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Published by glennpease

I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee :
for I have much people in this city, — Acts xviii. 10.

I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee :
for I have much people in this city, — Acts xviii. 10.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PEITETS.BY SARAH S. BAKER I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee :for I have much people in this city, — Acts xviii. 10.THE gold ring and the goodly apparel arealways in the Father's house for the re-turning penitent. The Lord Jesus has His ownspecial mercies for those who have wanderedinto a far country. In their deep sense of theirown sinfulness they need an unusual assurancethat their souls, too, can be "washed and madewhite in the blood of the Lamb."To see the ascended Lord, to be spoken to byHim again and again, were Paul's seal, not onlyof the authority of his apostleship, but of hisown free and full forgiveness. As such, he ac-cepts them humbly and gratefully, never forget-ting to think of himself as the "chief of sinners."Paul, who knew the converting power of Godin the experience of his own strong manhood,ASCEDED. 241had hope for all to whom he could preach theGospel. To Festus and Agrippa, to jailers andprisoners, to idolaters and pharisees, he couldtell the story of the cross, believing it possiblethat the miracle that had been wrought in himcould be repeated in the souls of his hearers.He was a living witness of the truth and powerof the Gospel which he preached.
To speak fearlessly to the Jews and Gentilesin idolatrous Corinth he had a double encourage-ment. In a vision of the night, the voice of theLord had said to him, "Be not afraid, but speak and hold not thy peace ; for I am with thee, andno man shall set on thee to hurt thee, for I havemuch people in this city."In the wonderful list which Paul has given of the afflictions and dangers and sufferings throughwhich he had passed, we have a clear evidencethat his Master did not mean that he shouldbe spared pain or peril or difficulty in his work as an apostle. He was but to be strengthenedby the thought that it was not in the power of infuriated man to injure one to whom the Lordhad said, "I have chosen thee," "I am withthee."Evil men may assail the Christian. They maydefame or belie him, degrade him in the eyesof whole communities, but they cannot hurt himif his name is written in heaven. He is safe in16242 OUR ELDER BROTHER.the midst of the wildest storms, for Jesus iswith him in the ship.How little could Paul imagine that the Lordhad much people in corrupt and heathen Cor-inth, — that the Good Shepherd was seekingthose wandering sheep in that worse thanwilderness.Discouragements await the active Christian,
wherever he may have his field of labor. Hemust be often tempted to withdraw his handfrom his work, in helpless despair. Let suchworkers ever remember our Lord's loving ex-pression of ownership in the future Christiansof Corinth.Perhaps we see only dead souls and obstinateoffenders where the Lord sees His own peoplewho are to come out from their sins and be"sons and daughters to the Lord Almighty."There will be joy in heaven if you can winone wanderer from the error of his ways, or helpone puzzled, stumbling pilgrim on the narrowupward path. You may work and pray, andbelieve that the Lord will bless all that youundertake in His cause. You may have an abun-dant harvest where all has seemed barrennessand blight.Labor in the loving spirit of your Master, notas if you were on one side and the wrong-doerson the other, opposed and inimical. You areASCEDED. 243working for your brethren, — love and seek themas brethren. Look for the lost sheep with themind of the Good Shepherd. Remember that itis only through the abounding grace from onhigh that you yourself have been brought hometo "the Shepherd and Bishop of your soul."1. 68 FREE BOOKShttp://www.scribd.com/doc/21800308/Free-Christian-Books

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