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Babes in Christ.

Babes in Christ.

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Published by glennpease

And He called unto Him whom He would, and they came
unto Him. — Matt. ii. 13.

And He called unto Him whom He would, and they came
unto Him. — Matt. ii. 13.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BABES I CHRIST.BY SARAH S. BAKER And He called unto Him whom He would, and they cameunto Him. — Matt. ii. 13.BABES in Christ! It is a scriptural expres-sion, not merely the language of man.ay ! Man would rather represent that the trueChristian, really born again, must have attainedat once to the perfect measure and stature of thefollower of Christ. or is this an unnaturalmistake. There is so unspeakable a differencebetween life and death that even the new con-vert himself, in his joy at the great change thathas passed over him, is tempted to believe thathe who has been chief of sinners has suddenlybecome chief of saints.Here the wise caution is necessary : " Let nothim that girdeth on his harness boast himself ashe that putteth it off."The babe is a wonderful thing, a new crea-ture. It is a being born to be developed to noblemanhood, an heir, if he will, of a life of endless66 OUR ELDER BROTHER. joy. Well may there be gladness in a home towhich such a little one has been sent by theHeavenly Father ! Yet the child's life is at itsbeginning. It can only be rejoiced over as ababe.So it is with the beginners in the heavenly
walk. True Christian hearts throb with gladthanksgiving when another soul is born into thekingdom. There is even joy in heaven over onesinner that repenteth. Such beginners mustremember, however, in the midst of their exu-berant transports, that humility is the crowningvirtue of the Christian life.How different is the babe with its helplessbody, its unawakened heart and dormant mind,from the noble man with his muscularly devel-oped, stately form, guided and governed by thewill within, — the heart with its deeply rootedaffections, the mature mind with its culture andits mighty power to know and understand. Yetthey are one and the same being at differentstages of existence, the individuality never lost,the full, mature beauty wrapped up in the poorinfant, less able to supply its own wants than isthe flower to open to the dew and the sunshine.The saint in the new Jerusalem may be asunlike the same saint on earth as is the babe tothe strong man, and yet he will be himself,through all the stages through which he mayMIISTERIG. 67pass, an individual being, created and developedthrough the almighty power of the God of Love.In the babe in Christ there may be infolded ablessing to mankind. Let him but rememberthat he is at the beginning of his course, andhumbly and modestly, with prayer and patience,tread the Christian walk, ever looking to Himwho has given him this new life to sustain andunfold it to full fruition.
The Jews who came out from the multitudeswho thronged to hear the wonderful words, theywho listened to His call and joined themselves toChrist, He was pleased to reckon at once amongHis followers. Yet how He instructed and warnedand reproved them, and even the chosen twelvewho were with Him by day and by night, andconstantly heard the blessed words that proceededout of His mouth ! How faithless, how human,how far from sharing their Master's spirit werethey, one and all ! Yet He did not cast themout. Let us learn from the love and patience of our Lord to welcome warmly the beginners inthe Chistian life, and not to expect a suddenperfection in the jaded sinners who have justcast oft' the yoke of the world, the flesh, and thedevil. Let us be glad that they have set theirfaces heavenward. Let us be careful that ourwandering footsteps do not lead them from theright path. Let us strive to surround them by68 OUE ELDER BROTHER.loving sympathy, and help them by a faithful,consistent example.You who walk in your uprightness, and wouldcondemn your fellows as unworthy members of the Church of God, beware lest you are scorningone of the "little ones," the babes in Christ,struggling towards a stronger life ! Make themfeel that they are a part of the body of Christ,dear to all its members, and dear to the greatHead Himself. The babe in the family is theobject of the tenderest care.In taking our nature upon Him, our Lord be-

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