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US Army: IBCT%20Anncmnt%20Script

US Army: IBCT%20Anncmnt%20Script

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Published by: Army on Jan 27, 2008
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Hon. Thomas E. White, Secretary of the ArmyGen. Eric K. Shinseki, Army Chief of StaffSubject: Army Transformation12 July 2001Secretary White:
Good afternoon everybody. Thanks forcoming. It's good to see you.On behalf of the soldiers of the United States Army, GeneralShinseki and I are pleased to announce the unit designations andlocations of the next four interim brigade combat teams -- partof the Army's transformation to a more strategic and responsiveforce.As all of you probably know, the Army is currently fieldingtwo of these interim brigade combat teams at Fort Lewis,Washington as we speak.The next four brigades beyond those two in thetransformation will, first of all, be the 172nd Infantry Brigade,a separate brigade located at Fort Wainwright and Fort Richardsonin Alaska. Secondly, the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment Light,which is currently stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Third, the2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division Light located at SchofieldBarracks in Hawaii. And finally, in the first of the brigades tocome from the reserve components, the 56th Brigade of the 28thInfantry Division Mechanized from the Pennsylvania Army NationalGuard.In the process of determining which brigades to take to theIBCT structure, we carefully reviewed all the options and we'reconfident that these are the right brigades.Let me caution you, however, these selections areconditional upon the outcome of the normal ongoing Armyprogrammatic environmental impact statement, which we expect tohave completed this fall. And we don't expect that process tochange the designation of the brigades that we have selected.Let me make three points in regards to this, and then the
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2ARMY TRANSFORMATION - 7/12/01Chief and I will take your questions.First, this action is an integral part, another milestone onthe road to transformation. An integral part of achieving theArmy's vision that the Chief laid out over a year ago, and thatwe have talked about from time to time with all of you.The objective, obviously, is to keep the Army forces moresstrategically responsive than we've been in the past and dominantat every point in the spectrum of military operations.The transformation to the IBCT design will take about a yearfor an active brigade, and we expect for the National Guardbrigade it will take two years because of the difference in tempobetween the two organizations.The IBCTs will be capable of winning and winning decisively,in closing a current capabilities gap that exists as a part ofthe CINC's war plans today.So the first way that you should view this IBCT is that itis to fill a near term operational gap to significantly beef upthe combat power of these four brigades that I just talked about,to make them more strategically mobile than they have been in thepast, and to plug a gap in the existing war plan.Second, they will use off-the-shelf equipment with enhancedtechnologies.Third, they'll support the emerging national securitystrategy that we're all working hard on here in the buildingunder Secretary Rumsfeld's direction, because most of thesebrigades are Pacific oriented brigades, and they are deployable,obviously, worldwide.There is another critical point that I would like toemphasize in addition to those, and that is that we can use theseinterim brigades to support experimentation and testing as wetransform the Army to our objective force, the ultimate goal ofour transformation.So this will give us something that's almost unique in the
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3ARMY TRANSFORMATION - 7/12/01history of the Army. This will give us a very high fidelity testbed with enough of these brigades fielded so that we can supportthe CINC's war plans on the one hand, but also have a highfidelity experimentation capability so that as components oftechnology come out of our tech-based work for the objectiveforce we can plug these into the interim brigade structures, takethem into the NTC or other training facilities, and test andexperiment along the way towards our objective force. So I thinkit's critical to view it from that perspective as well.A second point, we're working to determine appropriate waysto accelerate the fielding of the interim armored vehicles forthe two interim brigades, the first two that we're standing up atFort Lewis.Our objective is to complete the fielding of the interimvehicles for the other four brigades within three years after theFort Lewis brigades are fielded.Once the new fielding dates are set we'll announce theplanning dates for the other brigades.A final point. The Army is transforming in profound andcomprehensive ways to meet the demands of the 21st Centurysecurity environment as an integral part of the Secretary ofDefense's Quadrennial Defense Review and establishment of anational security strategy that will flow from that.These interim brigades will increase the momentum of ourtransformation to the objective force, a force that is morestrategically responsive, dominant at every point of theoperational spectrum. Above all, this transformation is beingaccomplished while maintaining our non-negotiable contract to theAmerican people to fight and win our nation's wars decisively.With that as a preamble, let me open up the floor to yourquestions, and the Chief and I will take your questions.
What are the plans now for an interim division?When you started the process the line was that we're not going togroup these into a division, then started hearing we may groupthem into a division. Are you going to? If so, which brigades
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