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Published by: Frontiers on Oct 15, 2013
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 0012-4966/02/1112-$27.00 © 2002 MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”0508
  Doklady Biological Sciences, Vol. 387, 2002, pp. 508–509. Translated from Doklady Akademii Nauk, Vol. 387, No. 5, 2002, pp. 697–698.Original Russian Text Copyright © 2002 by Novikov, Tsapygina, Babalyan.
 In 1979, Russian researchers were the first to pub-lish experimental data on a pheromone that inhibitsspermatogenesis in mice [1]. This pheromone is cur-rently known to be a complex mixture of strongly andweakly polar volatile compounds [2] contained in urineof sexually mature males [3]. In 30-day-old animals,this pheromone causes various meiotic abnormalities atthe stage of diakinesis–metaphase [4] to enhance thefrequency of abnormal sperm cells in the caudal part of the epididymis [5]. Animals of different genotypesdiffer in the sensitivity to this pheromone [6], whichcauses a dramatically increased frequency of domi-nant lethals in the progeny of young male CBAB6F1mice [7].Here, we report a cytogenetic analysis of meioticabnormalities observed during the pre- and postpuber-tal periods in male laboratory CBAB6F1 mice aged 30,42, and 56 days.The experimental groups consisting of four to sixanimals of the corresponding age were exposed to vol-atile components of urine in an olfactometer with thesupply of the odorant in an air flow [2, 3, 5]. The timeof exposure was 2 h;
 = 4 l/min;
 = 1 l/min, where
 are the rates of the carrying and odorant flows,respectively. The evaporation surface in the cuvettecontaining urine was 5 cm
= 20
 C. The urine wasfreshly collected from five- to eight-month-oldCBA/LacSto males that were kept singly for two weeksbefore the experiment. In control groups, the animalswere exposed to water in an olfactometer. Eight hoursfrom the start of exposure, the animals were decapi-tated, their gonads were fixed, and the squash prepara-tions of the seminiferous tubules were examined usinga modified Evens’ technique [4]. The cells with meioticabnormalities such as multivalent association (MA) andunivalent autosome (UA) were examined at the stage of diakinesis–metaphase I. The experiments were con-ducted in autumn.The figure shows that the frequency of the phero-mone-induced meiotic abnormalities increased only in30-day-old males. The control and experimental vari-ants did not differ significantly in sexually mature ani-mals, i.e., in six- and eight-week-old males. This testi-fies to a relative insensitivity of the mature recipientreproductive system to the pheromone that causes vari-ous abnormalities of meiosis and spermatogenesis[4, 5] in the generative cells of sexually immature ani-mals.Thus, in the laboratory CBAB6F1 mice, we havefound a differential spermatocyte I ontogenetic sensi-tivity to the genotoxic effect of the pheromone con-tained in the urine of sexually mature maleCBA/LacSto mice.
 The Period of the Sensitivity to the Pheromone InhibitingSpermatogenesis in Laboratory CBAB6F1 Mice
 S. N. Novikov, R. I. Tsapygina
 , and V. V. Babalyan
 Presented by Academician A.D. Nozdrachev July 2, 2001Received August 12, 2002
 Pavlov Institute of Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences,nab. Makarova 6, St. Petersburg, 199034 RussiaSt. Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya nab. 7/9,St. Petersburg, 199164 Russia
** 121086420304256
 Age of CBAB6F1 males, daysChromosome abnormalities
 , %
 Meiotic abnormalities, including autosomal univalents(AUs) and multivalent associations (MAs) in the generativecells of CBAB6F1 males of different ages exposed to vola-tile components of the urine of sexually mature CBA males:
 , AU (experiment);
 AU (control);
 , MA (experiment);
 , MA (control). * Significant difference from the control(
 < 0.05; the

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