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The Helicopter Museum: Newsletter Vol. 7

The Helicopter Museum: Newsletter Vol. 7

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Published by John Clews
The latest news from the Helicopter Museum
The latest news from the Helicopter Museum

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: John Clews on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Top right: The annual Hangar Dance conga!Centre right: Flights from the Museum havebeen very popular this summer. Bottomright: Chris Barrie accompanied by a pink
Dalek at this year’s Stars of Time event
.Bottom left: New goodies for the Ultra-Lightrestoration. Centre Left: An example of justone of the many costumes showed at theMuseum during Stars of Time. Top Left: ARoyal Navy Merlin lands at the museum; anamazing added bonus for our visitors!
 Elfan Ap ReesA Message from the Chairman of the Trustees
This is being written at a very frustrating time in the
Museum’s history, with our £4.5 million Heritage Lottery
fund bid sadly rejected as too ambitious, and the lease of the adjoining land and buildings still not finalised.
Let’s look at the latter first.
I remain fairlyconfident that it will happen, but am still not quite surewhen and if we can agree all the details. It is fair to saythat the developer land-owners are carrying out works inreadiness: the low-level-street lighting is in place andthey have cleared most of the area, including cuttingback hedges and brambles and have demolished thederelict garage building. Hopefully we will be able toagree on the boundary fence next to make the land
secure, but I’m not holding my breath!
 On the HLF bid, we had been warned not toexpect success this first time around, if only because thebacklog of applications is greater than the moneyavailable. It therefore seems par for the course that bigapplications are denied to start with. Having said that,the team that put the bid together did a very thorough job. The business case was sound, our record speaks foritself and the plans and documents submitted were of the highest quality. In our case the HLF is suggesting weshould instead consider a phased approach. This issomething we will have to work on. We will also clearlyneed to raise more match funding.To help this effort we have produced a documentwith the salient information on it, including illustrationsand a breakdown of project section costs to encouragesponsorship. If you have a company, group or otherfunding sources that you can approach, ask Lee or Johnfor a copy that you can use in a laptop or PCpresentation.Many Thanks,Elfan Ap ReesChairman of the Trustees
A Message from the Editor
The last four months have been extremely busy for bothstaff members and volunteers. A plethora of events havetaken place over the busy summer period, all of whichcould not have happened without the help of a dedicatedvolunteer team. From washing up dishes, parking cars,showing people to their helicopter rides, taking money inthe shop and all manner of other jobs, you folks havebeen amazing. A big thank you must therefore beextended to all our volunteers from the staff membersthat you have helped. Given the high number of eventsover the past four months I have decided to make thisissue an events roundup special. In the centre fold youwill find a number of pictures from the Stars of Time Sci-Fi extravaganza, the World War 2 hangar dance andmuch much more. I hope you enjoy them.The last paragraph brings me to another pointthat I should mention. It has indeed been four monthssince the last newsletter and not the usual two. I mustapologise for this, it is entirely my own fault! A heavydose of dissertation panic did however prevent me fromputting digit to keyboard. Thankfully though, despite allthe late nights evidenced by my titanic consumption of coffee at the Museum, I have now completed my MA.Thank you to the staff at the Museum for both your kindwords of encouragement and your flexibility with myworking hours. Similarly I would like to thank allvolunteers who took an interest in my work and/orhelped out with the odd bit of proof reading.The newsletter will now return to the usualschedule, with articles being put to print every twomonths. I therefore encourage you to contact me witharticle ideas, which many of you have already. I really doneed your input to make this a useful and interestingfeature.I hope that you enjoy this issue,John ClewsCollection Officer
As mentioned in a previous newsletter, the Museum nowoffers Cub and Scout groups the opportunity to completean Air Activities Badge as part of their visit to theMuseum. This has been a most successful avenue for usand the various groups that have visited. Do you know ascout or anyone associated with a scouting group orsimilar organisation? Why not give us a mention! ContactShaly at the Museum for more details.
Have you got Facebook?
You may be a social media guru or a techno sceptic, but I
encourage you all to join the Museum’s facebo
ok page.Assistant Manager Shaly Dee has recently taken the reinsof the page and is doing a great job of renovating andadding new content to this very useful medium. Likingour page will keep you up to date with recent museumevents, allowing you to view selected pictures whichMuseum staff members have posted online.
Give us a Like and get following!
Whilst the news regarding our HLF plans may bedisappointing, September brought with it some excellentinformation. I believe a previous issue of this newsletter
detailed the Museum’s process of accreditation renewal,
no mean feat which saw staff members tackling questionafter daunting question. However, we are pleased toannounce that the Museum has received full re-accreditation, the Arts Council England being very happywith our answers.To all who do not recall, accreditation is amuseum standard to which all professional museumsneed to aspire to. It encompasses collections care,accessibility and also considers business aspects of anorganisation. News that we have successfully achievedthis status again is excellent and shows that ourorganisation is a leader in our respective sector.This news also means that applications for grantsand funding can be made in the sure knowledge that themoney is being received by an organisation dedicated topreservation and best practice laid out by seniormuseum experts.Of course the next time we are asked to renewour accreditation status...we hope to be doing so for amuch larger museum...
Upcoming eventsOctober:
Halloween Themed Fun Day & Open Cockpit Day
stmas Fun Day including Santa’s
Arrival ByHelicopter
If any volunteers are available to volunteer their time forthese events, please inform either Lee or Shaly.
Hangar Dance
The wine and music flowed at the Museum in lateSeptember as our annual hangar dance was extremelywell attended. A live band played the night away and mayI say that the buffet was exceptional!As per usual, the uniforms and costumes worn byvolunteers and visitors alike really made the evening; as Ilooked around the hangar I could see everything fromdapper looking squadron leaders, a very stern lookingGerman sergeant and a slightly worse for wear AmericanGeneral!All in all, the event was a great success witheveryone having a ball. Again, thank you to all staff andvolunteers who made the night such a success. For a hostof images taken of the event, please see the centre fold of 
this issue and be sure to look on the Museum’s facebook
Stars of Time
This event has become somewhat of a phenomenonover recent years of late, going from strength to strengthand attracting more and more celebrity signings eachyear. This year, for the first time in its history, the eventwas held over an entire weekend and was very wellattended. The show had many highlights, with too manystars to name in this piece; but for most people I thinkthe chance to meet Chris Barrie ranked very high on thecool-meter! As with all the events this year, stars of timewas a resounding success. This was only possible due tothe dedication of all the volunteers and staff whoworked extremely hard over the entire two day period,and the inevitable setting up and packing away periods.Having said that, there is always room for morevolunteers to help at events like this, be it parking cars orwashing dishes, every little helps. I seriously encourageall who did not help out this year to give it a go nexttime. You will find that the team dynamic is at its verybest during events and it is a real ball and a buzz to bepart of something so big, so fun, and so important for
the Museum’s future.
Interesting Visitors:
We have had many Interesting groups visit us over thepast 4 months, including:
Weston Village Cubs
U3A Aviation
R.A.F Apprentices
Portishead Scouts
Air Training Corps Cadets
Vector Aerospace ApprenticesBritish Aviation Preservation Council
The Museum hadthe pleasure of hosting the quarterly meeting of thisorganisation.

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