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Published by glennpease

They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where
they have laid Him. — John xx. 13.

They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where
they have laid Him. — John xx. 13.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE GRAVE.BY SARAH S. BAKER They have taken away my Lord, and I know not wherethey have laid Him. — John xx. 13.HOW often since the weeping Mary utteredthe words, "They have taken away myLord, and I know not where they have laid Him,"has the same cry come again from a sorrowingheart ! How many Christians have fallen asleepat night in such calm trustfulness, such vividconsciousness of the presence of the HeavenlyFriend, that death could hardly have been a morewholly leaving of the soul and body in the handsof the dear Master! Yet, after a night of quietrest, these very Christians have awakened insuch spiritual dulness and dimness that thelonely heart has cried out almost in despair," They have taken away my Lord, and I knownot where they have laid Him ! "How blessed for such mourners is the thoughtof the resurrection ! Jesus is risen once for all.12178 OUR ELDER BROTHER.He is not now merely present for the few follow-ers who could see Him with their mortal eyes,but in every land and in every place. We mayclose our eyes, an unwelcome film of dulness ordoubt may shroud them, but He is there, everpresent and at our side. He is it not with us onlywhen our souls glow with devotion and we are
almost lifted out of the body by the sense of Hisnearness and abounding love! He is around usand within us in the mists of the early morning,when we, groping, seek Him in our blindness andfind Him not. Perhaps He is looking with espe-cial tenderness on His darkened, fumbling chil-dren, grieving for the lost joy of the eventide.We may change ; our bodily or our spiritual eyesmay be open or closed; but the Lord Jesus knowsno alteration, no alienation. He is eternallythe same.Let us comfort ourselves with these cheeringthoughts on such dreary mornings, and beginanew our daily duties, counting no appointedpath too narrow, since there, where He has fash-ioned our way, we can follow His footsteps inhumility and patience and love ! We cannot ex-pect to be like the saints in the ew Jerusalem,who need no sun nor moon, for the Lord God istheir temple and their light. Let us acceptgratefully the gleams of heaven that come tobrighten our earthly journey, sure that if it beRISE. 179onward and upward, it must end in the perfectday.Let us not sit weeping at the grave of ourlost spiritual joy, perhaps the deep sense of ac-ceptance of our early discipleship. Let us ratherturn to the loving Lord at our side, who is lead-ing us, as it seemeth Him best, to His Father andour Father, His God and our God.Those devoted women who were early at thesepulchre, with the natural longing to do some-
thing more for the body of the dear departed,have their kindred spirits in our own days, Howour hearts cling even to the poor fleshly tabernaclein which our friend has dwelt ! God has wiselydoomed that body to a great and awful change.We must put it away from us. Some heathennations have tried to set this change at defiance ;but no voice comes from the dry lips, no light of love brightens the dull features. Were it possi-ble to keep near us the unchanged faces and formsof the dear household companions whose soulsare in heaven, how tantalizing, how agonizing,would be that bodily nearness, when hand gaveno response to hand, and for the throbbing heartthere was no answering throb in the cold, silentcorpse ! Thanks be unto God, the dead bodymust be put out of our sight, and our fond heartscan only find their treasure in heaven.Even Christians will "seek the living among180 OUR ELDER BROTHER.the dead." How many eyes full of tears look down on the mound where the silent sleeper hasbeen laid, rather than up to the heaven wherehe is rejoicing! How many mourners willinglylinger in the churchyard to indulge and perpetu-ate their grief! Let them rather accept theiraffliction, and, leaning on God, who alone cansupport them, go forward as cheerfully as maybe, like penitent, disciplined children who bowto the Father's will!Yet not even the poor graves of our departedshould be neglected. Who would not be painedto hear the name of the departed lightly or dis-respectfully mentioned? Who would not be

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