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The Unsearchable Riches of Christ.

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ.

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Published by glennpease


The Unsearchabe Riches of Christ. — Ephesians iii. 8,


The Unsearchabe Riches of Christ. — Ephesians iii. 8,

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 15, 2013
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THE USEARCHABLE RICHES OF CHRIST.THREE SERMOS,BY CHARLES GORDELIER.The Unsearchabe Riches of Christ. — Ephesians iii. 8,I SELDOM hear a text announced from the Epistle to theEphesians, or attempt to speak from one in this portionof God's word, but v,''hat I feel something like whenone is approaching the extensive grounds of some baronialresidence. The surrounding scenery, the beautiful park,the splendid trees, the majestic pile of buildings, the mag-nificent suite of rooms into which one is conducted, thegorgeous furniture, its paintings, library, and the abun-dance of ever}' thing there is to supply human desiresand taste, all combine to overwhelm one with a profoundsense of the riches and greatness of the noble owner — thatis, as to his worldly possessions; and, on the other hand,one equalty feels the poverty and nothingness of one'sown position.ow, I make no doubt but that every believer in Jesus,when under the teachings of the Eternal Spirit, feelsthere is something very rich and sublime in this Epistleto the Ephesian "saints and faithful i.i Christ Jesus."The apostle, in a very eminent degree, was inspired totreat on such subjects as to bring believers into anacquaintance with the deep thmgs of Clod. And when^under the rich anointing of the Holy Spirit, the soul isled to trace his adoption in Christ Jesus to the pre-destinating love of God the Father, and blessed with allo. 14.2 THE UKSEAHCHAELE illCHES OF CHRIST.
spiritual blessings in heavenly places in him before thefoundation of the world, he is constrained to acknowledge," Oh, the depths of the riches both of the wisdom andknowledge of Grod! how unsearchable are his judgments,and his ways past finding out !" Like the love of Christ,it passeth knowledge.We must not forget, however, that this epistle, so fullof elevated thought and feeling, was written in the prison-house at E-ome. Yet, though the apostle was an " ambas-sador in bonds," the word of God was not bound; histongue, like the pen of a ready writer, speaks fluently of the transcendent excellency of the hopes and privilegesof the church of Grod, their triumphs and glorious stateof ultimate blessedness. He enters deeply into the depthsof those things which are "hid in God," so far as theyconcern us ; he brings them out, opens, explains, andsets them forth, showing whence grace and glory origi-nate. He then goes on to show the eternal personal andunconditional election of the church in Christ, theirglorious covenant head, This is sliown by some of itsimmediate fruits and effects, as stated in the secondchapter.Then in the third chapter the apostle descends fromthe ancient mountains of everlasting love and free graceto speak of Christ as the eternal Head, the glorious, all-sufficient Redeemer. In the 4th verse he refers to hisown personal knowledge in the mystery of Christ; and,observe, he says it was a revelation made known untohim. He knew nothing of Christ only b}^ revelation :the only true and saving knowledge a poor sinner canhave in this world is by a divine revelation. ow, howdoes this statement affect you ? Most of jow knowsomething of Jesus Christ, but how came you by it? Didyou get it in the Sunday school, by rote? Did youacquire it by dint of study, by reading and hearing? ordo you possess it by a revelation from God himself ? Oh,pray do not let this vital point pass without strict
examination. It matters not how long you may havemade a profession of the name of Christ, you are still apoor lost perishing sinner if " God has not revealed hisSon in you." There must be an inward work ; theremust be the power of truth on the conscience wroughtby the Spirit of God. There must be a feeling sense of what he has done in the soul; a notional or rational reli-THE -USEAECHABLE RICHES OP CHUIST. 3gion win not do. An experimental acquaintance of thetruth as it is in Jesus is the only religion worth having ;for, as !Mr. Hart truly says," Vain is all our best devotion,If on false foundation built ;True religion's more than notion,Something must be known and felt:"But let us return to the apostle; see how this know-ledge has humbled him in the dust of self-abasement. Hehas come down from those Alpine heights with a pro-found feeling sense of his own nothingness ; he breaksthrough the rules of language to express himself—" lessthan the least of all saints." Oh, this is blessed experience,when self is laid low^ and words fail to utter thought andfeeling; and this will be the case whenever we are led bythe Spirit to take exalted views of Jesus, his gloriousperson and his glorious work. Dr. Watts knew somethingof this when he wrote,'• Tlie more tliy glories strike mine eyeTlie humbler I shall lie ;Thus while I sink my joys shall riseUnmeasurably high."ow to our text ; and may he w^hose office it is to takeof the things of Christ and to shovv^ them unto us help us

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