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Minority Reporter Week of October 14 - 20, 2013

Minority Reporter Week of October 14 - 20, 2013

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Published by Dave McCleary
Local, national news and features serving the African American Community in Rochester, New York
Local, national news and features serving the African American Community in Rochester, New York

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Published by: Dave McCleary on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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october 14 - 20 
from information to understanding
october 14 - 20,
Generation OutreachRecognizes Local Public Servants
Susan Taylor EmpowersWomen through Speech atRochester YWCA Luncheon
Local News
pg 5
pg 4Social Security raise to be among lowest in years
national News
pg 7Henrietta Town SupervisorSwitches to Democratic Partypg 3
2 www.minorityreporter.net|
october 14 - 20
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october 14 - 20 
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Minority Reporter, Inc. is a family of publica-tions and other media formats committed tofostering self awareness, building communityand empowering people of color to reach their greatest potential. Further, Minority Reporter,Inc. seeks to present a balanced view of relevantissues, utilizing its resources to build bridgesamong diverse populations; taking them frominformation to understanding.Minority Reporter reserves the right to edit or reject content submitted.The opinions expressed are not necessarily thoseof the publisher.Minority Reporter does not assume responsi- bility concerning advertisers, their positions, practices, services or products; nor does the publication of advertisements constitute oimply endorsement. Minority Reporter invites news and storysuggestions from readers.Deadline for all copy is Tuesday at noon.Call 585-301-4199or email info@minorityreporter.net.
Henrietta Town Supervisor Switches to Democratic Party
Henriea Town Supervisor MichaelYudelson announced Friday he isswitching his party aliaon fromRepublican to Democrac.Announcing his decision, Yudelsoncited irreconcilable philosophicaldierences with local and naonalRepublicans. “Sadly, the RepublicanParty is allowing itself to be denedby extremists who put ideologyahead of governance and responsiblecizenship,” said Yudelson, who hasserved as Henriea supervisor for sixyears. “The shutdown of the federalgovernment and threatened naonaldefault are only the latest examplesof a party that has abandoned itsprinciples in the pursuit of a narrowpolical agenda.“The Tea Party fringe that now controlsthe Republicans agenda does notrepresent the party I once believedin and belonged to. My core beliefshaven’t changed, but theirs have.”Yudelson was nominated byRepublicans in Henriea for anotherterm as supervisor, but subsequentlylost the designaon in a primarywaged by Republican Town Councilmember Jack Moore.“Jack is backed by many of the sameelements who are making a spectaclein Washington,” Yudelson said.“Moderates are losing their voice inthe Republican Party, and as a resultthey are seeking it elsewhere. That’swhy I’m here today, and I want tothank Chairman Morelle and everyonewhose support has always been soinvaluable to me.“Though we’ve belonged to dierentpolical pares, Mike Yudelson and Ihave always worked together for thecommon good, and I always considerhim a friend. I am now pleased to callhim a fellow Democrat as well,” saidMonroe County Democrac Chair JoeMorelle.Morelle noted that he and Yudelsoncollaborated in a legislave eort topreserve the Henriea-based GeneseeValley Regional Market Authority in2010. “People of good will can ndcommon ground even on dicultissues, a concept essenal to ourdemocracy but one that unfortunatelyhas been abandoned by many in theRepublican Party,” Morelle said.“My party aliaon has changed, butmy commitment to my neighbors neverwill, and neither will my commitmentto scal conservasm and personalresponsibility. I look forward to avigorous campaign on behalf of thepeople of Henriea and connuing myservice to them next year.”Yudelson is also endorsed by theConservave and Independencepares. Friday was the deadline forocially changing party designaonprior to Elecon Day.
Henrieta Town Supervisor Michael Yudelson
Residents Want Answers about Red Light Cameras at Town Hall Event
By Delani WeaverRochester’s rst town hall event was asight to see as an incredibly energeccrowd, including residents fromRochester, Webster, Greece and Gates,raised quesons about issues from redlight cameras to naonal security andprivacy to a panel of local leaders.Rochester Police Chief JamesSheppard, former U.S. AorneyTerrance Flynn, WHAM 1180 talk showhost Bob Lonsberry, and Larry Krieger,a cizen who is currently pursuing legalacon against Rochester because of ared light cket, made up the panel.The town hall event, moderated bycommentator Mark Hyman, allowedresidents at the event, held in thetheater of Strong’s Naonal Museumof Play and online via social mediawebsites such as Twier and Facebook,to ask their quesons and wait for aresponse from someone on the panel.Several quesons addressed to Chief Sheppard were answered with mostlyquick and short replies.One queson that was repeatedlyasked by residents was why MayorThomas Richards and/or City CouncilPresident and candidate for mayorLovely Warren, who voted in favor of the red light cameras, didn’t aendthe town hall meeng.Hyman said he would take the blamefor that and planned to have the rightpanel of ocials at the next town hallevent in Rochester.
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