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Published by glennpease

And both Jesus was called and his disciples to the wedding.
John ii. 2.

And both Jesus was called and his disciples to the wedding.
John ii. 2.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RECREATIO.BY SARAH S. BAKER And both Jesus was called and his disciples to the wedding.John ii. 2.OUR Lord is welcomed to the funeral and thehouse of mourning, but how few bid Himto their feasts or would have Him at their merry-makings ! We seem to class Him with thosefriends whose slumbering tenderness towards usis drawn out by our afflictions, but who cannotrejoice in our happiness.Sorrow, in whatever form it may come, is inthe eyes of the world a kind of humiliation.From the height of their better fortune, the hon-ored, the happy, the successful may look down ina kind of complacent pity on the mourning, thedisappointed, the sick, and the suffering. otso with our Lord.If you fancy you love your brother, your friend,your neighbor, question yourself whether you arefilled with glad sympathy when he has somesudden joy or honor or success. If you ask your-72 OUR ELDER BROTHER.self the question in the presence of God, the All-knowing, perchance yon will be obliged to mur-mur the " God be merciful to me a sinner ! " of the conscience-smitten publican.Our Lord Jesus when on earth was not a friendonly for dark days. He could stand by the grave
of Lazarus and weep with the sorrowing sisters,but could as well be present at the wedding atCana of Galilee, an honored and welcome guest.In our deep realization of the solemn missionof our Lord to this sinful world, we are too aptto forget that He came as an image and expres-sion and embodiment of the God of Love. Themorose reformer is not likely to be bidden tofeasts where his presence is only a gloomy shadow,and his countenance as a threatening cloud. Wemay be sure that even in His holy purity thiswas not the impression made by Him whose" compassions are new every morning." Therewas sunshine about Him, or the mothers wouldnot have thronged around Him with their littleones, the despised sufferers would not havelooked trustfully to Him for help, the outcastsinner would not have turned to Him for pardon.We seem to fancy that God made our eyes fortears, and that from some other power cametheir glad twinkle of merriment, or their expres-sion of innocent joy, in the midst of social con-verse. Who wreathed the mouth with smilesMIISTERIG. 73that answer to smiles? Who made the dimplesto come and go in the baby's face? "Who lit theglad, loving light in its eyes, as it begins to beaware of the tender care of its mother?Why will we not remember that joy is asmuch the gift of God as sorrow, and to be asfreely accepted in His presence? We will holdfast to the heathen idea of the Most High, andthink we must "cut ourselves before Him," and
rob ourselves of light and hope, to be His accept-able worshippers.In the beginning of His earthly ministry ourLord gave an open protest against this concep-tion of the Friend of Sinners, while at the sametime He stamped His approval on the glad honor-ing of the institution that sets men in families.Later, He was not slow to express plainly Hissense of the permanence of the marriage tie.Our Saviour sanctified the mutual duties and thesacred joys of home.As parents should dare to be innocently happyin the presence of God, so should their childrenbe encouraged to let their natural joyousnesshave vent at the side of father and mother.When all the merriment and gladness of thelittle ones is shut up to the nursery, or only letloose on the playground, or in the secret hauntsof the children, where schemes of mischief areplotted and planned, a dangerous gulf is yawning74 OUR ELDER BROTHER.in the home, a gulf that may ultimately cut off the little ones from the affectionate sympathy,the tender counsel, the wise guidance of thosewhom God has set over them for good.There is a worm in the rose when it does notopen to the glad sunshine. There is danger inthe joy that shrinks from the companionship of the wise and good. That is a false happinessthat cannot be welcomed as a gift of God.Amusements have come to be dreaded as apower for evil, because they are too often an ex-

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