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Seeming Death.

Seeming Death.

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Published by glennpease

He is dead. — Mark ix. 26.

He is dead. — Mark ix. 26.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SEEMIG DEATH.BY SARAH S. BAKER He is dead. — Mark ix. 26.OLY He who is the fount and source of lifecan certainly know that life in a humanbeing is extinct. The seemingly dead have beenresuscitated, and even the supposed coffinedcorpse has awakened to begin anew the strugglehere below. Where to mortal view there is onlyhopeless death God may see a secret living germ,that is yet to rally and be developed in new andwonderful power.The child who after our Lord's transfigurationwas brought to Him to be cured fell senseless, inone of the paroxysms of his mysterious disease.The murmur " He is dead ! " was heard from thesolemnized crowd. The disciples had tried invain on the writhing patient their powers of healing. The father had brought his son to Jesusin a weak faith that uttered itself in the words," If thou canst do anything, have compassion onus and help us ! " In the deep desire to have that132 OUR ELDER BROTHER.faith strengthened, he cried out with tears, " Lord,I believe ; help thou mine unbelief ! " Such apetitioner could never be sent empty away. Thechild might lie as one dead, but the Lord andGiver of Life was present, and the Angel of Deathmust fold his wings and yield up his victim.There is a death when the full pulses beat
and the knit muscles are strong for action.Throbbing with life, in the vigor of his manhood,a human being may be " dead in trespasses andsins ! " Yet how can we, fellow-sinners, knowwhen that awful point is reached when up inheaven the angels sorrowfully whisper of one towhom they would gladly minister, "He isdead " ?Of this we may be confident, we need not de-spair of any soul while it is yet in the body. Itmay yet be awakened, transformed, and sancti-fied by the same power that has plucked us "asbrands from the burning."We go out generally to seek the sheep that aregoing astray. Our Saviour "came to seek and tosave them that were lost ! "It is not uncommon to hear individual childrenspoken of (sometimes even those growing up inrespectable families) as if they were alreadyabandoned criminals, beyond the hope of reform.All physicians express their wonder at the vitalpower in a child and even a young infant, whichMIISTERIG. 133enables it to struggle through protracted, dan-gerous, and wasting disease. The little patientordinarily recovers from its illness to a joyousand healthy life. The child-invalids, thank God ! are few.There seems to be the same tension, so tospeak, in the souls of children. All efforts forthe rescue of street waifs have an astonishingamount of success, considering the material pre-
sented to be acted upon. The mothers and rela-tives and teachers who fold their hands in de-spair and give up the hope of reforming the youth-ful culprit, the son, the daughter, the nephew,the pupil, who has shown a persistent inclinationto go wrong, should think of the love and pa-tience and faith of the true philanthropists whoseek out the little ones of the scum of the city,and train them up to be, if not always faithfulChristians, for the most part honorable, usefulcitizens, redeemed from a career of vice, thepoorhouse, the prison, or a felon's death !ever despair in working for children, thoughthere may seem to be a hardness that nothingcan melt. Love and happiness and prayer andwise discipline may yet do their blessed work,and the Great Friend of the erring will rejoiceover every little one sought out and saved.ever despair of the reformation of the mostabandoned sinner. He has been a babe, a child.134 OUR ELDER BROTHER.He too had a mother. He has a soul, he has aheart. Pray and hope and labor for him andwith him. Conversion is a supernatural thing.The wonder may yet be worked in his dead soul.There are times in life when one is tempted topronounce on one's own past personality, "It isdead ! " Great affliction may so transform andbenumb the whole being that the mourner feelshimself dead to all previous interests, and evenlifeless and loveless towards the friends whohave been next to the dear one who has beensnatched away.

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