches—and enough to get back with maybe about forty dollars of flex cash. He realizedthat the thoughts of the Memphis’ Landmarks, the fresh air and the crackers did not spare himthe constant thoughts of Erika, her opposition to this trip, and that he had put everything at risk coming Eating the crackers just reminded him along with only being able to afford the bus of how far he had fallen.. It was a reminder of one of the main reasons he had gone against Erika’swishes and had decided to come. He thought of that fateful day the started this whole journey.It had been a beautiful, warm day like this. He had just gotten a raise at the store wherehe had been working over the summer break from teaching high school English. He found her sitting in the small living room of their condo on Alta Glen Avenue in San Jose. She didn’t look well; she looked incredibly depressed and lost in thought. She was sitting back in the sofa withher arms crossed. Her shoulder length black hair cascaded down over her shoulders as she satthere just in a disappointed slump with her chin down on her chest appearing to stare at her feetwhich she had stretched out before her. Josh was struck by her body language as he entered theroom and felt his good news just leave his being. He just wanted to hold her.“What’s the matter?” he asked immediately recognizing her mood and kneeling in frontof her to make eye contact. He took her hand closest to him in his hand as he said it.“I just know, no matter what I say, you will go,” she answered with resignation in her quiet, almost a whisper tone after a few moments of silence without taking her eyes off of her feet.He thought for a few seconds and finally asked with genuine concern and confusion inhis tone, “What? What are you talking about? Where, where am I going?”
She slowly turned to look at his perplexed expression and answered, “A letter came for you today.”With that, she slowly got up, releasing his hand, his hold on her and walked into thekitchen.While still kneeling he watched as she had gotten up and left for the kitchen. Stillwondering what she was talking about, he got up and followed her. When reaching the doorwayleading to the kitchen, he saw her standing by the table. Sunlight came flooding into the wellwindowed nook where the table was found. It draped her body as she stood with her hips andshoulders off center forming a soft, slight ‘S’ shape with her form. She had her back to him. Joshcould see that she was looking down at something she was holding. He moved to her and sawthat it was an envelope which she obviously had opened.When she felt his presence near her, she whispered, “This came for you. I had to open itwhen I saw who it was from.”Joshua didn’t say a word. He just looked at it. He wondered what Kevin would possiblywant. She looked at him and saw him looking at the envelope in her hand. His eyes moved up tomeet hers. His face was just one big question. She held it out to him. He just looked at her wondering what to do. She pushed it to him and he took it.He just looked at it. She moved to one of the many windows in the kitchen. Again, hewatched as she moved. He had always loved to watch her move with such fluid, gentle, femininegrace found only in the most experienced dancer. He watched as she stood at the window withher right hand on the sill; just standing and looking out the window, bathing in the light breeze.“Are you going to read it?” she asked with a sigh as she looked over her shoulder after afew moments realizing that he hadn’t moved an inch.“Should I?” he asked not honestly knowing.“I wanted to throw it out, burn it, just hide it from you,” she sighed, “But, I couldn’t.”He just stood there watching her as she turned her attention from the view outside of thewindow and turned around to face him. She did not face him though; she continued to stare at thefloor. He could not help to feel her defeated soul.Taking a deep breath, she continued, “Our entire relationship, existence together has beenthoroughly based on trust and openness. I can’t think of a time when you have ever hid anythingfrom me and after all we have been through, I couldn’t even believe that starting it now wouldserve any good. I know that you need to see it. I know that deep inside you would want to readit.”“I could just throw it out as you thought of,” he offered, “I could just throw it out and wecould just move on as we have.”“No, no you couldn’t. I know you. I know that if you were to throw that out withoutreading it, you would forever be eating yourself up over it,” she responded in a teary sigh, “Iknow that you would forever wonder what its contents was. You feel a need to read it and youwill. I, I just hope you will make the right decision. I have to trust you.”Josh just looked at her and she looked back at him, smiled a hopeful smile, and moved toleave the kitchen. He intercepted her movement giving her a warm, strong embrace.

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