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Thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness.
Matt. iii. 13.

Thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness.
Matt. iii. 13.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FORMS.BY SARAH S. BAKER Thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness.Matt. iii. 13.IT is sometimes fancied that the spiritual lifeis most pure when it can dispense with allforms and all ordinances. There are Christianswho claim that they can worship best, not in thesanctuary with their fellow -believers, but in thequiet chamber, or on the hillside, or in the woods,alone with God and ature. They crave no out-ward sign, they say, of the grace given untothem by the Holy Spirit and dwelling in theirhearts.This is not the lesson taught us by the exam-ple of our Elder Brother. The beginning of Hisearthly life, and the opening of His career as theMessiah, were marked by the acceptance of theordinances prescribed for Jewish and Christianbelievers. He who knew no sin was circumcisedin His infancy, and baptized in His manhood.The Lord Jesus and His disciples were frequentersboth of the temple and the synagogue. TheMaster assembled around Him His chosen fol-38 OUR ELDER BROTHER.lowers to eat of the Paschal feast, and Himself in-stituted the simple supper to be taken in memoryof Him.Surely it becometh as "to fulfil all righteous-ness." Through whatever means God has prom-
ised to bless us, those means should be to usprecious. Souls that are hungering and thirstingafter righteousness will not willingly neglect anyGod-sent manna by the way, any springs pro-vided for their refreshment on their heavenward journey. They rather wait upon the Lord accord-ing to His appointment, and leave to Him tosend a rich blessing to His obedient children.Through the whole ordering of nature andgrace, means are granted for desired ends, a con-tainer for a thing contained, a medium for thetransmission of the most subtle influences. Thiswe cannot explain, but so it is. We can send ourmessage to our friend across the wide ocean; butit must travel down in the deep water along itsallotted path. The loved voice that speaks to ourglad ears from a distant city is not borne on thewings of the fitful breeze. Its way is alongthe mysterious line that the ingenuity of manhas stretched beside the common road, or throughfields and woods, by homesteads and villages andtowns, to link heart to heart, and head to head,for the courtesies and friendly interchanges andthe great business affairs of life.It is when the container is pnt before or insteadof the thing contained, the means before thesacred end, the form before the reality, thatthe outward ministrations of religion become dan-gerous. The nature of man is so prone to rest inexternals that he must ever be on the watchagainst this danger. A so-called prayer may bea worthless form, when it is thoughtlessly readfrom the printed book, or glibly spoken by falseand fluent lips. It may, too, whether writtenby saints of old or spoken from the momentarypromptings of a devout heart, be such a real cryof the soul to God as insures a flood of blessing.
The Bible may be read as a tiresome duty, orin a critical, carping mood, or in a state of list-less indifference. It may, too, be sought as acomforter, an adviser, a guide, and a pure chan-nel for an influence that lifts the soul heaven-ward, and fills it with a spiritual joy that makesthis life a glad pathway to the better home.The Sabbath may be a time of cold and rigidobservance of religious duties, — a penance to theyoung, and a bondage to the old. It may be, aswell, a day of growing in the spirit of love toGod and man, a taking a new strong step heaven-ward, a refreshment to soul and body, and a fore-taste of the rest and gladness in the HeavenlyCity.The sacraments may be dangerous, outward,40 OUR ELDER BROTHER.soul-destroying fornis, or they may be to theearthly pilgrim to the Land of Beulah wells of water and the bread of life that nourish him withangels' food.Let all means prescribed for growth in thereligious life be welcomed in the spirit in whichthey are given, employed in the way appointed,and in the remembered presence of the GreatGiver, and they will be found sure channels of that grace which sanctifies the willing soul !1. 68 FREE BOOKShttp://www.scribd.com/doc/21800308/Free-Christian-Books

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