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Published by glennpease

He Himself having suffered, being tempted. — Heb. xi. 18.

He Himself having suffered, being tempted. — Heb. xi. 18.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TEMPTATIO.BY SARAH S. BAKER He Himself having suffered, being tempted. — Heb. xi. 18.A PERSO" who has been surrounded fromchildhood with the refinements and re-straints of a high form of civilization in a Chris-tian land cannot but be shocked and outraged byfinding himself in the presence of sin in an un-abashed and flagrant form. The same sin mayhave its essential root in his own heart, in self-ishness or hate or irreverence or in the inabilityto control bodily indulgence, yet it may still beabhorrent to him in its ultimate and full de-velopment.Even more painful is the awakening to thefact that the once despised sin of the open evil-doer is now to him a temptation, is gainingground with him, is perhaps taking the mastery,and binding him a hopeless victim.62 OUR ELDER BROTHER.We, poor human beings, can have a horror of sin, but we have no real conception of its truedanger and malignity. We cannot measure thehumiliation that it must have been for the na-ture of the Lord from heaven to be blended withthe being and organization of a child of Adam.It is true that He was tempted yet without sin,yet He must have "suffered being tempted." Wecan understand how this mysterious experiencedraws Him near to His struggling, tempted breth-
ren, and how exactly He knows how to adapt Hissustaining grace to their needs in their lifelongcontest with evil without and within. He is andever must be touched with a feeling of our in-firmities, and ready to stretch out to us thehelping hand.What is usually called "the temptation of ourLord" was a special experience at a definitetime. It is recorded how He triumphed in thatconflict, and it is added, " The devil left Him fora season," — for a season only, it seems. Of hisfuture assaults we know nothing. The life of our Lord has its own secret history, and so it iswith all those who strive to follow His perfectexample.Only our Lord Himself knows how and whereHis chosen saints have their most bitter strug-gles. Of this one thing only we can be sure re-garding our fellow-Christians: if they be Chris-MIISTERIG. 63tians indeed, and growing in the likeness of theirMaster, they "suffer being tempted."While temptation is suffering, there is alwayshope for a human soul, — there is still left a traceof the image of the God to whom sin is abhorrent.When conscience has been silenced by the powerof evil habits, then indeed is the soul threatenedwith a sickness unto death. The fools who"make a mock at sin," and laugh at their ownwickedness or that of their companions, are fargone in the dark downward path.Do you shrink pained from finding in yourself 
the slightest worldly motive or ambition, or bow-ing of the heart to riches and high station? Doyou see its meanness, its opposition to the Bibleprecept to be no respecter of persons? Thenyou may still hope to escape the love of the world,which cannot exist with the love of the Fatherin heaven.Is your most trifling departure from truth acause in you of shame and real repentance?Then your lips may yet be made free from guile,and from the thing- which God "hates," even"the loving and making a lie! " Is a foul wordor story uttered in your presence a repulsivesource of pain to your inner consciousness? Thenyou may yet be of the pure in heart who shallsee God.When you have ceased to suffer from tempta-64 OUR ELDER BROTHER.tion, and from even the slightest consent to sin,the battle for yon is well-nigh lost. Eouse your-self to renew the conflict before it is too late!Keep near to Christ! Remember His presence,and your conscience will grow tender by suchassociation and such remembrance.Watch over your little children that they fallinto no such habits that any form of temptationshall cease to be to them a source of pain. Badhabits rob temptation of its suffering. Goodhabits help to keep the conscience alive andactive. Oblige your child to do right, if youcannot perusade him to do so of his own freewill. Form his tastes and his habits, and praythat God may give him the inner life, that will

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