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Published by glennpease

The Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the
dead at His appearing. — 2 Timothy iv. 1 .

The Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the
dead at His appearing. — 2 Timothy iv. 1 .

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE JUDGE.BY SARAH S. BAKER The Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and thedead at His appearing. — 2 Timothy iv. 1 .AMOG the untold secrets of sensitive child-hood, hidden in the little quivering heart,are those sudden wakings from sound sleep, inthe dead of night, with a strong conviction thatsomething terrible is happening. "Perhaps itis the Judgment Day ! " whispers the accusingconscience. Real sins and small peccadilloes,in indiscriminate confusion, rise up before thememory of the affrighted child, filling it witha vague feeling of unutterable horror. The sub-lime picture of the solemn throne and the un-speakable glory of the Divine Presence flasheson the mind. The child, in dread waiting, hidesits head till, strange to say, nature comes to itsaid with the same sweet sleep as before thatstartled waking. The angels again watch overthe little culprit, who opens his eyes in the morn-ing refreshed, and with only a dim remembrance276 OUR ELDER BROTHER.of that wild, troubled hour, as of a passingdream.More terrible is the awakening which some-times comes in maturer years, in a critical mo-ment of utmost danger, or in the quiet sick-room,when the possible peril of the patient is writtenon the anxious faces round his bed. Here is
often the same bewilderment as in the case of the child, — a sense of general sinfulness and cer-tain doom, rather than penitence for particularsins and a sincere prayer for pardon. Theremay be a real call for mercy, and an honestpurpose to lead a new life in case of recov-ery or escape from danger. More often it is aspurious conversion, like that of the wickedsailor who prays for help during his swift fallfrom the rigging, but resumes his cursing andhis old life as soon as his feet firmly touch thedeck.A sudden deathbed repentance is always pos-sible. The recovery of such apparent convertsshows too often, however, that their temporaryreligiosity has been but a self-seeking, a longingfor safety, with no horror of sin, and no trueacceptance of our Lord as Saviour and Exampleand Purifier.Doubtless, on the other side, there have beenmany sufferers who in the retirement of a pro-tracted illness have passed from death unto life,COMIG AGAI. 277and yet, through the weakness of mind and bodyconsequent upon extreme prostration, have beenunable to breathe even to the fond friends besidethem a word of their new hope, or the separationthey believe to be so near. The patient knowshe could not bear a conversation that woulddeeply move him. He undertakes it no morethan he does to get up and go about his roomas usual. A wistful eye, a meaning glance, ora pressure of the hand may be all of which heis capable, save the sweet patience and loving-
ness that spring from a heart renewed. Ourfriends who have gone from us without a wordof a new hope or a new Master may have beenwelcomed by rejoicing angels, and received tothe kingdom of the Father by the merciful Son,who has seen their deep penitence and acceptedtheir helpless reliance on Him at the eleventhhour.What have old, experienced Christians to offerat the great tribunal after their years of stum-bling along the narrow path? What but the"full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice" of theLamb once ottered for the sins of the world?For that great day when the secrets of allhearts shall be revealed, and the dead, small andgreat, shall stand before God, He has reserved atoken of His infinite loving-kindness. One mayhave been long in the Christian life before one278 OUR ELDER BROTHER.fully grasps the precious truth, known theoreti-cally from childhood, that it is by Christ Jesus"that Man whom He has ordained," that Godwill judge the world. He who was " tempted inall points like as we are, " He who has been childand youth and man, He who has had bitter ene-mies and faithless friends, He who washed thefeet of His unstable disciples, — He, our ElderBrother, is to judge the poor children of earth,for whom He was willing to leave His Father'sHome of glory and suffer a malefactor's death !He who has heard our first faltering prayerto be led in the right way, He who has knownour sins and our repentance, He who has accepted

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