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On Solidarity, Camaraderie and Brotherhood

On Solidarity, Camaraderie and Brotherhood



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Published by chichur jen

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Published by: chichur jen on Jul 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Solidarity, Camaraderie and Brotherhood“You are my brother, therefore I love you. I love you therefore I shall hurtyou. I might as well kill you.” Illogical, incomprehensible, irrational.I do not know what it is like to join a fraternity. For one, I am a girl and two,had I been a boy, I’d probably be hearing this from my mom: “
Kung magpapagulpika rin lang, ako na lng bubugbog sa’yo!
” (If you want to get beaten up, I’d rather doit myself). That said with glaring eyes would be enough to send me off like a dogwith tail between the legs.It bothers me though. It seems like ever since the day fraternity has markedits existence in history, it as well began claiming lives in the name of brotherhood. Just as it had many times before, it took the life of another guy just a few days ago.Had he not known that it would or it COULD happen, if not to him, to the others withhim? It’s impossible that he had not. How could he not have known when theuniversity is notorious for such goings-on? It has happened numerous times before.Despite the awareness, what could have pushed him to take the risk? Does theword brotherhood have some hypnotizing effect on it? Was it that enticing? Is he indire need of a brother that he would take the chance and be willing to pay such asprice just to ‘belong’? Is he that desperate for a friend? How can someone be sointelligent so as to be admitted in such a prestigious school be so easily swayed bythe sweet talks of men luring young ones to their possible deaths?I might be blabbering out of innocence, trash-taking, going all againstfraternities. Call it ignorance if you must but this idea of brotherhood and hazingdoesn’t really make sense from a simple man’s point of view. Looking up atMicrosoft Encarta (there’s the ground I needed), fraternities were said to be“associations, mainly of college and university students in the United States,established to further the social, scholastic, and professional interests of themembers.” See? I think modern-day fraternities are losing track and if they thinkthey could redeem themselves with their charity works, well, they’re getting it allwrong. Are hazing and frat wars part of their “social, scholastic, and professionalinterests”? How noble!My friend once explained that sometimes these guys do not really intend to join but because of the pressure coming from different fraternities (I hear they do goafter you especially when you’ve got what it takes, meaning: you are intimidating,leader-type, rich and influential. Membership is by invitation, though not all thetime, I guess, and it can be a perfect ego-booster- makes you fee oh-so-important. Ihave guy friends who had been invited before.) They give in to sort of protectthemselves from further harassment (because that is what the big guys oftenpromise, and yes, they can harass you with ‘you aren’t a real man till you becomeone of us’). But doesn’t that get you into deeper sludge?

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