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What Happened To House Slave Thomas At The Pedestal Club

What Happened To House Slave Thomas At The Pedestal Club



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Published by Joanna Lark

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Published by: Joanna Lark on Jul 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Worms, 30. Mai 2009
My first night at Club Pedestal bythomas
Last Thursday i attended my very first play party at all.Some time ago i decided to apply as a house slave at Club Pedestal in London. After somemail contact i got invited to a training evening where i met some of the house Mistresses andthe other applicants for the upcoming event.It happened that the Mistresses actually offered me a place as a house slave which honouredme and made me feel very very happy. Ever since visiting the homepage of Club Pedestal idreamed about visiting that place. But in me keenest dreams i would not have dared to think that it might happen that i could become a part of it as a house slave.After leaving London Tuesday last week i could not think about anything else. When i got thefinal invitation i immediately booked a flight and started to count down the days to Thursday.
It was like the feeling that i had when i was a child shortly before Christmas or my birthday.Time seems to go by much slower until the day finally comes.I had thoughts about how it might be, but nothing, no fantasy or thought prepared me for thegreat evening. But one thing at a time...I arrived at Club Colosseum at 19.30 and met derek and robert at the nearby bar. Both of themhad been at the party before and we had some talking about it. By that time i was reallynervous. Just a few hours before the party would start.Since derek already had done most of the preparations i could offer just a little help by thattime. But shortly after my arrival Lady K arrived with some more equipment for the club andthe flowers that were to be handed out to the visiting ladies. So we helped her unpacking her van and while doing so, more and more of the other house slaves arrived.I think it was about 20.15 when most of the other house slaves where gathered. Weunchanged and i got my apron and the red collar. Both were supposed to be worn to mark usas house slaves. When first i put on the red collar, it was one of many great moments thatevening. I felt so happy and proud that i was allowed to wear it.I still consider it to be a great honour for any submissive male to be a house servant and ithink the other house slaves would agree with that.We were also told to put a tag on the collar with our names on it, so the Mistresses wouldknow with whom they are dealing.First it felt a little bit strange and humiliating – but that’s part of what this is all about, is itnot – but looking back it helped a lot throughout the evening and it is always a nice feelingwhen a Mistress looks at the tag and addresses you with your name.It makes the play more personal and easier for the Ladies. So i consider the tags a good idea.Right in time when all of the slaves where finished with undressing the overseeing houseMistresses had arrived. By name this was Mistress K, Mistress Joanna Lark and MistressTheda. All of them looked amazing.They told us to stand in a line and say our names aloud to introduce ourselves.Two of the fellow slaves failed to say “Mistress” after saying their names so they had to godown on the floor and had to give the Mistresses ten as a punishment. Mistakes are punishedat once i realized.
One slave failed to be there in time so when he arrived he had to give them twenty-five so hewould not forget to be there in time again.After the introduction we were told to line up, sorted by height which took some time, because the Mistresses took that very seriously.Then they told us what was expected of us during the evening. They told us about the doesand don’ts, to always show the proper respect and to do everything that would be necessary tomake the visiting Ladies have a good evening. The position of a house slave is quietimportant since every failure of a house slave falls back on the house and its Mistresses. Ithink all of us were eager not to let that happen.The older slaves were told to have an eye on us newbies. We were told to always work as ateam with the other house slaves and with the house Mistresses. The newbies were given ashort tour on the club and after that it was almost party time. Before it actually started we hada few moments to talk to porphyro and to put our “specialities” to his book. porphyro's book is another great idea of pedestal. All over the evening porphyro would walk the club and politely asking the Ladies if they have need of a special service. If he found a match he wouldgive the name of the house slave to the Lady and see to it, that the Lady and the slave are brought together. A benefit for all. Now it was time...So all of us were given our first tasks.As my first task i was ordered to stand at one of the many doors of the club to open it for thevisiting Ladies. One might think that this is a boring task, which it is, if you have to do it allover the evening but i was so exited about being here that standing there was not boring at all.I was so looking forward to open the door for the first Lady that i did not give it a secondthought.Here i have to mention that i did a lot of door services during the evening but it never got boring. My fellow slaves, derek and the supervising Ladies had an eye on it, making surenone of us stood around there too long or had to perform a single task all over the evening.At first there arrived just a few Ladies but it was still early. Those who had been there moreoften told me that the main time was between 23.00 and 02.00.Anyway i only stood there five minutes at the door, when the first Mistress came up. I greetedher, whished here a nice evening at the club and opened the door for her, for which she gaveme a smile. Most of the Mistresses did that. I can tell that a slave’s heart goes a little higher when a Mistress smiles at him but it is no problem if a Mistress goes by without. It is their right to use our service without taking notice of us. Providing that service is enough to make aslave happy.

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