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What manner of communications are these, that ye have one
to another, as ye walk ? — Luke xxiv. 17.

What manner of communications are these, that ye have one
to another, as ye walk ? — Luke xxiv. 17.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BY THE WAY.BY SARAH S. BAKER What manner of communications are these, that ye have oneto another, as ye walk ? — Luke xxiv. 17.HOW naturally we fall into unstudied talk with a friend who draws near to us by theway. He has voluntarily thrown himself intoour company, and our heart opens to him.How often a traveller has revealed the secrets of his soul to an attractive stranger, met for thefirst and perhaps the last time, and yet soon feltto be a fellow-pilgrim to the same HeavenlyHome. It is sometimes easier to give such con-fidence to a stranger than even to the well-knownmembers of the domestic circle. For a personof a reserved nature it is sometimes trying to seedaily face to face one to whom the inmost hearthas been opened. The stranger who has heard of our trials, our longings, and our aspirations, goeshis way, and we see him no more till we standtogether before the "great white throne." Men,ill at ease in a godless life, have laid bare theirRISE. 189souls' secrets to a devout fellow-traveller, and inthat one interview the good seed has been sownto spring up and bear fruit for the far future.There is something peculiarly friendly andhuman in the manner in which the risen Lord joined the dejected disciples on the way to Em-maus, and would share their conversation andinquire into their sorrow. With the same loving
sympathy He is ever drawing near to us "by theway," whether we are alone or in company.With no human friend at our side, we mayoften, as we walk, have the sweetest communionwith our Elder Brother. o one of the hurryingpassers-by may know what manner of conversa-tion we are having by the way, but we may re-turn to our homes, not only refreshed by exercisein the open air, but by converse with the oneHeavenly Master.The Lord is our companion in our walks whenforgotten, as well as when remembered. Howoften He might address to us, in a tone of re-proach, the question to the sorrowing disciples.How much foolish talk, gossip, and worse, maybe uttered in the secrecy of the public street, orin the silent woods, where eye need not meeteye, and the mouth may be prompt to speak andthe ear to listen. It is in these unexpected andunstudied talks that the real person is moresurely met than in more conventional intercourse.190 OUR ELDER BROTHER.The child prattling at the father's side in theopen daylight is different from the same child asone of the family group, and often more freeand confiding. The father reads deep down inthe little heart, and is the better prepared to leadit to the Children's Best Friend.Turning their backs on the church door, thelate subdued listeners start for their homes.Too many Christians act as if their Lord hadbeen shut into the temple behind them, andcould no longer hear their words or read theirhearts. They who have apparently joined in
prayer and praise, they who have listened de-voutly to the exhortation, have their thoughtslet loose like birds to fly east or west, on a goodor an evil errand. Their light, unprofitable talk may dissipate or blot out the good impressionmade in the church on some unstable soul. Howgreat the responsibility of such careless triflingin the very shadow of the temple of the MostHigh. Happily there are Christians who leavethe house of God deeply solemnized themselves,and unconsciously, by their power of sympathy,or through an unstudied utterance of their ownholy thoughts, strengthen the impression forgood that has been made on the companion attheir side.Let us not forget that the Lord ever drawsnear us by the way, and has a share in all ourRISE. 191natural talk, or need this remembrance makeus either gloomy or sanctimonious. He whomade the golden sunset, the sparkling water, andthe many-hued flowers that gladden us in theopen air, would not cloud our cheerfulness, oreven check our innocent smiles. He cannotfrown on the kindly greeting or the friendlygrasp of the hand at the church door, for He isthe God of Love.To mourners and to all the sorrowing comeswith peculiar pertinence the Saviour's searchingquestion, " What manner of communications arethose that ye have one to another by the way,as ye walk, and are sad ? " It is not uncommonfor the human heart to be full of bitterness inthe time of trial, or even of passing depres-

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