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Published by glennpease

And He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and
was sulject unto them. — Luke ii. 51.

And He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and
was sulject unto them. — Luke ii. 51.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BOYS.BY SARAH S. BAKER And He went down with them and came to azareth, andwas sulject unto them. — Luke ii. 51."WHAT shall I do with my boys?" is theanxious question of many a mother'sheart. If there were unlimited truth in the say-ing that "The boy is father of the man/' wellmight the mothers despair. Happily, there ismuch in the wild, mischievous, thoughtlessnature of boys that passes away with early youth.There is much, however, in the cast and drift of character that always will remain the same, eventhough the child should early have the best of blessings, the beginning of a true Christianlife.There was one mother who knew no anxiety asto the development of her son. She could besure that He would grow in wisdom as in stature,and "in favor with God and man." She had nostrange budding plant, entrusted to her care,A CHILD. 53that might yield a beautiful fragrant blossom, orpossibly a poison flower. She had no merehuman child in her keeping. She was " blessedamong women." Her boy was the Son of theHighest, Emmanuel, who should save His peoplefrom their sins, and whose kingdom should haveno end ! What joy must have filled her heartwhen she looked upon her perfect child, and dimlyforeshadowed the great future before Him !
Once she sought Him sorrowing, not that shecould fear that He had gone astray from the pathof holiness. She was to find Him already aboutHis Heavenly Father's business, but ready to godown with her to azareth to be the obedientchild in the carpenter's home.What a comfort it is to know that Jesus is a thesame yesterday, to-day, and forever." He hashad a boyhood of His own. He has lived amongboys and knows their nature and their tempta-tions. He was tempted not only "like as we are,"but like as they are, yet without sin. When allhuman friends have lost patience with an erringboy, we can think how tenderly our Saviour,who understands so well to what boys are ex-posed, looks upon the offender."Christian mother, go with your prayers foryour boys to the Lord Jesus ! He knows betterthan you do the peculiar faults and temptationsof your son. He can make you wise to rule and54 OUR ELDER BROTHER.guide him. He can give him the pervading in-fluence of the Holy Spirit to quicken his con-science. He can be to him "as a wall aroundhim by day and by night/' to preserve him fromthe dangers that threaten him from without andfrom the sins that are surging within. Mothers,lean on the Lord Jesus, and go patiently andhopefully forward. Go forward patiently andhopefully, but still actively. Mothers may andmust fold their hands in prayer, yet not in indo-lence or despair. Here, as everywhere, faith andworks are inseparably linked together. There
is no promise that your children are simply tobe borne heavenward on angels' wings, whileyou look admiringly on, or busy yourself aspleases you best, either inside or outside of your home.The plants that minister to our bodily neces-sities need care and culture. The crops that fillthe garner and feed the hungry do not grow onthe neglected hillside, but in the fields culti-vated by the toil of man. Human beings aregiven to human parents to be cared for andtrained and educated. Their very helplessnesskeeps them near to and dependent upon fatherand mother, at an age when the young of thebeasts of the forests are free rovers by wood andflood.The first years of a child are all your own.A CHILD. 55Begin at once to mould him for a pure life onearth, and a bright future in the Heavenly Home,Be methodical, be gentle, be firm with him, fromthe very first. Let the boy be early taught goodhabits, and to be subject to your will, as to food. and sleep and cleanliness, before his own willcan assume the mastery over his fleshly habita-tion. Give him an atmosphere of love to growin. Keep him happy by your cheerfulness, letyour smiles prompt his own. As soon as he canfold his hands for thanksgiving, associate thatthanksgiving with his daily food. Let him earlyremember to trust himself, loved and forgiven,to the care of his Heavenly Father for the night,and wake to thank that Father for peaceful sleepand a new day of blessings.

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