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Published by glennpease

The babe lying in a manger. — Luke ii. 16.

The babe lying in a manger. — Luke ii. 16.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BABE.BY SARAH S. BAKER The babe lying in a manger. — Luke ii. 16.EVER to our knowledge did the LordJesus more fully show the perfectionof His sonship than in His willingness to shroudHis divinity in the form of one of the mosthelpless of new-born creatures, — an unconsciousbabe.He who in his manhood was powerful inprayer, and could by a word have summonedlegions of angels to His aid, consented to beginHis mission on earth unable to utter a single pe-tition. He was to depend upon human beingsfor daily care. An inexperienced girl was to beHis mother. He was to be defenceless in themidst of the world He had created. In the Fatherof all was His supreme trust. He would bewatched over in His weakness, and be enabled to30 OUR ELDER BROTHER.grow in grace and stature until the time of His"showing unto Israel.""My Father and your Father/' so the Lordspoke of our Almighty King. Why should wefear to cast ourselves wholly, body and soul,earthly cares and heavenly hopes, upon thisunchanging Friend? We are no longer helplessinfants; we have the power of prayer and thepromise of help through prayer. " The Almightyarms are under us." Let us lie peacefully and
quietly there, sure to be borne safely through allthat is before us. And our dear children, forwhom we have so many anxieties, let us trustthem to God, as Jesus trusted Himself in infantform, sure of the superintending care of theFather. Let us give our children wholly to God,to be His and His alone, and believe that He willgrant us wisdom and strength to tram them forHis service.Even we, poor mortals, have a tenderness forthose who are passing through the same experi-ences by which we have been tried. A well-known millionnaire gathered around him the littlenewsboys of one of the world's largest cities.When the joy was the highest he said to thosestruggling children of poverty, "I was once alittle newsboy, like you." He could make nolong speech; his throat swelled, and hot tearsfilled his eyes. His heart was warm towardsA CHILD. 31those little waifs, and they knew it. Theirhearts beat strong with answering love for himwho had once been like them, and knew so wellhow to feel for them.We can dimly think how every babe that isborn into this world is to our Lord a mementoof the Bethlehem Babe, who lay helpless in themanger. o wonder that He loved, when onearth, to take little children in His arms and blessthem !And what has a babe become to us? Even asthe cross, a sign, an image, a reminder of theloving humiliation of our Lord. Christians have

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